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If you are wondering where to find the best Esports betting sites you came to the right place. Esports betting can be tricky. When I first started, most of the betting happening in Esports was skin betting. Nowadays the majority of bets placed are with real money. There was also just one or two sites to choose from back then. Now it's swarming with betting sites that focus on Esports and we've done our due diligence to find you the best ones.

Before getting started with a more in-depth list, let me show you the summary here:

  • Unibet
    Unibet United States Players Allowed
    (3.5 out of 5)
    A very known betting site that now also offers Esports markets
  • GG.BET
    GG.BET United States Players Not Allowed
    (5 out of 5)
    $20 RISK-FREE BET Best odds Great support
    The favorite Esports betting site
    LOOT.BET United States Players Not Allowed
    (4.7 out of 5)
    Creative & good promotions
    Fun promotions such as Cash-back and competitions
  • Betway Esports
    Betway Esports United States Players Not Allowed
    (3.5 out of 5)
    Sponsor of major teams and a respected brand within Esports
  • Rivalry
    Rivalry United States Players Not Allowed
    (2.5 out of 5)
    A smaller betting site created by former professional players
  • EGB
    EGB United States Players Not Allowed
    (1 out of 5)
    -High turnover on bonuses

Stay tuned to this article and find out the answer to all the questions you may have about Esports betting sites.

Trust me when I tell you, finding the right Esports betting site is not an easy job at all. A lot of traditional Bookmakers implemented Esports in their markets. However, they are not focused on Esports and their markets are not up to today's standards. On top of that. they tend to offer low odds too. Luckily, the market is full of new Esports betting sites and you should seize the opportunity and find the right site for you.

The most important question of course is, "Which sites can be trusted?" We don't want to waste money and deposit on some shady bookmakers that won't let you withdraw your winnings. To save you from the trouble of searching, we selected the most trusted sites on the market.

That basically means that every bookmaker on this list is safe to bet on. We will pick the best site for each category and you should choose what you prefer, high odds, good markets, live betting or something else you would want when making an esports bet. So let's start.


best esports markets

The first site on our list is GG.BET. This betting site is one of the leading sites in the Esports industry. If you are into Esports, you probably heard of them already. They are official sponsors to a lot of Esports teams and tournaments. Further, GG.BET is founded by Esports fanatics and former professional gamers. Those guys really support Esports and they even pay out 1% of your winnings to the actual team that won. You can support your favorite team and bet on them at the same time. With that being said, we can conclude that GG.BET is the only site that does not care only about profit, just the opposite, they support Esports and invest in it every single day.


Despite the fact that GG.BET supports regular sports too, their primary focus is Esports and therefore their Esports offer is outstanding. This site covers every Major tournament and most of the Minor tournaments as well. You will be surprised when I tell you that you can even bet on regional leagues on this site. Moreover, GG.BET often offers up to 50 different bets on a single Tier 1 match. You can bet on pretty much anything that you can imagine, from map duration, race to kills to pistol round winners. In conclusion, this site offers the best Esports markets out there and you won't find more Esports tournaments covered or possible bets on a single match anywhere else.


Truth to be told, GG.BET does not offer the best odds on the market. The odds they offer are above 90% of the competition but there are still some Esports betting sites that offer better odds. We will talk more about that later. However, no one offers better Esports betting markets out there, that is for sure.


GG.BET offers a special Welcome Bonus of 100% up to 50€ on your first deposit. To claim your bonus, click on our link or use code: "TGG100".

Why GG.BET? Pros & Cons


  • The Best Esports Markets
  • Primarily Focused on Esports
  • Variety of Payment Methods
  • 100% Trusted Betting Site
  • Supports Esports by Paying to the Winning Teams
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Restricted to Users in the USA
  • Lack of Promotions

If you are still unsure about GG.BET, read our full review of GG.BET before you jump to any conclusions.


Live esports bets

Now that we know who offers the best markets, the next thing on our list is live Esports betting. When it comes to Esports Live Betting, LOOT.BET is way above the competition.

Live Betting

The site covers 16 Esports titles and you can place your live bets on every single game. LOOT.BET tends to offer high live odds and a lot of live markets. They even offer handicap betting during the live match. You can also watch the live stream directly from their interface which may come in handy because we all know that you need to react fast while betting on live matches.


