Get Your Twitch Prime Rewards on Apex Legends – FREE Skin & 5 Packs

Electronic Arts’ newest battle-royale title isn’t a draining one, neither for the people and neither for us. As Apex Legends continues to grow, new rewards have now been released, and this time for free. They give you 1 Pathfinder skin and 5 Packs if you connect Amazon Prime with Apex Legends. Luckily you don't need to pay for this cause you can take a 30 day trial and then cancel. Get your free Apex Legends Skin by following this step by step guide.

Twitch Prime, a product created by Amazon itself in which we can “collect new loots for games” kept something very special for Apex Legends’ players.

Video gaming fans have clearly gone through some of Twitch’s partnerships. Fortnite and PUBG were some of their firsts, based on a high-volume viewing rate. All the way up to now, and with the incredible Apex Legends success, some good news arrived.

On the other hand, it’s important to also know that Apex Legends recently released a new patch, which comes perfectly along with brand fresh ‘Survival’ and ‘Recruiting’ modes. But let’s get to today’s point on this article.

Just recently, Twitch Prime informed users of new free loot for Apex Legends. Today, we’re here on TopGamersGuide to guide you through this easy process for you to obtain all of the rewards. Follow-up and stick with us!

Step 1) Create an Amazon Prime account

Twitch Prime is known to be a “premium experience” which integrates the well-known platform with Amazon Prime and some Prime Video memberships.

You can find many ways to join Prime. First off, let’s start by differentiating whether you are an Amazon Primer user or not. In case you aren’t, let us help you go through it:

You can also try your 30-day free trial with Amazon Prime in order to be a part of Twitch’s subscription as well.

1. As we just quoted, the first step in this process is to create a 30-day free trial account on Amazon. We will be eventually asked to create an Amazon account (in case we don’t own one), and then we just need to “Start our 30-day free trial”.
2. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Therefore, you will become a happily Amazon account owner.

Step 2) Create a Twitch Prime account

We’ll center on the easiest way to do it. But you also can check up different forms of subscribing to Twitch Prime on the following link.

All settled with your Amazon Prime account? It’s time to go to Twitch. Click here to get to the page. Once there, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the aforementioned link. Then hit that left bottom over “Try Twitch Prime”. You’ll get to your region. Choose whatever is preferably for you.

Carry on with Twitch’s guidance to the process. As there’s no rocket science needed, that will be easy to do!

Note that there will be a 7-day trial, and then you’ll need to start paying out Prime.

2. Get your e-mail confirmation. You’re now one step closer to get your rewards for Apex Legends.

Please observe that you can now link (or connect) your Twitch account to your Amazon account. Just as the picture shows:

3. Upon confirmation, you’ll now be available to claim your Apex Legends rewards!

It is also important that you know that you could link your Twitch account with your EA’s or PlayStation/Xbox’s account through this link.

Step 3) Claim Your Apex Legends Rewards!

Fellows, we’re finally here. The moment you’ve been waiting for while reading this article. The instance that you’ve come up to in order to obtain the claims.

You’re exhausted. You want to collect your rewards and this humble servant gives all except the final steps to get them. Ok, sorry.

Get into position. You’re on [Twitch] Prime’s frontpage. Just scroll down a little bit and hit the following bottom (see the image):

And you’re done! Finally, you’ve obtained what you wanted!

From now on, what this Apex Legends partnership with Twitch can offer you is:

·         1 Legendary Omega Point aspect for Pathfinder

·         5 Apex Packs

Those 5 Apex Packs could randomly give you aspects or skins for your characters. Also, you can be very lucky to receive some guns, or materials: Open them already, Jesus!

Step 4) Inform Yourself on Twitch Prime's Benefits

It is worth knowing that this program is available in US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia only.

Among others, Primer offers you some member access to game content, meaning that you can be up to selected games and in-game loot TOTALLY free. Your offers will be at

Twitch also allows you to have exclusive emoticons, like that KappaHD that is on fire right now. Therefore, some chat colour options, chat badges, extended broadcast storage and access to exclusive Twitch Prime channels.

Learn more about Twitch Prime’s benefits here.

Step 5) How to Link Your PS4 to your Twitch Prime

If your case is that you own a PlayStation 4, there's no harsh! Similar to the aforementioned steps, go to the "Connections" tab on your Twitch Prime account.

Click this link and get ahead of the tab. Once there, you'll see the option to either connect your PlayStation Network account or your Xbox Live account.

As easy as that! Oh, and please note that Twitch Prime's rewards for Apex Legends will only take effect on the FIRST PLATFORM that you played in.

If you first played Apex Legends on PlayStation 4, that'd be the paltform you'll be available to pick your rewards from.

We know! What a boomer. But that's just how things work, TopGamer.

Step 6) How to Link Your Xbox One to your Twitch Prime

It might turn out that you own an Xbox One because, well, you're a Microsot lover or either someone who just like to have everything what's on the market.

In any case, the steps to follow are the same. Hit the Connections tab on Twitch on prime and link your account with no problem at all.

Once there (as we clearly stated before), you'll see the right option to click. As easy as that!

Step 7) Keep On Waiting for More News

We must admit it, guys: Respawn Entertainment is doing a great job. Apex Legends may not be the greatest battle-royale of all time, but is sure is enjoyable, fun, and worth-playing.

Just by the time news on Twitch Prime were released, some others said that Chappie could be a playable character on Apex Legends, which makes a lot of sense from the Titanfall 2’s ambient perspective of the game.

It also should be noted that news came out on Twitch Rivals’ second tournament, hold on February the 19th.

Partners, there’s more to come. We all know Apex Legends is just beginning, so we suggest you to chill, enjoy your matches and wait for all of what EA’s currently thinking on -- It has to be a lot, game’s loved by everyone.

Apex Legends is now available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was released unknowingly on February the 4th, 2019 by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment.

Are you interested in How to Optimize Your Settings for Apex Legends? Here’s an easy guide on how to improve your fps.

Soldier, you’re on your own once again! Don’t forget to stay tuned with all of what TopGamersGuide has to offer you. We will surely continue to release more topics on Apex Legends and its magnificent success. Enjoy your free Apex Legends Skin, TopGamer!

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