Can You Play Minecraft Dungeons on a Mac?✅ How to Make it Possible!

how to play minecraft dungeons on mac

There are a number of ways in which you could get Minecraft Dungeons on a Mac, but you'll need to put a little bit of work in. The short answer to whether you can play Minecraft Dungeons on a Mac is that it is exclusively a PC game, but there are workarounds for those that are willing to put some effort into it.

Minecraft Dungeons is currently a PC exclusive, though it is available on consoles. It's unlikely that Microsoft would bring the game to Mac because they want more people to play on PC. However, there are a few sneaky steps like Boot Camp, Virtual Desktop & Game Streaming to play the game on a Mac.

Can You Play Minecraft Dungeons on a Mac? Yes, With Some Effort

Here we're going to cover the three main ways in which you can get Minecraft Dungeons, and most other PC games, running on your Mac. Anyone with a Mac will be able to do these, and where possible we'll include helpful links to the right places to make your journey to finally playing this awesome game a bit easier.

  1. Boot Camp
  2. Virtual Desktop
  3. Game Streaming

Boot Camp


This is probably the easiest, and most obvious answer to your troubles. Boot Camp comes as standard with all Mac computers. It's an official Apple assistant that makes partitioning your hard drive as easy as running an app.

You can search for the Boot Camp Assistant from your Mac's desktop, and it'll be the first thing that comes up, as long as you don't have an app that's literally called "boot". Once you've opened it, you'll be walked through the process of partitioning your hard drive.

With the hard drive partition created, you'll need to format the section that you want to install Windows on. Following this, you'll need to actually install a copy of Windows. While it's possible to get a free version from Microsoft, we'd recommend buying one if you want to use it regularly.

From there it's a simple case of following the Windows installation process. Then, every time you start your Mac up, you'll be able to hold down a button and choose between using your Mac, or your partitioned Windows PC.

The Windows partition you create has all the same capabilities as a Windows PC. You can download and install Steam, and all the PC games offered there. You can also download and play Minecraft Dungeons right from that separate desktop.

There's a really great guide that Apple has put out there for this entire process here.

Virtual Desktop


A virtual desktop is essentially an app, or a programme, that allows you to use a Windows desktop machine. Some solutions will offer you the ability to stream a Windows PC to your Mac. This works great, but it's not the fastest, or most practical, way to use a PC if you just want to play a game.

There are a number of apps that offer a similar service to Boot Camp. Essentially they take up a portion of your hard drive, and run a windows PC in that space through a window you can open on your Mac.

I've used both of these methods in the past, and neither of them are as good as Boot Camp. However, if Boot Camp isn't an option for you, I'd opt for an app that runs on your computer over a streaming service.

With streaming services you'll experience delays, and probably need to pay a monthly subscription. A desktop app doesn't have the same delays, but it is only a window on your Mac. You won't be able to effectively work between the Mac and PC quickly if that's something you want to do.

For example, if you want to use Discord on your Mac, but play Minecraft Dungeons at the same time, it would be way faster and easier to use the Discord app on your phone. Even a second computer would be quicker.

It's also worth noting that any desktop virtual Windows machines will almost certainly come with a cost. If you opt for a free one, I suspect that it will be a time-limited offer.

Streaming Services


The final solution to running Minecraft Dungeons on your Mac is streaming the game directly. Microsoft is making leaps and bounds with Game Pass by allowing subscribers to stream games to various devices. However, when it comes to desktop gaming, there are better services out there.

One of these is Shadow. They host a number of servers and allow subscribers to access them from their own computers, including Macs, without the same issues that virtual Windows machines bring.

Shadow will provide you with your own PC gaming desktop. You can download Steam, or any other service, and access your games from that server by streaming the game to your Mac. Shadow also runs in fullscreen, but can be exited at the press of a button.

There are loads of game streaming services out there, and more are launching every year. Shadow offers something truly special though. Their servers are designed to be used for gaming, and contain parts that provide the best experience possible.

If you don't have a gaming PC, and can't afford to buy one, a Shadow subscription is one of the best options you have. Their subscription prices range depending on the type of service you need. All of them will allow you to play Minecraft Dungeons on your Mac.


We've covered the three core ways that you can play Minecraft Dungeons on your Mac. There will be other solutions that you could use, but these are the easiest, and the cheapest. So to answer the question, "can you play Minecraft Dungeons on Mac?" Yes, but the following are our recommendations on how.

Ultimately what this all comes down to is budget. If you have enough money to buy a gaming PC, and would make use of it with other PC exclusives, then buying or building a gaming PC might be the best option. You can go on to use that PC to play loads of other games that you can't on a Mac, like Rainbow Six Siege.

If you don't have the money for a gaming PC though, then partitioning your Mac with Boot Camp is your best bet. Yes, you could spend some money on a monthly subscription service like Shadow, but you're still playing on a device that you don't own. You're also paying out money each month, which you could be saving to buy an actual gaming PC.

With Boot Camp, you have the best of both worlds on one machine. You also don't need to partition so much of your Mac that it slows everything right down. Even a quarter of your hard drive space would be way too much if all you want to do is play Minecraft Dungeons on a Mac.

Buying a copy of Windows also isn't very expensive these days. It's worth doing for the updates and security, because Windows machines are a lot more susceptible to viruses. This is still a much lower cost than buying an entire gaming PC, and over years it will be cheaper than what you'd spend on a game steaming service.

Last Thoughts

However, game streaming services offer unprecedented levels of quality in terms of game speed and visuals. The machines you're streaming from are built to play the best games out there. Which is why they're worth the monthly cost. If you want the best-looking solution, game streaming is for you, but the cheapest and most sustainable is definitely Boot Camp. Our advice is to avoid virtual Windows machines as much as possible.

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