Although this site is our top pick for live betting, their odds aren't so bad either. LOOT.BET offers one of the highest odds on the market. The favorite team on this site can sometimes be different than the favorite team on the other betting sites.

For example, if there is a match between Fnatic and Liquid. Some bookmakers think that Liquid is a favorite and therefore they offer lower odds on Liquid. On the other side, LOOT.BET thinks that Fnatic is favorite and the odds on Liquid are higher. That basically means that you can get better odds (above 2,00) on the "real" favorite team. Anyway, it is smart to have an open account on LOOT.BET and wait for the opportunity to present itself.


LOOT.BET offers a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to 100€. Yes, you hear right, you can double your first deposit and place the first risk-free bet up to 100€. To claim your bonus, just click on our LOOT.BET link. They also have special bonus codes during the Major events and you can get up to 400% on your deposit.

Why LOOT.BET? Pros & Cons


  • Best Live Betting Coverage
  • High Odds
  • Live Chat Support
  • Great Esports Welcome Bonus
  • Special Bonuses


  • Lack of Regular Markets
  • No Regular Sports

3. Betway

special esports bets

I previously mentioned that some traditional bookmakers adopted Esports and they offer markets to bet on it. Betway is one of those betting sites. However, this site stands out from the competition and they brought something new to Esports betting. When I say something new, I don't mean that special bets are new but the special bets Betway offers are simply unique. You won't find more interesting bets anywhere else.

Special Outright Bets

Betway offers special outright bets before the tournament even starts. While the other betting sites only offer "outright winner", Betway went one step further. Alongside betting on teams, you can bet on players too. Something similar to NBA betting. For example:

  • Player vs player kills duel
  • MVP of the tournament
  • The player with most headshots
  • The best player in a team during the tournament

You can even combine those bets on a single ticket.


The Esports odds on this site are not so great and I would not recommend Betway for regular Esports betting. Their main advantage is special bets and if you are a fan of special interesting bets, you should definitely try out this Esports betting site. However, the odds they offer on regular sports are great and if you like to combine regular sports with esports, this may be the right Esports betting site for you.


Betway has a different bonus offer for every country. From a Welcome Bonus of 100% to first deposit to 30€ free bet. Click on our Betway link and check the bonus you are eligible to.

Why Betway? Pros & Cons


  • Trusted Site With Years of Experience
  • Special Esports Bets
  • Outright Bets
  • Variety of Other Sports


  • Restricted in USA and Australia
  • Low Odds on 2-way Esports Bets

4. Pinnacle

Best esports odds

We are talking about odds and the sites with better odds but we never mentioned which site has the best ones. The answer to your questions is Pinnacle. This site offers the highest odds on the market. You won't find better odds on any single Esports match anywhere else, Pinnacle made sure of that. Pinnacle was the first bookmaker that offered Esports in their markets. Their Esports markets are just great and they are still up to today's standards. It is true that they do not cover every tournament, but make no mistake, if they cover it, Pinnacle always offers the best odds on the whole market.


The only downside of this site is the bonus part. There is no welcome bonus on Pinnacle. In fact, there is no such thing as any bonus on this site. They believe that their high odds are enough to attract customers and there is no need for any bonuses. For those who are more into traditional betting and high odds instead of bonuses, this is the right site for you. If you think better, it will be more profitable in the long run.

Why Pinnacle? Pros & Cons


  • Highest Odds on the Market
  • The First traditional Betting Site to Offer Esports Markets.
  • Available in 200+ Countries
  • Trusted Site


  • No Welcome Bonus
  • Lack of Promotions
  • Restricted to Users in USA and UK

5. Unibet

best esports betting

Unibet is a traditional betting site that is not so much into Esports. However, if you want to mix Esports with regular Sports on a single ticket, this is the right site for you. Unibet offers decent odds on both sports and esports and it is the best Esports betting site for combined betting. There is also a Unibet forum for both Sports and Esports, you can discuss bets with other members of the community and find answers to any questions you may have about betting.

