Top 5 TFT Comp sites – Win more games🥇

Best TFT comps site Pros Tier lists are instantly available and updates are frequent. They have good tier lists for specific items and champions. In-depth articles about each new team composition, along with patch predictions. Cons No team composition tier list Tier lists could use more info per item If there’s one thing Proguides has that makes it … Read more

Teamfight Tactics Game Length – How Long Does a Game Take?

What is a Game in Teamfight Tactics? In Teamfight Tactics, games are compromised of several different stages, each with several rounds. Most of the rounds are played against your competitors, however, some rounds are against NPCs (non-player characters). The Teamfight Tactics game length is actually relatively simple once you understand how it works. Currently, there … Read more

The Best Teamfight Tactics Strategy – The Importance of Adaptation

Best TFT Strategy tips and strategies

Riot’s newest round-based strategy game is easy to learn, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to master. Contrary to what some players believe, Teamfight Tactics isn’t as luck-dependent as it looks. You can win more games regardless of roles if you take the right approach. You need to ask yourself “what is the best Teamfight … Read more