Hades Best Weapons 🥇| Top 6 Ranked in Hades 1.0

Welcome to the ultimate Hades best weapons guide. Here we've listed the top 6 best weapons in order in the game as it is just out of beta, Hades 1.0. We cover exactly how good each weapon is in order. We've also added some useful facts about each weapon so you can quickly get an idea of whether you'll like them or not.

While this list is subject to change as the developers release more and update it, these are the absolute best for your next run.

1. Stygian Blade


Unlock Requirements: None, unlocked by default


  • Zagreus - Bonus to Move and Attack Speed.
  • Nemesis - Increased crit chance on your attack for 3 seconds after your special.
  • Poseidon - Cast Ammo is dislodged from foes with your special. Cast Damage is also increased.
  • Arthur - +50 Max Health. This Aspect features new attacks, increased damage, but no longer knock back. Your special creates an aura in which damage taken is reduced, traps are disabled, and enemy projectiles are slowed right down.

The Stygian Blade, also known as 'Stygius,' is a starter weapon in Hades. It's built with a tight balance between strength and maneuverability, which is why it's such a great weapon to pick up. It has a three-stage combo that will end in a knockback attack, as well as a dash strike that will immediately knock an enemy back. There's also a heavy attack that skips straight to the knockback hit, but it takes a while to charge. If you dash while charging this, the aura will follow you and make for some additional damage.

2. Heart-Seeking Bow


Unlock Requirements: 2 Keys


  • Zagreus - Increases critical attack chance.
  • Chiron - Your special now automatically seeks out the last foe you hit with the weapon.
  • Hera - Your cast is loaded into your next attack, firing on impact.
  • Rama - This applies Celestial Sharanga, which brings an entirely new moveset to the bow. This new special can cause Shared Suffering, which, as it sounds, will share the damage you deal between a group of enemies.

The Aspects of Heart-Seeking Bow, also known as 'Coronacht,' are what makes it special. As you can see above, the Aspect of Rama is easily the most powerful, but Aspect of Hera seems to be what most players use. This creates massive potential for causing additional damage. One thing to note is that the special should be used in close proximity to enemies. At long range, the attack is relatively useless.

3. Shield of Chaos


Unlock Requirements: 3 Keys


  • Zagreus - Bonus dash strike and attack damage.
  • Chaos - Your next special will throw multiple shields after you Bull Rush.
  • Zeus - Your special becomes Blitz Disc, a move that deals damage on a per hit basis. Think of this like Captain America's shield being thrown through several enemies. You'll also still be able to attack while Blitz Disc is active.
  • Beowulf - You take +10% damage, but you're given Naegling's Board. This grants you a new moveset, which deal more damage than normal. You can also load your Cast into your Bull Rush to have it become a Dragon Rush, which deals bonus damage and creates an Area of Effect.

The Shield of Chaos, also known as 'Aegis,' is built for an aggressive player. I know, not what you expected from an item traditionally used to block damage. However, even though you can hurtle into enemies and cause some serious damage, you can still block incoming attacks. By far, the best thing about this weapon is the fact that you can throw it into enemies and watch it bounce around murdering everyone in its path.

4. Eternal Spear


Unlock Requirements: 4 Keys


  • Zagreus - Grants a bonus to special damage, range, and speed.
  • Achilles - You can use Raging Rush to retrieve your spear after your special. This move dashes you right to your spear's location. It will also give you bonus damage for the next 4 attacks or Casts.
  • Hades - Your Spin Attack is transformed into Punishing Sweep. This is an attack that has a larger Area of Attack and will increase the damage dealt to enemies for an additional 10 seconds.
  • Guan Yu - This transforms the weapon into the Frost Fair Blade, though health and healing are both reduced. This Aspect grants bonus damage and can be charged for a Serpent Slash. This new attack sends your blade spinning out into enemies, healing Zagreus with every hit. Your special will also now throw an irretrievable firework that pierces enemies in a straight line from your location and direction.

The Eternal Spear, also known as 'Varatha,' is best known for its spin attack. This is what you generally create a build around if you're using this weapon. It's also possible to charge up your attack, dash, damaging foes, and then activate that spin attack for even more damage. The only downside is that everything else about the weapons is woefully basic until you upgrade to one of the better Aspects.

5. Twin Fists of Malphon


Unlock Requirements: 8 Keys


  • Zagreus - Increases your Dodge bonus chance.
  • Talos - Your special now becomes Magnetic Cutter. The pull attack of this deals 20 damage. As you'd expect, this attack pulls enemies in to you, and any that are will take bonus damage for 4 seconds.
  • Demeter - Your next special will hit more times after you successfully land 12 strikes.
  • Gilgamesh - This makes the Twin Fists of Malphon become the Claws of Enkidu. The Dash-Upper from this weapon will deal bonus damage to foes with a main effect.

The Twin Fists of Malphon, also known as 'Malphon', is near the bottom of this top 6 Hades best weapons list for a reason. Almost no one likes them. However, they do have the highest rate of fire of any of the game's melee weapons. Its potential starts out low, but is massive when upgraded, which is well worth doing. The major downside with this weapon is that it requires you to be up close and personal with every enemy. For those just starting out in the game, or used to have a bit of space, this is a nightmare.

6. Adamant Rail


Unlock Requirements: 8 Keys


  • Zagreus - Grants bonus ammo capacity.
  • Eris - You deal bonus damage for 8 seconds after absorbing your special's blast.
  • Hestia - Your next shot will deal bonus damage after you manually reload.
  • Lucifer - This transforms Adamant Rail into Igneus Eden, granting bonus Hellfire damage. This weapon replaces your normal attack with a beam that will deal damage that will increasingly escalate on the enemies. Your special is also charged with Hellfire and will deal damage over time in an area before exploding for colossal damage in the end.

The Adamant Rail, also known as 'Exagryph,' is commonly thought of as the hardest weapon to master in Hades. That's the main reason it comes at the bottom of our Hades best weapons list. It does have massive potential if you're willing to learn, though. There isn't much in the game that can stand against the might of the Aspect of Lucifer, which is why so many players try to take it on. With that said, it's got a lot going for it, whether that's in its high fire rate or the special attack that deals huge damage.


Those are the best weapons in Hades ranked. As you probably know, if you've ever played the game, this is about all there is for you to choose from.

Hades is a game that is built to be played through over and over again. It's fun and frantic, and you can't resist just one more run. While you could opt to perfect your skills with just one of the weapons in this list, I'd suggest you try them all throughout multiple runs.

Don't limit yourself; try them all. But maybe try them in the order we've listed for your own sanity. If you'd like to learn a little more about each weapon, check out the official Hades weapon Wiki.

If there's something that we missed, or you think these weapons should be in a different order, then let us know in the comments.

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