What Motherboard do I Have? 4 Easy Ways to Find Out

Finding your computer specifications usually is an effortless task, but some components are harder to find than others. You can do simple checks, which will show you the sort of hardware you’re running on. For more details, though, you need to dive deeper into your computer. If you’re looking for what motherboard you have but … Read more

How To Change The Difficulty in Phasmophobia | Guide

If you have been playing Phasmophobia with your friends and you feel like the game got easy, don’t worry, there are more difficulties you may not have tried yet. Here you will see how to change the difficulty in Phasmophobia. How To Change The Difficulty in Phasmophobia If you already meet the level requirement for … Read more

Valorant Beta Launch – Beta keys, release date and a lot more!

Riot just unveiled crucial information about Valorant, their first character-based tactical FPS. A quick look at the most recently-released Valorant gameplay video, the game bears plenty of similarities with both CSGO and Overwatch. Most importantly, Riot said the game will officially launch this summer. But the BETA, however, will be released on April 7. Here’s … Read more

WoWs vs WoT – Which Wargaming Sim Is for You?

If you’re itching for military vehicle sims, Wargaming has you covered. The publisher lets you choose between flying historical planes (World of Warplanes aka WoWp), military naval craft (World of Warships aka WoWs), and ground armor (World of Tanks aka WoT), which we already covered earlier “World of tanks review”. World of Warplanes is pretty … Read more

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