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FNAF Support requested roblox game

FNaF: Support Requested is very clearly a Roblox remake of the game from the official series titled "FNaF: Help Wanted." The official game is a VR entry to the Five Nights at Freddy's series and brings some of the best VR horror experiences imaginable to players. I found in this FNaF: Support Requested Roblox game review that the Roblox version is equally good. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that it's probably a better VR game because it's free.

The Good

  • A true Roblox remake
  • Great VR functionality
  • Very scary, adding lots of replay value

The Bad

  • Can be a little jarring
  • Flashing lights can hurt your eyes after a while



Like the original game, FNaF: Support Requested is a collection of Five Nights at Freddy's mini-games. Each one offers something unique within the franchise's universe. They're all designed to provide the same unsettling sense of feat that the main games invoke. However, since these are smaller slices in themselves, the scare factors have been ramped up to offer something a little more terrifying in a tiny package.

The Roblox version doesn't look quite as good as the original, but that's to be expected. The fact that this game runs all of these remakes within Roblox is astounding enough though. Clearly, someone wanted to prove that they could make a horrifying game within Roblox, and they've proved just that with this remake.



The gameplay in FNaF: Support Requested is true to the original game's. Each mini-game has been tweaked slightly for functionality in Roblox, but overall you'll struggle to tell them apart. The fear factor is the most important aspect of these games, and the Roblox version serves it up in bucket loads.

Each mini-game has the same eerie setting. Whether you're sat at a desk with a monitor and controls or are stuck in a vent with nothing but a head torch to protect you. Part of the quality of this remake is the use of those original Freddy's characters. Each one's design was perfect in its own way, emitting an unsettling vibe that immediately puts players on edge.

That same feeling permeates each mini-game, and the competent controls make every one feel as though it's both fair and challenging. There was never a point where I felt like the game's difficulty had been ramped up artificially. Instead, it's just like it is in the official release. The game is fair, and if you slip up at just the wrong moment, your evening shift will be over forever.




Once again, I must praise this Roblox remake for the use of original assets. While some sounds are slightly different in the Roblox version, this is pretty much a like for like remake. Half of what makes a good horror game is the soundtrack. What FNaF: Support Requested does is set the scene with the lack of music while maintaining a certain level of appropriate ambient sounds. These might be a creaking wall, a door slam, steps, or even just the noise of your computer's monitor humming away. It's unsettling and only makes the scares you suffer all the more terrifying.


Overall, this is probably one of the best VR horror games out there. The fact that it's in Roblox doesn't make a difference. The essence of the original is there, and that's what makes it so scary to play. If you're looking for a new VR horror game, then you'd need look no further.

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