League of Legends – Best Crowd Control Champion

Crowd control is one of the most important things to understand when playing League of Legends. Even if your champion does not have a crowd control ability, you still have to keep an eye out for those that do. Which champion is widely considered League of Legends best crowd control champion? The answer can be different, depending on the situation.

League of Legends Best Crowd Control Champion - The Rundown

For those just looking for quick answers, we have three champions that can be considered the best crowd control champions.

  • Thresh, has a hook with a 1.5-second stun, an AOE knock-up with a 1-second slow, and a 2-second AOE slow.
  • Nautilus, roots targets for up to 1.5-second root with his basic attacks, a hook, a 1-second AOE slow on low cooldown, and a targeted AOE knock-up.
  • Morgana, has a 3-second skill shot stun and a 1.5-second AOE stun.

If you want to know why we handpicked these three, feel free to keep on reading!

What Makes a Good Crowd Control Champion

Many other champs have crowd control abilities. However, these three have abilities that excel at the following factors:

Duration - through sheer duration or fast cooldowns, these three can hold down enemies for a very long time.

Reliability - their crowd control abilities are either easy to land or can be cast often enough so they are always a threat even without relying on a teammate.

Impact - all three champs are considered major threats when their CC abilities land.

It's true that some champs can outperform them in one of these criteria, but never all three at the same time. If it boils down to CC effectiveness, you can't go wrong with these three. Now let's take a closer look at the three champs!

Thresh, the Chain Warden

Thresh is one of the most popular champs in the game because of the sheer utility he can provide. Death Sentence (Q) is a hook AND a stun, plus it also lets you dash to the enemy. Flay (E) is an AOE knock-up that is easy to land and can also be used to stop enemy dashes or channeled abilities. The Box (R) either causes a massive slow for 2 seconds or forces the enemy to stay in it to avoid taking massive damage.

League of Legends Best Crowd Control Champion
Thresh can hook, slow, and knock enemies back while also bringing in a teammate to help.

As a crowd control champion, Thresh is already up there as one of the best. However, he also provides a lot of utility thanks to his Dark Passage (W). That means he can close the gap, hold down enemies, and take a (shielded) teammate to help him secure kills. Last but not the least, all his engaging tools are also great for defensive purposes such as peeling for your marksman or running away from a team fight gone bad.

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Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

Compared to Thresh, Nautilis' crowd abilities don't last as long. However, his Staggering Blow (passive) and Riptide (E) can be used often enough that anybody he can get close to is pretty much slowed or rooted for the duration of the fight. Even if the enemy manages to get out of range, they're still at risk of getting caught with his Dredge Line (Q) and get locked down again. Depth Charge is a potent team fight initiator that doesn't require aiming, especially against tightly packed teams.

Nautilus dives in and keeps nearby enemies slowed or rooted until the fight is over.

How does Nautilus manage to be a reliable crowd control champ despite his poor range? The answer lies in his durability. His HP and armor scale very well into the late game. Furthermore, his Titan's Wrath (W) is a great shield that lets him walk right into the enemy lines where his crowd control works best. This also means that Nautilus doesn't just start fights; he can also stay long enough to survive it.

Morgana, the Fallen

Morgana is one of the oldest champs in the game, but even back then she is known for her crowd control abilities. She has a fairly simple kit, but that's also what makes her crowd control so effective. Dark Binding (Q) is a long-range skill shot that stuns for 3 seconds. It has a low casting cost and resets fast enough that missing a few isn't a big deal. Her other crowd control ability, Soul Shackles (R) is a great ability that gives you the option to initiate team fights or disrupt the enemy team in the middle of one.

A very long stun at a very short cooldown makes Morgana an all-time crowd control favorite.

Thresh complements his crowd control with sheer utility. Nautilus is durable so he can be where his crowd control is needed. Morgana takes a third approach to being a crowd control champ by combining it with raw damage. Aside from dealing a lot of damage, both her crowd control abilities synergize well with her Tormented Shadow (E) AOE attack. She also has some extra defensive utility courtesy of her Black Shield (W) which renders her or an ally immune to enemy crowd control.

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Now here's a video that has chosen a slightly different list than we did. However we do feel like all of them are worth mentioning:


That wraps up our talk on the best crowd control champions in League. Next time you're looking for someone that can stop the enemy dead in their tracks, you now have at least three good options! Do you want to know more about League of Legends? Click here for more League-related content!

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