Boosting, getting new runes and PVP in the new season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic

The classic version of World of Warcraft is a return to the roots and the best updates that collected a huge online presence on the Azeroth servers at one time.

There were new and original updates that were supposed to bring new players and keep old ones, but fans of hardcore updates had a hard time with new additions that moved the project towards arcade style, faster leveling, and more PVP and grind, but at the same time constantly offering players new territories.

This led to a powerful online outflow and the developers from Blizzard thought about restarting the project in two versions - a new one, which continues the history of Azeroth, which lasts for more than 20 years, and a classic one, which takes the old but popular version with updated graphics and an improved interface, but in everything Otherwise, this is the old World of Warcraft, which fell in love and gained enormous popularity among various players.

Season of Discovery

This is a new format that the developers from Blizzard offer for fans of old versions of hardcore Warcraft, which is now called the classic version and is moving into the format of seasonal development now Season of Discovery boosting will be limited to level 25, which now you still need to be able to get to prepare for new ones stages and seasons, which will be released gradually, with a difference of several months.

In the new format, which awaits new players, there will also be unusual features that should simplify and diversify the usual gameplay and help representatives of different professions develop their capabilities, regardless of the faction itself.

New runes

Now each class can receive new, unique skills, which are activated by installing new runes in weapon or armor sockets.

Runes can be knocked out of any monster with a certain chance, and the quality of the new item will depend on the level of the character and the monster itself.

Each character will receive a new skill that will significantly expand the capabilities of the class and help get more active leveling in SoD alone or as part of a fire team and various PVP battles.

For example, the Warlock character specializes in summoning various creatures and using negative effects that regularly take away health and strengthen each other depending on the number of debuffs that have worked on your enemies.

Thanks to the new rune, the character will be able to use effects that provoke enemies and force them to attack summoned creatures, turning them into a certain variation of a tank.

The second good example is that you can play as a battle mage who performs procasts and uses magic to attack various numbers of enemies, but with the help of a new rune, you can get a new skill that will allow you to restore health to yourself or your allies using arcane magic.

PVP format

Many players know that WoW always relies on a different format of battles between the game factions of the Horde and the Alliance.

Many players love WoW because, at any stage of the gameplay, you have constant allies and enemies with whom you can play together or against them and boost SoD to resist enemies of a similar level or higher.

You can look for enemies in interchangeable locations, of which there are quite a lot in the WoW universe.

For defeating an enemy who is equal to or higher than you in level, you will be able to accumulate rewards and medals of honor, which will bring you new vestments and will allow you to buy enhanced equipment and weapons that have good performance and characteristics aimed at battles between players.

So that players do not get bored waiting for the release of new updates and seasons, and for those who have completed boosting in the Season of Discovery, special battle zones have been created for players.

These are zones in which two squads from representatives of two factions will fight for special points, by controlling which you can win entire matches, earn rewards, and just have fun.

Another format is capture the flag.

The most interesting and important format that can arise is spontaneous PVP, when some squad of one of the factions flies to an adjacent location, starts a battle, groups of opponents fly into the general chat by shouting, and so gradually more and more players enter the battle and A large-scale PVP begins, which will bring many medals of honor and simply pleasure to all participants, regardless of the number of participants and the final result.

Leveling up in the classic version

WoW Classic is about hardcore and slow pace of leveling, in which every item, weapon, and resource that can be obtained plays an important role and the possibility of group hunting and completing quests becomes the most profitable and useful.

You can complete story missions and side quests that will help you level up your character faster and ensure stable leveling in Season of Discovery, to prepare you in a couple of months in terms of experience and equipment for the new seasonal update when it becomes active in World of Warcraft.

The main quests will tell you the main story of the MMO RPG, guide and train you in the first stages of character control and development, and help you get your first equipment and weapons, learn skills, and systematically and quickly develop, carrying out certain tasks - delivering reports and destroying specified monsters at certain locations.

This is a great format for all classes and professions without exception because regardless of overall damage, everyone will be able to complete these quests. The difference will only be in the speed of completing these same quests, and not the benefit of completing them.

Even a healer can get a stable boost in SoD simply by completing quests on his own, but it will be better if you find yourself a fireteam with an attacking class that will help you get quests completed in exchange for stable healing.

It will be easier for other classes, but group hunting with all the key characters will always be more profitable than quests and solo grinding.

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