The Best Teamfight Tactics Strategy – The Importance of Adaptation

Best TFT Strategy tips and strategies

Riot’s newest round-based strategy game is easy to learn, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to master. Contrary to what some players believe, Teamfight Tactics isn’t as luck-dependent as it looks. You can win more games regardless of roles if you take the right approach. You need to ask yourself “what is the best Teamfight … Read more

Rainbow Six Siege [ R6 ] vs CSGO – Which Tactical Shooter Is For You?

Amidst the popularity of Battle Royales and MOBAs, tactical multiplayer first-person shooters still have a large following of hardcore gamers. Two of the most popular titles today are and Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). There’s no clear winner when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege, also called R6 Siege vs CSGO, but we … Read more