Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting 2021 🥇| Top 10 List

Cheapest minecraft hosting

Finding the cheapest Minecraft server hosting can be a minefield. That's why we've put together this list of the top 10 most affordable server hosts. Don't worry, we've judged them by more than price, so you'll be getting what you pay for, as well as a cheap deal.

Top 10 Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting Companies in 2021

  1. Hostinger
  2. Nodecraft
  3. Apex Hosting
  4. ScalaCube
  5. GGServers
  6. Server.Pro
  7. Bisect Hosting
  8. Shockbyte
  9. CubedHost
  10. PloxHost

Cheap Hosting Platform Criteria

When we're looking at the best server hosting services, we have a few different sets of criteria to look at. These are the server memory, player count, location, and then cost or free trials.

Since we're looking for the cheapest Minecraft server hosting here, things are a bit different. Yes, we want reputable services that will provide a quality product. However, we also want to save as much money as possible. As such, some of the servers on this list will be more expensive than others. We have looked around to make sure there's a good mix here that isn't too expensive, though.

1. Nexus-Games

  • Certified host
  • Powerful Servers
  • Network protection
  • Unique and modern management panel
  • Pre-installable mods
  • USA & EUROPE Servers

With 5 years in Nexus-Games hosting, you will find an experienced and active team to
help you and support you in setting up your server. They have the best rating on the
market 4.9/5 on trustpilot (400 reviews).

Nexus-Games makes a point of remaining at the cutting edge of technology, constantly
seeking to upgrade their infrastructures on the latest, most powerful components,
thus ensuring you have an ideal gaming experience.

The network used by the game servers hosted by Nexus-Games runs through Voxility
(a very reputable network protection provider), ensuring the proper functioning of your
server, solid protection and very low ping.

In the constant search for innovation, Nexus-Games has developed its own management panel, thus allowing it to be optimized for each game they offer. In the case of Minecraft we find in particular:

  • An intuitive, real-time console
  • Real-time visual of your server's RAM consumption

A significant advantage that we see at Nexus-Games is the possibility of changing your
offer yourself at any time without having to change servers. If you notice that mods
consume too much compared to your offer, you can easily upgrade to the higher offer
from your customer area.

2. Hostinger

  • Best Price: From $8.95 per month
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: 70
  • Setup Included: Yes

Hostinger is a server hosting industry leader, a fact that's reflected in their price. Unfortunately, they don't offer a free trial. With their reputation, though, you don't need to atrial to know that the service you'll be getting will be excellent.

The Hostinger Minecraft plans give you everything you could want, DDoS protection, 2GB of RAM, SSD drives, and instant set-up. Perfect if you want a no-hassle server for you and your friends.

These guys are pretty brilliant. The price of $8.95 is something you'll get if you sign up for a four-year contract upfront; otherwise it'll go up to $11.95 per month. This will provide a server for up to 70 players, and you have your pick of locations in the UK, US, Singapore, and The Netherlands.

Oh, and yes, you can mod the crap out of your Hostinger server. I'd say they cover all the bases, and then some.

3. Nodecraft

  • Best Price: From $9.98 per month
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: Unlimited
  • Setup Included: Yes

If you're looking for a service you can try before you put some money down, this is it. Nodecraft has a free trial that should give you an idea of how they work before spending anything.

In a way, they're better than other hosting servers because they're purely used for gaming. The company offers nothing else, so you can guarantee that these servers are geared towards gaming and nothing else.

Believe it or not, Nodecraft offers servers for unlimited numbers of players. Their beefy 5GB of Disk Space makes it easy to install all the mods you want, and they have a relatively decent number of locations, including the US, South Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

The only issue you'll find with Nodecraft is that their basic service isn't set up to provide a seamless Minecraft experience. It'll stutter and struggle. If you want the seamless gameplay, you'll need to pay for their Keelo plan, which is $19.98 per month. Definitely not the cheapest on this list by a long way, but one of the best in terms of service.

4. Apex Hosting

  • Best Price: From $4.49 per month
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes, but not on the cheapest plan
  • Players: Unlimited
  • Setup Included: Yes

No, there's not a free trial with Apex Hosting, but they are one of the highest-ranked Minecraft server hosting providers on the market. To top that off, they're cheaper than most premium hosts out there.

Each server is built with players in mind. It's easy to add mods, and there's even a plugin for getting other users to pay their fees for using the server. $4.49 is the first month's price, which rises to $5.99 per month, but it's still very cheap.

There are 16 locations around the world to choose from, which is astounding for a server host. Apex Hosting also provides everything you want from a hosting provider, DDoS protection, unlimited players, the works.

Even as their plans get more expensive, they're still one of the cheaper companies on the market. If you're looking to invest a little bit of money in your server, but not anywhere near $10 per month, this is the company for you.

5. ScalaCube

  • Best Price: From $2.50 per month
  • Ram: 768 MB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: 10
  • Setup Included: Yes

As the price for these servers begins to come down, so too do the features. ScalaCube has a great price, but you're limited to 10 players with it. There's also no free trial, so you just have to dive in. The price does rise to $5 per month after the first month, so bear that in mind.

The good thing is that the core business for ScalaCube is Minecraft. That means that they know what they're doing and should be able to provide quick and competent support for any issues.

ScalaCube supports more than 1000 mods, and you can install them at the click of a button. If you're a small group looking for a modded server, they're probably your best bet.

