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New Granny Chapter Two might be the scariest game you can play in Roblox. It's the sequel to the hugely popular Granny. The first game had a brilliant premise, but the gameplay wasn't quite as good as it could have been. All of that's been fixed here though. In this New Granny Chapter Two Roblox game review, I'm going to explore all the great aspects of this title, as well as those that aren't so great. If you're looking for a new horror game to scare yourself with though, you should definitely read this.

The Good

  • Terrifying gameplay
  • Well-implemented mechanics
  • So many puzzles to solve
  • Loads of exploration

The Bad

  • Very little sound
  • Can be difficult to work out what you need to do next



As with most Roblox horror games, there's not much of a story to explore here. It's better than what a lot of titles offer though. The idea is that Granny and Grandpa keep you locked in their house at all times. You're never allowed to leave. You've had enough, and you want to escape. The problem is, there's no clear way to get out of the house, and the only possible option is something that requires solving many puzzles, and dodging your captors.



If you've played Granny, then you know what the gameplay involves here. You need to move around the house, picking up items by solving puzzles, and avoid being caught. However, there are a few options as to whom is going to be hunting you. There's just Granny, just Grandpa, or both. This makes the game feel like Resident Evil 7, when a powerful boss is always hunting you. It keeps the scare factor up, and makes the game very exciting.

There are puzzles all over the house to solve. One might need you to move a bookcase to get a boat wheel, while another requires you to unlock a strongbox with a hidden key. There's a lot to do, but it never gets tedious because you're so on edge over being caught.

Granny is just like she was in the first game. Her hearing is exceptional, so if you make a noise, she'll come running to that location. If she sees you, she'll hit you and try to kill you. Grandpa is similar, but he's much slower and can't hear as well. If he does catch you though, he hits much harder than Granny, and can kill you faster.

Avoiding these enemies whilst solving puzzles is a blast. Their house is packed with tables and various objects that you can stumble over as well. If you do, you'll end up making a noise that will cause both of them to head to your location. Making noise as you solve a puzzle is the worst because you don't know what to do next, or where to hide.

The only complaint I have about the gameplay is that it's not clear what the next step always is. You can solve a puzzle or pick up an item, but then you need to figure out what to do next by yourself. Over time you'll learn the steps, but initially it's very difficult to understand.



The sound design for Granny Chapter Two is okay. There is sound, but it's just not as good as I feel like it could be. There's a lack of any ambient noise which could be used to ramp up the tension. Taking Resident Evil 7 as an example, music is used to subtly alert the player to the fact that they've been seen. This alone would be a huge improvement, but as it is the audio is just a downside for this game.


I think this might be the best Roblox game that you could hope to pick up. It's got everything you want from a horror game and more. Try not to play it in the dark alone though, it gets too scary at times.

That's it for our New Granny Chapter Two Roblox game review. If you enjoyed it, check out a video of the game above.

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