Best Hearthstone Betting Sites 2020 [Bonuses / Guide / Best Odds]

Hearthstone betting

Winning bets on professional Hearthstone matches is a great way to watch high-level gameplay while also having a chance of winning cash. Betting on Esports matches is no longer a new thing, but how exactly do you get started? Here’s our guide to the best Hearthstone betting sites to help you out.

Hearthstone matches are fun to watch... and also fun to bet on!

For those who already got the basics, here are three of the best Hearthstone betting sites that you should check out:

GG.Bet – Awesome site that gives you a 100% bonus on your first deposit with this promo code: TGG100

Betway – Same 100% initial deposit bonus as, with a potential free bet worth of up to $50

Arcane Bet – 300% bonus on your first deposit if you enter a code exclusive to new users.

How to Pick the Right Betting Site

The best place to bet on Hearthstone matches is a good betting site. However, there are a lot of betting sites out there, with some being better than others. That being said, you need to know what separates the good betting sites from the bad ones.

Reasonable betting bonuses – Most betting sites will offer a bonus on your first deposit. Make sure you narrow your list of websites to those that offer a reasonable betting bonus. Sure, that 500% bonus on the initial deposit may sound awesome at first, but it might be too good to be true. More reasonable bonuses tend to be around 75% to 150%, so try to pick a bonus around those values.

Minimum odds – Betting websites will require you to bet with at minimum amount of odds. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re always betting on the underdogs, but this could be a problem if you prefer betting on the favorite. A good betting website will not force you to bet on unfavorable odds, so look for sites with a minimum odds requirement of around 1.5 to 2

Maximum winnings – Maximum winnings will limit the amount of how much you can win. This prevents players from potentially getting unlimited cash simply taking a low risk or free bets. This one’s mostly up to you; pick a website with max winnings that you feel is acceptable for you. If you want to win big, then avoid sites that have low maximum winnings.

Payment options – You have to put in cash to win cash, so you have to make sure that your betting site accepts your preferred mode of payment. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than what you’ll win just by setting up a new payment method. Some websites even allow wagering in-game items such as skins from CSGO or Dota2

Still looking for the right place? Here’s a quick rundown on our top three Hearthstone betting sites

Best Hearthstone Betting Sites


best Hearthstone betting sites is one of the biggest Esports-dedicated betting websites you will find today, with Hearthstone as one of the most popular titles featured on the site. This also means that you can expect them to cover more Hearthstone tournaments and other related events compared to a typical betting website. You also get a lot of options when wagering, whether you’re just betting on one matchup or the winner of the entire tournament. The minimum odds requirement is 1.75, the maximum winnings is set to $50,000, and the initial deposit bonus is set at 100%.

Upsides of GG.BET – PROMO CODE: TGG100 for 100% bonus up to 50€

  • Supporting the teams by paying out a percentage of the winnings
  • Created by former professional players.
  • Great, weekly bonuses with chances to win skins, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accepts cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin)
  • Website easy to navigate


This website mostly deals with regular sports, but they also provide great eSports coverage.

Betway has been around since 2006 and is now the most highly-rated betting websites around. While the website mostly covers regular sports, it also covers popular Esports titles like Hearthstone. While not as comprehensive as, you do get a maximum winning of £500,000 (and £250,000 for a single bet). The minimum odds requirement is 1.75, and the initial deposit bonus is also at 100%, but you can have a $30 free weekly bet, which can go up to $50.


Arcane bet is like the opposite of our previous recommendation, with Esports as its primary coverage and regular sports as a secondary. The main reason you’d want to pick Arcane Bet is its user-friendly nature; it’s possible to start placing bets right from the homepage. For this reason, Arcane bet is what we consider a good starting place for the novice better. Unlike the previous two websites, minimum odds requirement and maximum winnings will vary depending on the event you’re betting on.

Tips on Betting in Hearthstone Games

Now that you know a few good websites, it's time to prepare yourself to make a bet. You can't just blindly bet on the favorite, so here are a few tips to remember when making a wager.

Understand the game

At the highest levels of play, most games boil down to which class and deck can counter the other. If you're a beginner in the game (or don't play at all), it pays to visit online competitive communities. Discussions about different matchups and strategies will make it easier for you to make the right calls when placing bets.

Bet conservatively

It's always safer to bet conservatively, especially when you're starting out. A fixed stake approach (betting the same amount regardless of the outcome) will not only give you more chances to bet but will also help keep you from running dry by the time you're more experienced at wagering on matches. You can go for bigger bets when you have a deeper understanding of the game (and the betting mechanics).

Follow the players

If you think theory crafting and discussions still aren't enough to let you bet comfortably, you can always get insights straight from the pros. Many tournament-level hearthstone players stream their games on a regular basis, usually on popular platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. If you're lucky, some will be willing to share strategies for previous tournaments, allowing you to scrutinize their gameplay as a reference for future wagers.

If you're also into betting in any other game, feel free to check our guide on League of Legends and CSGO

That wraps up our guide to the best Hearthstone betting sites! If you want to share your experiences in betting on Esports, feel free to leave a comment below!

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