Confined Roblox Game Review 🥇| One of the Best Horror Games

Confined Roblox game review

Confined is one of the best Roblox horror games that you can pick up and play right now. It was created by three individual developers in 2014 as part of a 'scare me silly' game jam. Those developers more than delivered, even adding voice acting in which they recorded themselves. If you're curious about how good this horror game is, then read on for our honest Confined Roblox game review and opinion.

The Good

  • An eerie atmosphere that permeates every wall.
  • Audio and dialogue set the tone and maintain it throughout the story.
  • The level design is utterly flawless.
  • The player is made to feel vulnerable, further adding to that atmosphere.

The Bad

  • Story is quite short.



As soon as you boot up Confined, you know you're in a completely different game. This isn't the cheery Roblox you know and love from the millions of other games that have been developed. This is a dark, gritty story that is designed to make you feel unease and keep you feeling that way throughout.

The story puts players in the shoes of Brandon, who then enters his older brother's house. Players are lulled into a false sense of security before being set upon by a dark entity. After their encounter, they need to set out for help, but where will they find it?

Several entities will attempt to attack you and scare you. Much like the best horror games, though, players have no way to defend themselves. This is a game about escaping this horrible place, and all you can do when you're faced with danger is turn and run.

The only criticism I have about the story is the fact that it's quite short. This is a small horror game that you'll be desperate for more of once you've completed it. Unfortunately, there's no more for you to play. You could keep it downloaded and revisit it each year with a fresh playthrough every Halloween though.



The soundtrack and audio are where Confined shines, in my opinion. It clearly takes inspiration from the likes of Resident Evil 7 and P.T., both of which are first-person horror games. The music is barely audible when nothing is happening. As soon as a ghoul appears though, everything is cranked up, and you're made to feel as though your life is truly in danger.

What helps the game stand out from all the other Roblox horror entries though, is the dialogue. The developers put a lot of effort into making sure that this game has high-quality voice acting, and it shows. The voices are creepy, and because they've been recorded so well, they only add to that horrific atmosphere that you feel throughout the game.

Roblox Confined Gameplay Video

For the most part, the gameplay in Confined is faultless. While exploring the game for this Confined Roblox game review, I didn't find any game-breaking bugs. However, there are times when the game struggles to run because of the assets it contains.

For example, being outdoors in the rain seems to drastically drive down the game's frame rate. It looks like the game is about to freeze and crash. In reality, though, as soon as you get indoors and away from the rain, everything levels out.

The Bed Issue

The biggest criticism I have about the gameplay here is with the bed. This is an item that you need to move around the house to escape through a window. While, for the most part, it's easy enough to move, there are points at which this bed becomes stuck in the house's geometry. This is almost certainly a bug caused by lack of testing, given that the game was build in just ten days. However, the bed will eventually move again, even if it gets stuck. You just need to keep trying to move it enough, and eventually, it'll budge.



Overall, Confined is a spooky Roblox game that gives you exactly what you want from this sort of experience. There's a sense of terror and dread that follows you everywhere, and the dark entities are scary enough in themselves that they could make anyone turn the game off and never play it again. The atmosphere is perfect, maintaining the slow burn of horror that makes games like Silent Hill 2 so great. Finally, the dialogue is outstanding and worth playing this game for alone. The only downside is that bed bug, which will fix by itself in time. The following video gives you a great impression of the game.

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