Best Mobile Controller – Android and iOS [Top 7] [Fortnite & Pubg]

Best mobile controller Fortnite & PUBG

Mobile gaming has become a rapidly growing market and more and more are looking to get an advantage over their opponents by using a controller. Check out the best Bluetooth mobile gaming controller for games such as Fortnite Battle Royale and Pubg. We tried out multiple Bluetooth controllers and made a list of the ones … Read more

Streaming Equipment for PC – What do I Need to Stream

One of the most popular ways to share your personal experiences with others online is by streaming content. In fact, some of the most popular Internet celebrities started out by streaming themselves playing games, eventually garnering a large group of followers over the years. However, if you want the best quality for your followers you’ll … Read more

Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933 | Best Wireless Headset 2020

Many gamer’s feels like the top tier of gaming audio is a realm exclusive to wired headsets. There’s still the popular myth that using a wired headset comes with problems like delayed audio output and poor sound quality caused by signal interference. There’s also the fact that wireless gaming headsets are powered by batteries, which … Read more

Best MOBA Games 2020 – [Top 10] Incredible Games


It is not easy choosing which games would be the best MOBA games in 2020 as there are so many good games out there. However, here are the picks we made for this list: 1. League of Legends League of Legends is still today the MOBA with the largest player base. Although declining in popularity … Read more