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Among us Tasks

Each game, you'll be completing common tasks Among Us puts out in every map. Part of completing these tasks is proving your innocence to other crewmates, but they're also functional. If you want to win the match before the Imposters kill everyone, you need to repair the ship.

There are three maps in Among Us, and each has three types of tasks. These are long tasks, short tasks, and common tasks. Among Us needs to see them completed before a ship is repaired. Once the ship is repaired, and some Crewmates are still alive, they win the match.

Common Task for all maps in Among Us

  • Skeld
    • Fix Wiring
    • Swipe Card
  • Mira HQ
    • Fix Wiring
    • Enter ID Code
  • Polus
    • Fix Wiring
    • Insert Keys
    • Scan Boarding Pass

In this guide, we're going to walk you through the common tasks for each map. We'll show you what they are and tell you how to complete them. Before we do, though, make sure you check out our guide for brilliant Among Us names to take your next game to a whole new level.

Common Tasks Among Us: Skeld

Skeld has two common tasks that you'll be asked to complete.

1. Fix Wiring


Fix Wiring is one of the easiest tasks in the game. You need to connect four wires of varying colors together in order to complete it. The tasks are randomly assigned, most commonly to three separate areas of the ship. You'll find it evenly split between Admin, Electrical, Cafeteria, Security, Storage, and Navigation.

Difficulty: Easy

This is a straightforward task. It's literally dragging wires from one side of your screen to another. You can probably get in there, complete it, and get out without anyone even realizing that you were doing a task.

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2. Swipe Card


This task is always restricted to the Admin room; it's very specific. It can be tricky to complete, though. What you need to do is take out and swipe the card from left to right. However, if you do it too fast, or too slow, then the card reader won't recognize that you've swiped.

Difficulty: Medium

This is definitely one of the harder common tasks Among Us pits you against. It's all about practice, really. The more matches you play, the more you'll learn the subtle speed at which you need to swipe that card. Keep on trying, and you'll be a professional in no time.

Common Tasks Among Us: Mira HQ

Mira HQ has two common tasks that you'll be trying to complete while also avoiding the Imposters.

1. Fix Wiring

Once again, we have Fix Wiring. This really is the most common task that you'll find yourself completing as a Crewmate. The only difference in Mira HQ is where you can find this task. It's randomly assigned to three rooms, across Hallway, Greenhouse, Storage, Locker Room, and Laboratory.

Difficulty: Easy

As we've already pointed out, this is a very easy task. Just drag the wires from one side of the screen to the other, being careful to match the colors all the while. Unless you're a brand new player, you'll struggle to get this one wrong most of the time unless an Imposter is breathing down your neck.

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2. Enter ID Code


This is definitely one of the faster common tasks Among Us puts out there. All you need to do is type a number into a panel. It's really that easy, just like you'd find yourself doing in a number of other games, though the stakes are far higher here. Don't worry; the ID Code is with you at all times, so you're not going to find yourself struggling to remember what it is after picking it up elsewhere in the ship. This task is restricted to the Admin room.

Difficulty: Easy

This is an easy common task, but it's not as easy as Fix Wiring. Here you can understand why some players would get it wrong. After all, we've all mistyped on a calculator, even if it is on our computer or phone. Keep calm, and you should be fine getting this one complete in the first attempt.

Common Tasks Among Us: Polus

There are three common tasks you'll be up against in Polus. Whether that makes it the most challenging map in the game to play is down to your skills, though.

1. Fix Wiring

We really were not joking when we said that this was the most common task in the game. No matter what map you're playing on, you'll probably find this task assigned to you, so get used to it. The only difference in Solus is the location of the task. Here it's found in three rooms randomly, including O2, Office, Decontamination, or Electrical.

Difficulty: Easy

At this point, there really is nothing to panic about. It's the same task you'll have been completing on every map. Our only advice is to learn the map so that you know where this task is going to appear. It's an easy one, so you should try to get it out of the way early. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling for air.

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2. Insert Keys


This is one of the longest common tasks out there. You need to insert a key and rotate it by 90 degrees. It might sound easy, but you need to remember that you're doing this on a computer or smartphone, and not with your hands. The task will only take place in the Dropship room on Polus, which probably has something to do with getting said ship ready to fly, or keeping it from falling out.

Difficulty: Hard

As far as common tasks in Among Us go, this one counts as hard. It's nowhere near as easy as Fix Wiring, but it's a lot more involved than swiping a keycard or typing in a code. This task requires actual concentration, and as a result, an Imposter could sneak up and kill you.

3. Scan Boarding Pass


This task is restricted to the Office in Polus. It's pretty simple. All you need to do is flip over your ID, and then drag it to the scanner until it turns green. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is as long as you're not too scared of the Imposters that are lurking around every corner.

Difficulty: Medium

We can't call this a hard task because it's effectively just drag and drop. However, there is a slightly more complex element to it with that initial flip. If a player doesn't know what they're doing, this task could end up taking twice as long. This is ample time for an Imposter to come along and kill you whilst no one is the wiser.

Using Common Tasks to Your Advantage

Now you know what all of the common tasks are, you can start to use them to figure out who the Imposters are.

With every match that starts, you should note what the common tasks are. You'll be able to see the number of common tasks before they're all assigned to Crewmates. If you see that there's one common task as you load into a map, say Mira HQ, and you're assigned Fix Wiring, you know that no one has the ID Code task.

With this knowledge, you can then head to the Admin room and start looking for players pretending that they're completing the ID Code task. If you catch someone doing this, run away, because they're an Imposter. You could even call an Emergency meeting and accuse them. hopefully, it doesn't backfire.

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Sharing is Caring

It's worth noting that common tasks are shared by all Crewmates. If you have the Fix Wiring task, so does everyone else. However, as we've demonstrated above, this can be used as an advantage. If everyone saw that only Fix Wiring was the available common task, then they'll be on your side when it comes to accusing a potential Imposter.

The only thing you need to watch out for is someone accusing you of trying to complete a common task that they know isn't on the list for the current match. If you're an Imposter, you might be busted. If you're a Crewmate, though, you need to be upfront and honest about which task you were completing.

The bottom line is that if you keep secrets from your Crewmates, you're going to get spaced.


These are all of the most common tasks in Among. It's not that they're easy or hard necessarily, but they're ones that you'll see popping up time and time again.

Our advice is to try to get these tasks out of the way fast. They're a good way to detect Imposters, as long as you know what you're doing. However, if they're left for too long in certain rooms, like O2, for example, then the entire crew could die from negligence if they're not completed.

Let us know which of these common tasks is your favorite in the comments.

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