CSGO Battle Royale – Danger Zone – The Ultimate Guide

You might have heard rumors about something called Danger Zone and CSGO releasing some sort of Battle Royale.

It’s true! Valve recently introduced the new Operation called ‘’Danger Zone’’ which has a CSGO Battle Royale mode. Following the lead of the huge Free-to-play game Fortnite, Valve also announced that CSGO will now be a Free-to-play game.

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CSGO is now Free to Play

For Valve veterans, the concept of moving a paid game to free-to-play is nothing new, it happened with Team Fortress 2. It opens up the game, drawing more players in, which is both good and bad. Good for obvious reasons - more people will enjoy the game, which can result in a better experience for everyone. However, one thing is not that good - all players that purchased the game before it went f2p have their accounts upgraded to Prime.

The Prime Status was previously reserved for people who connected their account to a validated phone and had the ranking of at least Lieutenant Rank 21. Prime members had Prime Matchmaking available, which significantly reduced the number of cheaters and hackers in-game.

But the fact that everyone who owned the game before the Danger Zone update god their status upgraded to Prime basically killed the whole point of Prime Matchmaking. It used to be a cheat barrier, but that is no longer the case since many hackers got their accounts automatically moved to Prime, just because they had purchased the game.

However, these cheaters that got the Prime automatically will eventually get banned - the cheater will keep on cheating on the free version of CSGO. Just be patient, and the Prime Matchmaking will again become a hack-free safe haven, but with even more players. So in the long run, this initiative could actually be a good thing for the community.

Danger Zone – How does it work?

So playing Danger Zone you’ll drop into the area Blacksite with nothing but your bare hands. You will have to go around the map and search for weapons, equipment, and money. Check the sky now and then for Special deliveries as they will provide you with good loot. You can not only earn cash by loot but also by putting a C4 on a Safe or by carrying a hostage to a rescue zone.

When you are all geared up, all you will have to do is to outsmart and shoot your enemies down till you or your team is the last one standing.


How many players will there be in a match of CSGO Battle Royale?

Unlike a lot of other Battle Royale games out there, CSGO decided to be different from the number of players in the playfield.

With only 16 players when you are queuing the Solo mode and a number of 18 players when playing the Squad of two or three players.

How long does a match last?

A match of Danger Zone lasts for about 10 minutes give or take. So expect the plowing through a lot of games in your hours of gaming.

Do you earn XP in Danger Zone?

Of course, you do. You’ll earn XP from killing enemies, surviving for as long as you can and also by looting the environment.

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New features

Medi-Shot: Using this shot of medicines will give you a quick recovery of health and a temporary speed boost.

Breach charges: Need to get through a wall, no problem. Blow it up!

Throwable melee weapons: Yeah, you can now throw melee weapons at your opponents, keeps getting better, right?

Max health in Danger Zone: 120hp in Steams regular servers and 200hp in Faceit.

Free skin in CSGO's Danger Zone

There’s a new limited-time Souvenir skin in Danger Zone and it’s all free. The Souvenir MP5-SD Lab Rats.

How do I get the Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats?

Cred - Counter-strike.net

You will earn the Souvenir-SD Lab Rats by having the Prime Status and earn 250 XP in Danger Zone. The skin will be available for everyone until 2019-01-09.

Is There Competitive Danger Zone?

FACEIT introduced Danger Zone less than 24 hours after the release. There, you can compete with other players, and climb the ladder, earning prizes. For now, the only solo queue is available, but the party queue will be added soon. Of course, like with regular FACEIT CSGO matches, you can expect 128 tick-rate high-performance servers, and Anti-Cheat protection.

FACEIT introduced some settings tweaks to the Danger Zone. You will start off with a P250, you will have more ammo, more max health (200), and you will take less damage when falling, and land faster when dropped from the heli.

All in all, FACEIT did an excellent job with this, and we recommend you to check it out. As for the official Valve Danger Zone CSGO competitive, it is still not available, and we can only guess that it is going to happen sooner rather than later, as the new model is instantly going viral.

Danger Zone Case

The all-new Danger Zone case has 17 skins, designed by the community. But, what makes them particularly interesting are the Horizon knives, which are rare, exclusive items. Some skins look beautiful, and we especially like the new AK Asiimov and the Neo-Noir AWP.

CSGO Danger Zone Melee Weapons

This is great and something we see the community of CSGO appreciates a lot. There are 4 different types of melee weapons in Danger Zone, which is the Fists, Knife, Hammer and Axe. People love having melee fights since it's such an unusual action in CSGO. Here you can also throw your melee weapon at your opponent, causing critical damage. However, you still have to run to where you threw your melee weapon and pick it up to either throw it again or hammer down your opponent. But you don't only use your melee weapon for combat, you actually need it to destroy the high tier weapon crates around the map. Which makes the melee weapon an essential item to acquire to have an advantage over your opponents.

CSGO Danger Zone Binds

Yeah, theres not much to say here but there are however the new Medi-shot added into the game which you'll want to be able to pick up quickly with a comfortable bind.
Write this in the console to choose a new customized bind for your Medi-shot:
bind key "use weapon_healthshot"

If you however have happen to have a C4 and Med-shot at the same time, use this to prioritize the Medi-shot first:
bind key "use weapon_c4;use weapon_healthshot"

 -Ready to jump in? be aware that its a bigger map and that you FPS could get reduced in this mode, feel free to check out our CSGO optimization guide here for some great tweaks that will give you the extra edge- 

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