How Safe Is It to Deposit Money in iGaming?

With the development of digital services, not only new opportunities have appeared but also a lot of hidden dangers have started to threaten people. Let us take an example from the iGaming sphere. In New Zealand, there are plenty of offshore platforms (i.e., online casinos) that have the right to provide their services to Kiwis. However, there are also scam sites that have been launched to either get some quick money from gamblers or even worse — to collect their private information that will be further used for blackmailing them.

To avoid such pity situations, one could refuse to participate in iGaming or eSports in general. However, it is not the best solution since such scammers are in all the digital fields, even buying a new pair of sneakers, you can be cheated. That is why we recommend studying in detail the ways to protect your payments online. In this case, you will not have to worry about your safety, regardless of what you are going to do — play in a casino or buy something online.

Only reputable iGaming sites

To be completely sure that you are safe to deposit on iGaming sites, the most essential step is to determine a reliable platform. Usually, you can rely on various ratings and customer reviews: for example, there is a list of trusted Playtech casinos in NZ that you can check and pick from. An alternative option is to make a choice on your own. Here are the steps to be taken:

  • Verify the license: every iGaming or eSports platform has to work legally, and it has to be registered and checked by a certain authority responsible for issuing licenses. This might be the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming, or a few other reputable institutions. So, make sure that the license is valid and genuine;
  • Investigate the reputation: nowadays, the majority of users are prone to share their experiences on different platforms. Of course, when it comes to iGaming sites, it is crucial to remember that clients who have lost are more prone to leave their feedback than those who are lucky to win. That is why there are quite a lot of negative comments. But it is necessary to evaluate them critically. These might also be fake comments written by competitors. If you are confused and cannot distinguish a fake comment from a real one, it is worth reading the information about iGaming sites on trusted reviewing platforms;
  • Read the terms and conditions: when it comes to the overall gaming experience, a lot of players are disappointed not only because a particular platform does not satisfy their expectations, but because they have not read the T&C section. For instance, a player did not expect that there might be some wagering rules stated in T&C. So, avoid this mistake and take your time to read this section carefully;
  • Check the available payment methods: reliable iGaming and eSports platforms have to provide players with a range of payment options so that they can select the method they find the most convenient and the safest for them;
  • Evaluate the security measures: it is crucial to check if the iGaming platform encrypts the data exchanged between users and a site. Moreover, a website should be protected by a security protocol. A padlock sign or HTTPS in from of www in the site address is proving the acquisition of a safety protocol.

You can also contribute to safe payments

If you have determined a trustworthy iGaming platform, there is also something you can do to ensure that depositing money is safe for you. First of all, you should select the safest payment method, for example, crypto. If you do not trust crypto, you can try an e-wallet. The last option is a bank card. But in these two cases, you need to make sure that:

  • Two-factor authentication is set;
  • No one else has access to an email that can be used for payment authorization;
  • A card or wallet does not contain all of your monthly budgets;
  • In the case of a bank card, it should not be a credit card with a high limit.

In terms of the safety of payments, it is also crucial to mention the fact that participating in eSports and iGaming activities is addictive, and some players misuse their money, which makes their deposits quickly run out. To avoid this from happening, be sure to set a maximum budget for a week or month, as well as determine the amount of time that you can devote to gaming. Hence, you will protect yourself from the unfavorable consequences of going broke.

Conclusive words

There are a lot of hidden dangers when it comes to participating in iGaming activities online. Unfortunately, you can come across an unscrupulous provider or entrust your private or financial details to the wrong platform. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you have properly selected the iGaming site and that you are following the principles of safe payments on the Internet. And, of course, make sure that you are protecting yourself from addiction.

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