How to Get Better at Rainbow Six Siege – [Complete step by step guide]

How to Get better at R6s

Rainbow Six Siege has one of the deepest gameplays that you will find in a popular first-person shooter. Unfortunately, that also means new players can have a difficult time getting over that learning curve. Today, we’re taking a look at how to get better at R6S, whether you’re climbing the ranks or simply want to … Read more

Rainbow Six Siege [ R6 ] vs CSGO – Which Tactical Shooter Is For You?

Amidst the popularity of Battle Royales and MOBAs, tactical multiplayer first-person shooters still have a large following of hardcore gamers. Two of the most popular titles today are and Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). There’s no clear winner when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege, also called R6 Siege vs CSGO, but we … Read more