🥇Best Fortnite Landing Spots Chapter 2 Season 4| Get Your Best Starts


If you want to win more Victory Royales in Fortnite this season than you ever have, then this guide for the best Fortnite landing spots Season 4 is the one you need. Here we’ll cover the very best spots to land in this season if you want an advantageous start. Updated: September 2020 Best Fortnite … Read more

Why Epic Games Won’t Launch a V Bucks Cryptocurrency in Fortnite

V-bucks as a cryptocurrency

The virtual currency “V Bucks” is a game-wide payment method for Fortnite players. More specifically, players can use it in order to purchase various in-game items for their pleasure. No matter whether you have Dollars or Euros, you will have to get them converted V Bucks for making purchases. You can convert your currency in … Read more