Best Fortnite Landing Spots – Season 1 | Chapter 2

Fortnite landing spots season 11 chapter 2

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We're here, Fortnite has reached Season 1 which is also called Chapter 2 of Fortnite, question is, which is the best landing spots with this completely new map?
It's been a long, anticipated launch of this season, with a huge black hole. Which made people question whether Fortnite will even be able to play anymore.

Luckily, we were wrong and now we got a whole new map to explore and learn. Since landing is the first thing you do, why not start off with the best spots to do so.

Best Fortnite Landing Spots - season 11 chapter 2

Best Fortnite Landing Spots for Season 11 [Chapter 2]

Salty Springs

Salty Springs is a high-loot frequence villa spot. It has a bunch of villas and some stores. Ever since the release, it's been a good spot to land since it has a lot of loot but it's not too big of a place so it doesn't have that many teams fighting for the houses.

Dirty Docks

These docks are one of the best landing spots in Fortnite for season 11 for getting a lot of loot without competing with too many players or teams over getting it. It's in the outer part of the map and you'll be able to find a boat to get around faster.

Sunny Shores

Going on vacation? Land on Sunny Shores and grab some sun with your friends. If you're more about getting that gear, that's fine too, and you're also likely to find a boat here to ride through the canals with.

Retail Row

This landing spot is pretty much the same from before and still a great place to go with your team. Similar to Salty Springs, this is also a high-frequency loot spot.

Slurpy Swamp

Best Fortnite Landing Spots - Slurpy swamps - season 11

Slurpy Swamp is an industrial location, located south-west of the map, close to Weeping Woods. If it's not too close from the entry with the bus, you shouldn't have too much action going on while landing there.

Why Landing Spots are so Important in Fortnite

Well, if you choose to land in places like Tilted Towers were before, you can expect to get a lot of action with a high possibility to die early in the game. Although, you will improve your aim and dueling skills while doing so.

But if you land at any of those landing spots that we just mentioned you're not gonna have to fight as much to get geared and ready for combat.

Things to Consider while choosing Landing Spot

  • Loot-frequency - Is it a spot that has a lot of loot spread around the area or is it very limited.
  • Popularity - If it's incredibly popular to land at a spot, you'll have a way higher chance of dying early after landing.
  • Vehicles - After getting geared up and ready to get out for some combat, you might want to have chosen a spot that has some type of vehicle to move around quicker. Especially if you chose a distant low-popularity zone to land in.

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