How to change your Little Legend in Teamfight Tactics

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Introducing Little Legends

Teamfight tactics has introduced “Little Legends” to the game, which are little creatures you use as avatars and will follow the player and can be controlled to collect coins and items. They can dance, do emotes, and even mock your rivals when you defeat them! There is a high amount of them and many variations of each, providing a vast amount of cute Little Legends to choose from. It's inevitable that you want to discover and know how to change your Little Legend.

How to change your Little Legend

It may be a little confusing finding where to select and change this Little Legend, so here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to change your little legend in Teamfight Tactics in three simple steps:

How to change your Little Legend Step 1

1) First, you have to hit “Play”

How to change your Little Legend Step 2

2) Then you have to select a normal Teamfight Tactics game mode and hit confirm

How to change your Little Legend Step 3

3) Now you can proceed and open the little legends menu and choose the one you like

How to get Little Legends for free

Little Legends and egg

There are three ways to get Little Legends for free.

The first one is completing the free TFT Pass.  As you may know, the Pass gives you rewards, and some of them are Little Legends Series Eggs, and as of now, there are three Little Legends Eggs in the free Pass.

Another way to unlock a Little Legend for free, is through the Event Tokens. League of Legends does events from time to time, and in them, you can collect Event Tokens which you can trade for Little Legends Eggs, for a cost of 300 Tokens.

And the last way, although somewhat rare, is completing missions. These missions come sometimes, and they will have Little Legends Eggs as a reward if you complete them.

Upgrading Little Legends

Now that you know how to change your Little Legend, you might want to know how to upgrade it. As in Teamfight Tactics, in order to upgrade your little legend to a higher tier, you need to earn a duplicate of the one you are looking to upgrade. Fortunately, you only need to get three. Once you get three of the same Little Legend, you can use the higher tier of that Little Legend.

Keep in mind that once you reached the third tier of the Little Legend variation, you won't be able to collect more duplicates of that Little Legend, as you won't need them.

Different tiers
Example of Featherknight tier variation

Which are my favorite Little Legends

There are many Little Legends you can choose from, and they are all purely cosmetic, so it's a matter of personal preference. Here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind that Little Legends have many skin variations, which depends on the tier they belong.

Calcite  Abyssia

Calcite  Abyssia

Wielding a halo looking sword and a helmet covering its face, Abyssia is super cool looking.

Featherknight (Pengu)

Featherknight (Pengu)

What can I say, I’m a simple man, if I see a penguin, I’ll take it. It’s a freaking penguin and it’s super cute! For this one, I like the most basic variation, just a penguin with a wooden sword, although there are many more variations.

Squink (Fruity-tooty)

Little Legend

A cute baby octopus with the colors of a watermelon. His movements and those charming little round eyes are a really pleasant sight to have among your character.


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