How to get rank S in LoL – [5 Things you need to do]

Rank S League of Legends

Do you want to earn points for your champion continuously and unlock the highest mastery for it? This is how to get rank S in LoL! To completely understand how to earn points and grow your champion, firstly, you have to know how the system works. We are going to explain to you on what aspects you should pay attention to, and we are going to guide you through the five main guidelines on how to improve and snap up that S+.

Finishing a game of League of Legends will earn you points for your champion based on your team's performance as well as your own contribution. Earn enough points, and you will level up that champion's mastery level, which will give you rewards as you progress. so here is how you do it.

How to get the S Rank in League of Legends:

  • CS (Creep Score)
  • KD Ratio
  • Objectives
  • Warding Crucial
  • Damage Dealt / Damage Taken

The grades come from D- trough C, B, A, and S+, D- being the lowest and S+ being the highest. RIOT has developed a specific algorithm that determines your grade after each match. The most important things you need to know to get S and above are these:

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How to get rank S LoL

1. CS (Creep Score)

Creep Score is the amount of minions and creeps killed.

CS's are essential if you want to grind for that S. Getting as much CS as possible isn't the always way to succeed because your lane determines your CS. For example, if you are playing mid, average CS per minute is 8 to 9, but for a support role, that number is lower. Also, have in mind that your CS will be compared to other players who played that champion in the same position. Basically, the number of the CS is determined by the champion and by the role. As the game time increases, the importance of the CS is rising as well.

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2. Kill/Death ratio

K/D ratio has a huge impact on your grade. You should try to avoid deaths and get as many kills as you can. For example, if you get 10 kills and 10 deaths, you won't get S grade. Your expected K/D is determined in the same way as CS about champion selection and role. The same goes for the K/D ratio. It won't be expected from support to get 20 kills per game! Support's assist's are equal to kills. Game time impacts your K/D ratio as well. The longer the game lasts, the K/D ratio will have less importance in grading afterward.

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3. Objectives

If your team can get objectives done, you have higher chances of getting an S rank in LoL. Objectives include dragons, turrets, and Baron.

4. Warding Crucial

The thing about supports getting an S rank is warding. It doesn't matter if you are playing the mid role or if you're support (although as we mentioned above, it has more impact on support's grading than mid's), warding has a massive impact on your grading afterward. For example, you can get 20 kills playing mid, but if your warding was poor, the highest grade you can get is A+. It's estimated that around 30+ wards are good enough if you are aiming for S. Try to use your wards whenever they are off cooldown.

5. Damage dealt/damage taken

Damage dealt is also an important thing to look for. Stealing kills is not how to get the S rank in LoL. For example, if you have 15 kills and low damage, you won’t get that S for sure. Also, if you are playing tank champions, damage taken plays great importance in your grading. You can check damage dealt/damage taken in a chart after the game or later in match history.

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Conclusion and a few extra tips!

Choose your champion and role well. Almost all of the aspects that impact your grading are determined by performances of other players playing those champions in specific roles in your respectable region. Try to build around your strengths and avoid possible weaknesses in your particular play-style. Winning games is not so crucial in your grading, as long as you keep your stats optimized for your role. You could get an S rank even if you lost your game. Have in mind that the hardest role to score an S rank is playing as a jungler. It's tough to keep up with your camps and CS but, at the same time, be present in your teammates' lanes.

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Take everything into consideration, starting from a thought that League of Legends is a team-based game where game objectives and map control have the same importance as scoring kills. You don’t want to lose your turret while playing Vladimir, or even worse, getting out-farmed! The conclusion would be to keep your deaths as low as much as possible. Try to avoid unreasonable team fights, especially 1 for 1 exchanges. Keep up your wards all the time! Having your wards up also gives you more vision around the map and helps you avoid getting killed as well as controlling objectives. Increase your farming skills. CS is always highly valuable in terms of grading, especially if you are trying to close the gap in mid-game. Damage dealt is essential! Try to go for every possible damage you can deal. Have fun, and enjoy your S grades! Note, there are more than the grading to get higher in League of Legends, read about how to level up your account fast here.

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