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League of Legends Best Way to Get Blue Essence

Blue essence is one of the most important resources in League of Legends. As an alternative to Riot Points which require making in-game purchases, Blue Essence can be obtained just by playing the game. That being said, some methods are faster than others, and if you want to unlock more content, you need to know League of Legends’ best way to get Blue Essence.

How to Get Blue Essence Fast – The Rundown

For those looking for a quick answer, we have a quick rundown on how to farm Blue Essence as efficiently as possible.

  • Gaining summoner experience to level up will give you champion capsules that contain shards that you can disenchant for Blue Essence.
  • Playing PvP games is the fastest way to level up if you don’t have any boosts active regardless of winning or losing a match.
  • Winning PvP games with both duration and win boosts is faster, but will cost you Riot Points

That sums up the most reliable way to farm for Blue Essence, but why is that the case? Read on to learn more about how grinding for the currency works in League of Legends.

Where to Get Blue Essence

There are three ways that you can obtain Blue Essence that you can use to unlock different types of content in the game: champion shards, level-up rewards, and mission rewards. Let’s take a look at each of these three sources.

How to get Blue Essence fast in League of Legends

Champion Shards

Champion shards can be obtained from either champion or honor capsules, and Hextech boxes. Disenchanting champion shards into Blue Essence will give you 20% of that particular champion’s Blue Essence purchase cost. That means a champion shard of someone that would normally cost 4800 will give you 960 Blue Essence.

League of Legends best way to get blue essence
You will get most of your Blue Essence from disenchanting champion shards.

Level Milestone Rewards

As players increase their level by playing games, they receive level milestone rewards. Some of these rewards include Blue Essence and champion capsules. Blue Essence rewards are available up to only level 28. However, you will keep receiving champion capsules every time you level up.

Mission Rewards

Completing some missions will reward you with Blue Essence if you complete them. However, these missions are often tied with limited time events. The only mission that will consistently grant you Blue Essence is “First Win of the Day”, which will give you 50 Blue Essence and 400 summoners exp.

Important: Completing “First Win of the Day” will give you the same amount of rewards whether you complete it in a PvP or PvE match.

First Win
First win of the day will give you a guaranteed 50 Blue Essence plus some summoner xp.

Of all three possible sources of Blue Essence, only the first source is the only one that can you can consistently rely on once you’re past summoner level 30. Blue Essence level milestone rewards stop at level 28, while missions that reward Blue Essence aren’t always available. That being said, you’d want to be able to get as many champion shards as fast as possible. The only way to do that is to level up and obtain more champion capsules.

Grinding for Champ Capsules

Because you need the experience to level up and get those champion capsules, you have to understand how summoner experience works. Every matchmaking-enabled game will give a set amount of experience at the end based on how long they take to finish. Here is a quick overview of how much experience you can get from different types of game modes.

We recommend you read our guide on how to level up fast in League of Legends.

  • Summoner’s Rift - Coop vs AI
    • Winning will give you 25 experience per minute played.
    • Losing will give you 16 experience per minute played.
    • AI difficulty does not affect the amount of experience gained.
  • Summoner’s Rift – PvP (all matchmaking queues)
    • Winning will give you about 44 experience per minute played.
    • Losing will give you 29 experience per minute played.
  • Howling Abyss – Player vs Player only
    • Winning will give you about 44 experience per minute played.
    • Losing will give you 29 experience per minute played.

      UPDATE: Twisted Treeline is now removed from league of legends
  • Twisted Treeline – Coop vs AI
    • Winning against beginner-level AI will give you 25 experience per minute played
    • Losing against beginner-level AI will give you 16 minutes per minute played.
    • Winning against Intermediate-level AI will give you 28 experience per minute.
    • Losing against Intermediate-level AI will give you 19 experience per minute played.
  • Twisted Treeline – PvP (all matchmaking queues)
    • Winning will give you about 44 experience per minute played.
    • Losing will give you 29 experience per minute played.

Experience can further be increased by using duration or win boosts. You can also combine both types of boosts for even more experience for every game you win. This means the fastest way to level up is to keep winning PvP games with both boosts active.

Which Method Works Best for You?

The rest boils down to what method will work best for you. Here are three options:

Stick to PvP Matches

Looking at the experience values from earlier, you will notice that playing PvP matches will give more experience per minute. Even losing a PvP game in summoner’s rift will give you more experience than if you win a Coop vs AI match. This means sticking to PvP matches will earn you more exp for every game you play, especially if you have boosts active.

Also if you want to improve in the games is crucial to play against real players and not bots, feel free to check out our guide on "How to get out of bronze and iron".

Playing Coop vs AI Matches

Coop vs AI matches will yield less experience per match than playing PvP matches. However, that doesn’t mean that this method is not viable. Coop vs AI matches take less time to set up and beating even intermediate level bots takes less time than fighting a human team. This means that it’s possible to complete more matches and get more experience over a set amount of time than if you stick to PvP.

Important! – When farming with this approach, use champs with strong lane bullies such as Caitlyn, Renekton, or Heimerdinger. Their late-game issues won’t be an issue if the match finishes ASAP!


This wraps up our guide to better farming!

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