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best esports betting sites

The world is moving so fast in the last couple of years, hence why esports betting sites are working hard to provide you with the best esports betting apps. However, some of those apps are not well-optimized or they are not providing you with a full package, hence why we here at Topgamersguide decided to provide you with the best esports betting apps on the market.

  • Bet365 
  • Betway

How Are We Rating the Best Esports Betting Apps?

As mentioned above, we only want to present you with the sites that will offer the ultimate package. What this means is that all of the esports betting apps we will list here will provide you with the same experience once you compare it to PC or laptop usage.

Furthermore, all of the esports betting apps we will talk about will provide you with excellent optimization, fast response time and simplicity. I mean, there is not much more you can ask for if everything is just a couple of touches away.

It is also important to mention that it does not matter if you use a mobile app or desktop version of the site, the odds will remain the same. However, certain bonuses can only be claimed by using the mobile app, especially with the Bet365 betting app and Betway betting app so keep that in mind.

The best thing about esports betting apps is that you do not even have to download them anymore as you can simply use all of those sites via your mobile browser. The most common browser is Chrome and all of the apps we will talk about will definitely work in this browser.


1. GG.BET put in place a very solid esports betting app for their customers. Even though this esports betting app does not look so good once compared to Betway or Bet365, it still gets the job done.

The best thing about is a variety of special bets. They made sure that they transferred that to the mobile version of the site. This is why’s esports mobile app landing page is based around pre-match and live betting. To be honest, this is where thrives and the main reason why we would recommend this esports betting site to you.

When it comes to overlay, it looks neat and clean. Every game has its logo right next to it, so you will not have a hard time managing around the app. Casino, Insta Games, Slots and Promotions are all located once you click the button on the top left corner of the screen. Once again, a very simple and effective design where esports matches are put throughout the entire homepage.

Just like Bet365. is also streaming all of the matches on their app, and this is why has one of the best esports betting apps on the market. Customer support is also available to you 24/7 and it is marked with a headset logo.

Advantages of Esports Betting App:

  • Tons of special/props bets
  • Simple and colorful design
  • Excellent odds
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Watch matches on your mobile device


Best esports apps - betway

The first thing that should go through your mind when someone mentions esports betting is Betway. This is by far the best esports betting site out there. This is why they had to work hard to provide esports bettors with an incredible mobile version of their site. Even though there is a mobile app listed on their site, I was not able to find. But still, the mobile version of Betway works like a charm.

Just like Bet365, Betway will provide you with everything you need on their esports mobile app. Everything is in your reach and there is no way you can miss out on anything. The best thing about Betway esports betting app is how easy it is to place bets. Betting slip appears on the top right screen once you made your selections and the process afterward is so simple yet so effective.

Betway has a special section made just for esports which is based on purple, black and white color. When it comes to aesthetics, the site looks modern. Moving around the mobile version of Betway is also nicely optimized and it even works great on older Android and iOS devices.

I also like how everything of importance is added to boxes that are fully touchable. With this, you will have a hard time missing out on what you are looking for. All in all, Betway definitely has one of the best esports betting apps out there, and it can be seen from a mile away that they are putting in a lot of effort into their esports betting app.

Perks of Using Betway Esports Betting App:

  • Highly optimized and very responsive
  • Everything is just a couple of touches away
  • Insane esports odds and coverage
  • 24/7, 7 days a week customer support

3. BET365

Best esports betting apps

There is no denying that Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in the world. Not so long ago, Bet365 decided to add esports betting to their markets as well. At the moment, Bet365 is sitting on 35 million customers worldwide. This means that they simply have to provide their esports bettors with one of the best esports betting apps on the market.

Did you know that certain esports betting apps will prevent you from live betting or even outright betting? The only thing they would leave you with is simple pre-match betting. However, this is not the case with Bet365 as you can enjoy pre-match betting, live betting, and outright betting on your mobile device.

The layout itself is relatively simple and this is what we are looking for. I do not think that anyone wants something that is hard to scroll through. With Bet365 esports betting app, you will not have any problems as everything is just a couple of touches away, starting with banking options(deposits and withdrawals), matches and markets, customer support, special bets, etc.

The entire mobile version is covered in grey and green color. Did you know that if you swipe Bet365 logo to the right site a search menu will pop out? If you are looking for certain esports match in particular, this should help you a lot.

Another important thing regarding Bet365 app is that you can watch esports live streams on your mobile device. Take note that Bet365 is amongst the few betting sites that made this possible.

Why Should You Use Bet365 Esports Betting App:

  • Simplicity
  • Smooth and well-optimized mobile version
  • Live stream available
  • Mobile promotions
  • Placing a bet is so easy
  • Great Odds

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