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In addition to the Independence Day celebrations, July 4th also saw the release of the latest Helldivers 2 patch notes, version 1.000.404.

This update addresses several current bugs and potential future improvements, while also introducing new module upgrades and a new Major Order. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Hotfixes and resolving crashes

Bugs resolved

  • Resolved the ‘Superior Packing Methodology’ ship module upgrade (the fix has been live since July 1st on the server side – the patch just publicly addressed it)
  • Fixed game crashes when players are dropping into a mission
  • Resolved the bug that was keeping players stuck in the hellpod loading screen
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game to crash after changing settings

This section details the fixes Arrowhead implemented to fix the various crash issues and bugs in the game throughout the most recent patch.


Known issues

  • Sending friend requests via friend code in-game is currently non-functional.
  • Players might be unable to join or be invited to games.
  • New additions to the Recent Players list will appear in the middle of the list.
  • There can be delays in the distribution of Medals and Super Credits to players.
  • Enemies that bleed out do not contribute to the progression of Personal Orders and Eradicate missions.
  • Deployed mines may occasionally become invisible, though they remain active.
  • Arc weapons may behave inconsistently and sometimes misfire.
  • When aiming down sights, most weapons shoot below the crosshair.
  • The Stratagem beam might attach to an enemy but will return to its original position.
  • The Hand Carts ship module does not reduce the cooldown of the Shield Generator Pack.
  • Bile Titans sometimes do not take head damage.
  • Players may get stuck in the Loadout screen when joining an in-progress game.
  • Reinforcements might be unavailable for players joining an in-progress game.
  • Planet liberation reaches 100% at the end of every Defend mission.
  • The Raise Flag of Super Earth objective does not display a progress bar.
  • The mission count in the Career tab resets to zero after each game restart.
  • Some weapon descriptions are outdated and do not reflect their current design.
  • Personal orders may not display correctly. (Kill 5!)

Essentially, Arrowhead is aware of these technical issues and is currently working on bug fixes for future patches. 

The developers single out these issues publicly to keep a high level of transparency while also noting that the fixes for these bugs are likely to appear in the upcoming patch notes.

New Gameplay Updates

New module upgrades

Patriotic Administration Center – Payroll management system

  • Effect: Reduces the reload time for all support weapons by 10%.


Orbital Cannons – High Density Explosive

  • Increases the damage radius on explosions caused by orbital Stratagems by 10%.


Hangar – Advanced Crew Training

  • Eagle Rearm cooldown reduced by 10% if called while Eagle uses still remain.


Bridge – Morale Augmentation

  • Reduces cooldown time for all Stratragems by 5%


Engineering Bay – Streamlined Launch Process

  • All Support Weapon stratagems launch immediately once called in


Robotics Workshop – Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Mortar Sentries prioritize fire at marked targets


Apart from addressing bug fixes, the newest Helldivers 2 patch notes also introduced some new gameplay updates to keep the game fresh and exciting. 

Precisely, the patch released module upgrades to add further strategic depth into your ship module selection. 


New Major Order update

helldivers 2 patch notes update

The newest major order instructs the players to defend the X-45 planet as a crucial chokepoint that the Automatons invaded. 

The current Major Order is expected to last approximately 5-7 days until the next one is issued. Because of this, expect that you’ll spend a significant amount of time maintaining defensive positions on the surface of the X-45.

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