CSGO – The Green Loadout [Guide] Go Green!

So let's talk about something that we all love, skins. You've got skills and you now want to pop headshots with style, understandable. The best way to make your skins really stand out is to make it a full Loadout, which is why I today will cover the Green Loadout CSGO skin setup.

I would say using a loadout, in this case, the Green loadout is kind of like having a fashion sense but with skins in CSGO. So let's dig right into it. These are the green options on skins you got out there.


USP-S | Para Green

This USP-S is from the Chop Shop Collection which means that you can receive it from playing games owning the Bloodhound Pass which makes it quite exclusive. Or you can simply buy a Factory New USP-S Para Green at around 2 - 3$.

green loadout usp-s

Glock-18 | Groundwater

The Groundwater skin is from The Mirage Collection which means it does not drop from any case, however, you can find it at the Market at the price of 20$+ for an FN and an MW at about 1 - 2$. And you can barely tell the difference from a Minimal Wear and a Factory New one.

green loadout glock-18

P2000 | Turf

The nice-looking P2000 from the Glove Collection can be found in a Glove Case or at the Market at the price of ~0.5$

P250 | Nuclear Threat

This neon looking green P250 will go perfect for your Green Loadout in CSGO. It's from the Nuke Collection which makes it exclusive and also expensive. The Factory New one goes for about 160$+ and the MW between 13 - 26$.

green loadout p250

Five-SeveN | Jungle

Five-Seven from The Aztec Collection can be bought at the Market at about 3 - 5$ for a Factory New and ~1$ for a Minimal Wear.

Dual Berettas | Briar

Introducing another exclusive skin, from the Cobblestone Collection. Although, this one is not as pricey with an FN at less than a dollar.

CZ75-Auto | Emerald

As the Para Green skin, Emerald is also found in the Chop Shop Collection and can be bought at a price of ~3$ for an FN at the Steam Market.

green loadout CZ75-auto

Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm

Exclusive skin to the Rising Sun Collection. I know this skin is not completely green but it is the best option out there. And to add this to your Green Loadout in CSGO you simply pay approximately ~4.5$ at the market for an FN one.

green loadout pistol


UMP-45 | Bone Pile

This UMP is from The Bravo Collection and can be dropped from the Operation Bravo Case. Or bought in the Steam Market at between 2 - 4$ for an FN and MW range at ~1$.

P90 | Grim

This beauty is from The Gamma 2 Collection and drops from the Gamma 2 Case. Well, easier than to try to get it from a case would be to simply buy it from the Steam Market for ~1$ for an FN skin.

MAC-10 | Nuclear Garden

Came from The Nuke Collection and buyable from the Market at the price of ~3.5$ FN.

MP7 | Impire

This skin with green monsters all over the place came from The Wildfire Collection and can still be dropped by the Operation Wildfire Case. Steam Market price for the FN piece is sitting at ~1$.

PP-Bizon | Chemical Green

From the early, The Cache Collection came this beautiful Bizon skin which can be bought at the Steam Market usually below 1$.

green loadout smg

MP9 | Bioleak

This green/brown skin came from The Gamma 3 Collection. Not surprisingly can this skin be dropped from the Gamma 3 Case. Buyout price for Bioleak is today as cheap as below 1$ for FN.


AK-47 | First Class

Classy green AK-47 from The Baggage Collection, an essential piece for the Green Loadout in CSGO. The price range for this skin is between 20 - 40$ for a Factory New AK.

M4A4 | The Battlestar

Sleek M4A4 which is not too expensive for a rifle skin, only ~10$ at the Steam Market!
Found in the Operation Wildfire Case and came from The Wildfire Collection.

green loadout rifle

M4A1-S | Boreal Forest

Boreal Forest is indeed a very common skin but that does not mean that It's not a good looking one. The skin came with The Italy Collection.
I'll happily let you know for all of you with a tight budget, this is the skin to go with. ~2$ for FN and less than 1$ for MW.

AUG | Chameleon

Personally I'd like to see a better option for The Green Loadout in CSGO but for now, this AUG will have to be good enough. Found in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case or bought at the Steam Market at the value of 5 - 9$.

SG 553 | Atlas

From The Chroma 3 Collection came this SG and can be opened with the Chroma 3 Case. Steam Market value is less than 1$.

Galil AR | Eco

This screamy green Galil is from The Chroma 2 Collection and drops from the Chroma 2 Case. As there are no FN versions you'd have to get an MW from the Market, where the price fluctuates between 5 - 13$.

FAMAS | Colony

It's not pretty but it is green and cheap as the Market price is just a few cents.


MAG-7 | Counter Terrace

The one-shot machine from The Rising Sun Collection can be bought at the Market around ~9$.

Sawed-Off | Limelight

The extremely cool looking Sawed-Off from The Gamma Collection and drops from the Gamma Case. Also, cheaper would be to simply buy it from the Market for a price of ~2$.

Nova | Green Apple

It's not a surprise the Green Apple Nova is in the Green Loadout as it doesn't get more green than this. We thank The Cobblestone Collection for this skin and go directly to the market to find it at the price range of ~1.4$.

green loadout shotgun

XM1014 | Jungle

The auto shotgun from The Alpha Collection is surprisingly expensive from the market as an FN is ~5$. However, you can get the MW usually less than 1$.

Heavy Machine-Guns

Negev | Army Sheen

The biggest troll weapon of them all also deserves a skin. The Army Sheen from The Bank Collection has a price of 0.1$ at the Market, not too bad right.

green loadout machine gun

M249 | Gator Mesh

I have no idea who uses this weapon but if you're one of them, you can buy this piece also at the price of 0.1$.


Karambit | Gamma Doppler (Emerald)

Here is where the wallet starts to take some damage as this knife cost is ~1000$+ depending on the float you want your knife to have.

However, if you feel like taking a chance of opening this from a case, there are two cases you should open. The Gamma Case or the Gamma 2 Case.

M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler (Emerald)

3000$+ for a good float on this Knife, happy shopping!

green loadout knife


Specialist Gloves | Emerald Web

To really complete the Green Loadout set in CSGO you'll need a pair of gloves and here's a great option. Minimal Wear gloves can be found in the Steam Market between 600$ - 900$. As I'm writing this article there are no FN gloves on Steams Market. However, you can go to cs.money and probably find a pair there for 3000$+.

Sport Gloves | Hedge Maze

I'll have to refer you to check the Steam Market or Cs.money yourself and see what exterior you can find on these gloves as they are quite rare. But I reckon you will find a pair of Field-Tested gloves at 500$+.

Green loadout gloves

Thats it!

So, that's the Green Loadout for CSGO and I hope you like it. If you didn't stay tuned as we will shortly release other Loadouts that exist. And please, feel free to leave a comment if you think we missed some skin that you absolutely think has a spot in the Green Loadout.

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Now, go get your swag and pop headshots with style!

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