How Does Genshin Impact Make Money? | ✅ Outlining the Monetisation

How genshin impact makes money

The game is available on mobile devices, PC, and PlayStation 4 and seems to have taken the world by storm. There’s a minimal barrier to entry as a free-to-play game, but the developers need to make money somehow to keep the servers running. For those who don’t know exactly how this massive open-world free-to-play game … Read more

How to Link Genshin Impact PC to PS4 | ✅ An Alternative

pc to ps4 genshin impact

Many players are asking how to link Genshin Impact PC to PS4, but it’s not possible. Unfortunately for all the PlayStation 4 players out there, you can’t enable cross-save between PC and PlayStation 4. However, we have one helpful alternative to cross-save that enables you to do the same thing. This is as follows. Using … Read more

Genshin Impact: How to Level up Friendship ✅ with Characters

how to level up friendship in genshin impact

Friendship is an almost hidden mechanic in Genshin Impact, much like the fact that it’s an always-online game. All of the characters that you’ll meet in the game often have much deeper backstories that you’d expect. They also have their own motivations in the game’s world. However, you won’t learn any of this unless you … Read more

How to Play Genshin Impact With Friends ✅| Always Play Together


Genshin Impact is an always-online PvE game from developer miHoYo. While it’s not a traditional MMO in the sense that you’ll see other players roaming about the world, it does allow you to play with others after a certain point. In this article, we will cover exactly how to play Genshin Impact with friends and … Read more