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Ever since Dead by Daylight was released, many games have come along to try to capitalize on the colossal fanbase that it's garnered, such as Before the Dawn. Some games though, just replicate the gameplay, putting their own twist on it. The latter is what we have in this article, and it's actually quite a lot of fun once you get to grips with the mechanics. In this Flee the Facility Roblox game review, I'm going to cover all the reasons you should try this new horror experience and a few reasons you shouldn't.

The Good

  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Loads of replayability
  • Each match is different

The Bad

  • Limited maps
  • Limited Beast abilities
  • No tutorial



The concept of Flee the Facility is straightforward. Four players are dropped into a map. They need to find the computers dotted around the map and hack them. This will open two exits, which the players need to flee through to escape. All the while, those players are being hunted by a fifth player in the role of The Beast. This character needs to hit the other players, ensnare them in its rope, and capture them. In principle, it sounds almost exactly the same as Dead by Daylight, which it is. But that's not a bad thing.



When all four players are dropped into the map, The Beast is spawned separately to have a fighting chance of winning. Hacking a computer must be done with some level of skill. You need to press the action button now and then at the correct time. If you fail, The Beast is alerted to your location.

The Beast is pretty fun to play as. Thanks to its unique ability, it can move very quickly. Most players are downed in one hit. The fun comes from ensnaring those players. Capturing the players takes a small period of time. During this time, other players can rescue them. However, this leaves them open for The Beast to hit them and capture them in turn.

As in Dead by Daylight, it's a payoff with risk and reward. Most players will work together to try to save each other. But canny Beast players can mess up any attempt if they play things right.

The only downside to the gameplay is the lack of variety in maps. There are only three, and they get boring pretty quickly. There's also no tutorial for players or The Beast, meaning that you need to figure everything out on your own. If any game was crying out for a tutorial, it's this one.

I also need to touch on The Beast's abilities. These are limited, and the game would be much better if Beast players could do a little more. As the game is, it's fine. It's just not fantastic.




Games like Flee the Facility don't need much audio. There's a soundtrack to the game, and the audio for all actions feel right as they are. There isn't a lot that can be improved here. But if I could ask for one thing, it would be some sort of scream mechanic that alerted The Beast to a player's presence.


Overall, there's not much to fault in Flee the Facility. It does everything you want it to and provides players with a lot of value for their time. You will spend hours in this game and never find it dull. The most fun to be had is with groups of friends playing together guaranteed.

That's it for my Flee the Facility Roblox game review. I hope you like the sound of the game. If you want to see it in action, check out the video above, which shows all of the core mechanics.

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