How Does Lootbear Renting Work – 5 Steps to Lootbear Renting

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A time comes when every player wants to change the visual appearance of their games and make it more exciting. Lootbear is the solution for every player who is getting bored with their current skins. However, one of the mind-boggling questions to many players has been how does Lootbear renting work? Well, you can now relax and read this article.

The good news is that you can change your skin and inventory after every week through Lootbear renting. That’s quite awesome! This platform hosts inventory worth over 1.2 million dollars. Depending on your plan, you can take and return any skin that makes your gaming experience better. Lootbear renting usually involve 5 stages namely:

Renting process

  1. Creating an Account
  2. Choosing your package
  3. Renting the skins

Supplier process

  1. Supplying the skins
  2. Receiving your payments
How Lootbear Renting Works

It is affordable and easy to get started with a small fee of at least $9.99 per month that will definitely unlock your dreams. They will give you 8 free days to try them and see how awesome they can be in offering cosmetic options for your game. Now you might have some question marks about the 5 processes mentioned. Let's get into it and talk about how does Lootbear renting really works. Let’s get started.

How Does Lootbear Renting Work?

1. Lootbear Renting: Create an account

Creating an account with Lootbear is not a complicated thing. It will only require you to take just 3 actions: Use code - TGG for 10% Discount.

  • First, register yourself by simply clicking on the “Register” button. Alternatively, you click one of the items you want to purchase.
  • Secondly, you will be required to add a valid and verifiable payment method.
  • Finally, add the link of your steam trade and after verification, you will be set to start enjoying the rare skins in their wide inventory, rent them or buy them all at your discretion. You have to agree to the terms of their services and privacy policy in your signing up.

To complete the process of creating your account and registration, you will need to verify your account. The reason why Lootbear does verification is to avoid fraudulent activities in their platforms. This helps them to verify your payment cards and your identity as a human, not a robot. Besides, it is the only way to give you access to all the items in level 2.

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After successful rentals and other parameters are taken into consideration, you will be eligible for items in level 3. Now you are into the system ready to start your purchases and renting. Some players may decide to cancel their accounts after using it for some time. By clicking on the “Cancel Account” in your account settings, you will execute the process. Nevertheless, the process may not be successful if you have due payments or any rented item.

In case you want to change your payment card, you will simply click on the account settings and click “Remove” in the card information. Since this action lowers the security level of your account, you will be taken back to Level 1.

2. Choose your package

After registration and creation of your account, Lootbear will give you a welcome offer which gives you a free 8-day trial to know how the site works and the inventory they deal with. After that, you will have to choose a payment plan that is most suitable for you. One of the common subscriptions is Lootbear Prime which allows you to have access to reserved skins that are rentable. You can also access the discounted fees in you want long term subscription.

Here are the different subscriptions LootBear offers:

  • Lootbear Prime package, you can rent 2 items for a combined value of $150 per year. You decide to make use of a discount where you pay $12.99/month for 4 months or $9.99.month for a 7-month subscription.
    Prime lootbear
  • Lootbear Prime Pro, you can rent 4 items with either monthly subscription for $24.99, 4-month for $19.99/month or 7-month subscription for $16.99 per month.
    Prime-pro LootBear
  • The Prime God is only for level 3 users where you can rent 5 items maximally. You can decide to have a monthly subscription where you pay $59.99, a 4-month subscription for $49.99 per month or a 7-month subscription for $44.99/month. In case, you want to cancel or change your subscription just go to the account settings and follow the steps under your payment plans.

3. Lootbear Renting of your skins

There are times you may also need to acquire some of those cheapest CSGO knives, rifles, gloves or other skins to make your game experience better. Lootbear gives you access to seeing all your rented items and their history. So how does Lootbear renting work? You simply go to Menu and click on the “Rentals” tab. You will see how many items you have rented and the amount of money you are to pay for the days you have been using them.

In order to facilitate the item renting, you have to use Steam and have an active subscription. There are various items to rent like pistol, rifle, heavy, gloves, knife, and SMG that you find on “browse”.

You can slide the bar if you want to rent them. Ensure you have sufficient funds on your cards and enough balance on your site. You cannot use Prepaid cards, Cryptocurrency, and PayPal in renting items.

4. Supply the Skins

After you have purchased your skins, you can decide to rent them out on a weekly basis to other players for a fee, and that’s how you start earning on this platform. The Steam Analyst Prices are responsible for setting the value of these items.

To have your items listed in the Lootbear marketplace, click on the “deposit” on your profit page and select the skins you want to deposit. Click on the “deposit” button at the end, and a trade offer will be sent to you. You can then click on the item settings to set its price at a considerable amount preferably below the average price.


5. Receive your payments

You end up having 3% monthly ROI renting out your skins. No subscription needed. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20.

You go to your profit tab and click on the “Withdraw Revenue”. Once the money has been released, it cannot be reversed. That's why you should always ensure that your PayPal email address is correct.


With the above information, you cannot be confused when it comes to how Lootbear renting works. To ensure you are on track, keep checking your transaction history on your profile. It will display the cashouts, withdrawals, deposits, sold items, and all transactions you have ever had on Lootbear. And did you know you can burst the head of your enemy in style using the Green loadout CSGO skins?

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