Gambling Streamer – What Is Streaming and How to Make Money on It


Streaming is a separate activity that can signify a person having hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. But income depends largely on the accumulation that benefits. Most of the streaming market belongs to the gambling segment, where streamers show online how they play casino games.

Experts often call streaming the media of the future. At the same time, popular streaming platforms have already entered the set of well-known digital tools, and top playing grounds, such as Zodiac casino, are constantly in the media's spotlight. This review will talk about how gambling streamers make money and what it takes to become a popular and highly paid gambling streamer.

How Do Streamers Make Money?

Gambling streamers can earn from their channel in several ways:

  • Streaming Platform Partner Program: Platform developers are ready to partner with popular creators to offer them third-party ads to show;
  • Subscription: users who watch the author's streams can subscribe to his channel while receiving certain bonuses. The platform takes part of the money earned on the subscription itself, and the other part is given to the streamer.
  • Donation: money transfers that users (donators) send directly to the streamer in gratitude for his work. The number of rewards is not limited. This form of support, as well as sponsored advertising, forms the basis of streamers' income.
  • Advertising: An interested company (Zodiac Casino) can ask a well-known streamer to promote their platform on their channel.

Gambling Streaming Platforms

The main media sites provide streaming capacity as an added service. Here are the 3 most popular services among top gambling streamers.


This is the largest streaming platform in the world. grew out of, which was not limited to casino games, but also broadcast streams about eSports, sports, and politics.

Tyler Niknam, better known as Trainwrecks, was one of the earliest gambling broadcasters (specifically, crypto casinos). Previously, he usually broadcast games like World of Warcraft, but now, he has only streamed crypto casinos. More than 1.5 million individuals have registered to his channel, and his streams average 25 thousand views. He recently revealed that he is being paid an insane amount for gambling on streams. In the xQc thread, the Twitch personality revealed that he receives one million monthly fixed fees for gambling on the website.

YouTube Live

The world's largest video hosting also offers opportunities for broadcasting casino games. Gambling fans consider this promotion channel quite difficult in terms of competition, so YouTube Live is usually chosen as an additional platform.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live launched in 2016. Using the service, you can directly contact subscribers. According to statistics, Facebook users comment on live broadcasts several times more often than regular videos. You can watch streams on Facebook Live directly at the time of their recording or after the fact.

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