Combine Sports with Esports

As we already mentioned above, Unibet allows you to combine regular Sport bets with Esports. For example, you can bet on Manchester United and Fnatic on the same ticket. If we compare them to other traditional bookies, they offer the best betting markets and great odds for both Sports and Esports. You won't have to bother finding streams for your bets because you can watch more than 40,000 events live on Unibet TV.

Refer a Friend

If you have some friends that are interested into betting, Unibet allows you to invite them as you refferals. You will get €20 reward for each friend you refer. You can invite up to 10 friends and earn up to €200. That sounds pretty great to me.


There is also a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to 50€. Alongside the Welcome Package, Unibet also provides you with regular promotions in Sports, Casino, Poker, and Bingo.

Why Unibet? Pros & Cons


  • Combine Sports with Esports
  • Outright Betting
  • Variety of Betting Markets
  • Trusted Brand
  • Welcome Bonus & Promotions


  • Restricted for Users in the USA

6. Rivalry

Free esports bets

Rivalry is involved in Esports as one betting site can be. They are also the official sponsor of team Fnatic. I would recommend this site to all new inexperienced bettors. Why is that? There are a few reasons. First of all, there is a Rivalry academy with all the tips you may need before placing any bets. Secondly, Rivalry offers you 1.50$ with no deposit needed. You can actually start betting without any deposits. If you chose to deposit something, Rivalry will refund your first missed bet with up to €25. So if you miss a bet, you won't lose any money. There is even more, Rivalry has a Thunderdome free bet option.


Thunderdome is similar to pool betting. You pick match-winners from a pool of matches, lock in your picks and hope for the best. The entry fee for those pools is absolutely free and you can win real money as a reward. All in all, this is the perfect site for every new bettor.


Like I already mentioned, Rivalry has a lot of bonuses. You can earn up to $350 in bonuses with their VIP Club. All you have to do to claim your bonuses is to click on our Rivalry link anywhere in this article.

Why Rivalry? Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for New Bettors
  • Tons of Bonuses
  • Great Welcome Program
  • Rivalry Academy


  • Restricted in More Than 50 Countries
  • Lack of Live Bets

7. EGB

best esports betting sites

EGB is one of the best Esports betting sites in 2020. The site offers decent odds, great Esports markets, Live betting and outright betting. If you are one of those who prefer to place their bets before the tournament even starts, EGB is the right site for you.

Pre-tournament Betting

The odds on the pre-tournament betting are made by the community. The more bets placed on one team will lead to odds dropping on that team and vice versa. That means that the odds are not fixed. Your gain will be paid according to the final odds, when bets on the tournament will be closed.


We are partners with this site and there is a special welcome bonus for all our visitors. EGB offers 100% up to $600 on your first deposit. All you have to do to claim your bonus is to click on any EGB link on our site, no special code needed.

Why EGB? Pros & Cons


  • Welcome Bonus
  • Outright Betting
  • Wide Variety of Games
  • Fast Withdrawals


  • No Regular Sports
  • Restricted in the USA

The Mix of Decent Odds and Markets

If you are looking for a mix of those 2, we can recommend you 3 sites. Neither of those sites is the best at any category but their offer is the perfect balance between odds and markets. Make sure to check those sites too before you jump to any conclusions.


ArcaneBet is one of the leading betting sites in Esports industry. They offer 6 Esports titles in their markets. The site looks nice, simple and user-friendly. There is also a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to 100€. Use code "TGG" to claim your bonus.

This betting site is relatively young. came to life in 2016 and they are doing everything to attract more customers. There is a Loyalty Program where you collect points by simply playing your bets. You have to place a bet on a different sport every single day. Each day it is something new. At the end of the month, the best players get money for earnt points. This is actually a great site for those bettors who bet every day.

Best Esports Betting Sites in the USA

Esports betting in USA can be very hard. A lot of betting sites avoid US customers because of the strict gambling policy. The US Congress is debating this topic for a few years and there are some states that allow online betting. However, the majority of the states are against it and the only alternative is cryptocurrency betting and a VPN, although we highly suggest you follow the laws of your country.

This completes our list, at least for now. If you think there is some other Esports betting site worth mentioning, let us know in the comments. If you are interested in specific games, don't forget to check our articles for Best CS:GO and LOL betting sites.

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