🥇Best Fortnite Landing Spots Chapter 2 Season 4| Get Your Best Starts


If you want to win more Victory Royales in Fortnite this season than you ever have, then this guide for the best Fortnite landing spots Season 4 is the one you need. Here we’ll cover the very best spots to land in this season if you want an advantageous start. Updated: September 2020 Best Fortnite … Read more

Best Mobile Controller – Android and iOS [Top 7] [Fortnite & Pubg]

Best mobile controller Fortnite & PUBG

Mobile gaming has become a rapidly growing market and more and more are looking to get an advantage over their opponents by using a controller. Check out the best Bluetooth mobile gaming controller for games such as Fortnite Battle Royale and Pubg. We tried out multiple Bluetooth controllers and made a list of the ones … Read more

Why Epic Games Won’t Launch a V Bucks Cryptocurrency in Fortnite

V-bucks as a cryptocurrency

The virtual currency “V Bucks” is a game-wide payment method for Fortnite players. More specifically, players can use it in order to purchase various in-game items for their pleasure. No matter whether you have Dollars or Euros, you will have to get them converted V Bucks for making purchases. You can convert your currency in … Read more

HOW You Can Play Fortnite on Steam | Step by step

Fortnite Season 6

Yes, but no. This is the most precise response to an issue that is amongst the thousands of users trying to play Fortnite on Steam. The fact for the moment is that the famous title of Epic Games is not available officially on Steam. The exceptional client of Valve has a titanic collection of games … Read more