The locations that ScalaCube has servers in aren't as good as some of the other providers on this list. With them, you can select from Australia, Europe, or North America.

6. GGServers

  • Best Price: From $3 per month
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: 12
  • Setup Included: Yes

Now we're starting to get into the bargains. $3 per month is the basic price for a server with GGServers, but you can pay $6 per month for their premium service. The only real difference is the server you play on. Standard servers are slightly lower quality, whereas premium ones have higher grade hardware at your disposal.

To be honest, GGServers is fantastic for what they offer. They have a fantastic customer service, at least that's what their reviews say. They also have nine server locations around the world to pick from. Wherever you are, you'll have one nearby.

There are mods and mod packs just waiting to be installed on your sever, and you can even set up a world with your own rules and difficulty if you really want to.

The only downside, if there is one, to this company is the player limit. They only allow 12 players per server, regardless of whether it's premium or standard. If you're a larger group, maybe look elsewhere.

7. Server.Pro

  • Best Price: From free
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes, not on the free plan
  • Players: 10
  • Setup Included: Yes, not on the free plan

This is the first company on the list that actually has a completely free server hosting plan. This will still get you 1GB of RAM, DDoS Protection, 10 player slots, and 10 slots for plugins. However, this plan doesn't allow for mods, instant setup, or backups. You'll also have Server.Pro ads to compete with while you use it.

Suppose you can cope with the ads and all the other restrictions, great! If not, don't worry because there are other plans for you to use. These start at $5 per month and provide better and better services depending on what you need.

I'm not sure about the server locations for these guys. They seem reasonably good, but I can't find a list of the locations anywhere, which makes me think that they don't have a great range outside of the US and Europe.

If you want a free plan for the next year or so, then this is probably the best provider you'll find.

8. Bisect Hosting

  • Best Price: From $2.99 per month
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: 12
  • Setup Included: Yes

BisectHosting is a good option for players who want a completely customizable Minecraft server. Their setup wizard will take you through all of the options on offer, even the premium ones. As such, you can create a server that's perfect for you, instead of choosing the best fit from a long list on other websites.

These guys have 16 server locations worldwide, which means that there shouldn't be any issues with latency for most players. They've got all the features you could ask for, such as DDoS Protection and mods ready to be installed.

While you can only start out with 12 players, BisectHosting does offer upgrade tiers for when your group grows. This means that it's unlikely that you'd need to migrate your server hosting elsewhere because you can just go up another tier.

BisectHosting even presents a guide on what to look for in a hosting provider, and of course, they work towards becoming the industry leader in all these factors.

9. Shockbyte

  • Best Price: From $2.50 per month
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: 20
  • Setup Included: Yes

Coming towards the end of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting companies. Shockbyte is very similarly priced to Bisect Hosting, but they offer you the chance to have 20 players on your server. That price won't go up unless you want to choose a specific server location, which is going to set you back an additional $5.

Outside of the cheeky location price tag, Shockbyte offers everything else that you'd expect. They have a load of mods and packs ready to install, and there's even a premium service which will see them install everything and set it up for you. On a base level, though, they won't do that.

I'd say that Shockbyte is probably the best provider for someone who knows what they're doing with Minecraft servers. If you're inexperienced, try a few other services first.

10. CubedHost

  • Price: From $5.24 per month
  • Ram: 786 MB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: 5
  • Setup Included: Yes

CubedHost offers a custom Minecraft hosting service for anyone to use. Player slots aren't limited, but the recommended number is 5, making this one of the best services for smaller groups. If you're a larger group though, try another provider.

Everything you need is here, including mods, and 15 locations around the world for you to choose from. You get close to 1GB of RAM, though I will say that it's slightly less. That's why the server can't take too many players.

CubedHost will recommend that you go for a higher plan for more players, which is $10.49, but you should be find to trial their cheaper service to start with. There are some discounts on offer, but really they're not the best service in terms of cost per player.

11. PloxHost

  • Price: From $1.50 per month
  • Ram: 1024 MB
  • DDoS Protection: Yes
  • Mods Allowed: Yes
  • Players: Unlimited
  • Setup Included: Yes

PloxHost is cheap, but there's a reason for that. They have plans that go up and up in terms of price, but the available server locations are limited, with three based in the US alone.

Player slots aren't limited, but I can see this being another service that struggles with too many players. These guys are an alternative to explore if some of the other cheap server hosts cannot offer you a deal. Really though, I'd say they're more of a last resort.


Those are the top 10 cheapest Minecraft server hosting companies on the market. As I mentioned at the start, we've covered a few different areas, including security, player numbers, and of course, the price.

Ultimately I'd say that if you want to save money, go for the free plan with Server.Pro. It will give you a taste of what a Minecraft server is all about, and you can learn about what not to do without it costing you any money.

From there, you could upgrade to a paid subscription or migrate to any of the other server hosts on this list. I like the sound of BisectHosting the most. They have a number of tiers of pricing and players that you can work your way up and down as your group grows or shrinks.

There's never any pressure to get a Minecraft server. If you want to have one for a group of players, you should all pool your money and agree on a budget. It's not fair for one player to pay for everything, so a cheap option is great. Rather than opting straight for that free plan, see how much you can afford, even if it's a couple of dollars per month. It'll be worth it for the improved experience you get.

If there's anything you think we missed in ours. List of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting companies, please do let us know in the comments.

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