CS:GO Poker Sites | Understanding What They are and how They Work

csgo poker sites

Poker has been an incredibly popular game ever since it was first invented. At one point, you could argue that it was so widespread that it almost became a family game. While things have calmed down somewhat now, poker is still integrated with many industries such as video games. CS:GO poker sites are among the most popular because they allow you to earn new in-game items by playing poker. In this article, we'll be covering a couple of the best sites for CS:GO poker and why you might want to play.

Please note that CS:GO poker sites aren't offering ''real'' poker to players, such as Texas Hold'em. If you want to play real poker online, it's better to check out some of the sites that offer it.

What is CS:GO Poker?


CS:GO poker is exactly the same as normal poker, at least the poker games that are available, such as roulette. The key difference is what you're betting. In standard poker, you'll generally play for money. In CS:GO poker, you're playing for CS:GO skins and other in-game cosmetics. Each site has its own currency that you have to purchase, but if you withdraw at just the right time, you can walk away with a rare skin for your efforts.

There are variations on poker within CS:GO poker, of course. Some players prefer to play games such as roulette or hold em', but they all revolve around poker as a core concept. Regardless of the type of game you're playing. You're betting coins that the site provides so that you can earn enough to walk away with a nice new skin.

The exchange rate of coins to cash varies from site to site. Generally, the rule is that 1,000 coins from a site equate to $1.

CS:GO Poker Sites


While this isn't a comprehensive list of the best sites offering CS:GO poker, we've collected together a couple of examples of sites that offer the service to help you get started. Each one has free options for those looking to start and try the service before getting too serious, but they also offer you the chance to play for serious money.


CSGOEmpire is the most popular skin betting platform out there. Since they launched in 2016, more than 5 million users now visit the site each month to place bets with them.

The best thing about this site is that the system is fair and transparent. The results are generated using a Provably Fair system. This offers outcomes that can't be predicted or manipulated, making for one of the fairest and most enjoyable betting experiences in CS:GO poker.

Betting with CSGOEmpire is very easy. All you need to do is deposit a skin, cash, or cryptocurrency. These deposits will award you with coins, which you can then use on either roulette or match betting. You can earn more coins through wins on your bets and then withdraw those coins to purchase better skins and use them in CS:GO.

This site is definitely the best way to get into CS:GO poker. There are several safeguards in place to ensure you're not caught out in a scam. Above all, the site is incredibly transparent about the best you make. There's no fairer place to try betting.

Unfortunately, CSGOEmpire prohibits US users from betting on their site. This isn't because they prefer European users, it's because of laws in the US around gambling and monitoring it. If you're based in the US, you can't access CSGOEmpire and bet your CS:GO skins.


WTFSkins is a very similar site to CSGOEmpire. It offers the same roulette system for betting coins based on skins or cash that you deposit. However, there are also several other game modes that you can participate in.

This site is probably where you'd go if you wanted to try out different types of CS:GO poker betting. There are even regular giveaways that can see you earn skins or coins without putting any effort in. All you need to do is be on the site at the right time.

While this site is still a good place to get started, it's not quite as good as CSGOEmpire for transparency. There are still a lot of details that aren't explained to players. If you're looking to get all the information up front, then CSGO Empire is the place to bet.

Why use CS:GO Poker Sites?


There's one core reason to use CS:GO poker sites. They offer a different way to enjoy CS:GO that doesn't necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. While playing CS:GO, you unlock a lot of cosmetic items. There's no way that you'll ever use all of them though. They just sit there in your game and don't do much unless they're incredibly rare and you want to show them off.

With CS:GO gambling, you can bet those unwanted skins and try out a new part of the CS:GO community. If you're sticking with skin betting, then the only thing you're risking is the items you've earned in-game. You can always go back into CS:GO and earn more of these if you really want to stick to just betting them.

If however, you get the taste for CS:GO poker after a while, you have the option to play with real money or even cryptocurrency.


CS:GO poker is a whole new arm of the CS:GO community. It's where players can take a break from the main game and practicing in the same maps over and over again and relax a little. Of course, gambling is far from relaxing sometimes, but it does offer a nice distraction from CS:GO if you've had enough of it for a while.

The range of game modes keeps things interesting long after the initial excitement. There are also loads of success stores about players turning common skins into some of the rarest and most valuable skins in the game through these poker sites. In many ways, it's an easier way to earn better skins because it doesn't rely on your skill in the game. It's all about the luck of the draw.

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