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Epic Game’s 8-billion buck success is now fronting a new-fangled challenging rival, as per Call of Duty has prepared its path onto battle royale: the fantastic videogame genre whereby major of its titles have lured people’s gaming setups. We decided to compare Blackout vs Fortnite to see who has the best Battle Royale. Straight away, Activision decided to jump in battle royale enouncing a rather mysterious ground for them. But question it, how can things turn out for the franchise? This genre’s idea has been around for about 5 years, creating a huge effect nowadays and, unsurprisingly, hitting to the world phenomenon label. Many of its largest peers are around entertaining tons of folks like Fortnite, PLAYERSUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Also known as PUBG, H1Z1, The Culling: Origins and many more. However, with the first being the most successful free-to-play game of all time, and counting on more than 125 million people, comes a inquiry that we’ve all done to ourselves: Is Activision being rational enough? The calling of Call of Duty: Blackout is uncertain. However, we can sure elucidate on some of the features that make both games playable, entertaining and odd. Keeping that on mind, join us as we study them while finding out who is better on this versus. And try to bear with this willful evaluation.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Blackout)

When speaking of Call of Duty, we cannot evade the striking and powerful fact of its long-lasting franchise as a result of the durable career Activision has had upon the video game industry. And many years of budgetary successful titles, but not-so-auspicious stories I’m afraid, are the real demonstration of this. As a result of the previously stated, they’ve long-drawn-out its market to new ways and to a new audience. Yes, we must accept that the Call of Duty franchise already had a “multiplayer feature” that, in essence, could’ve made some feel the urge of a battle royale, but it didn’t come close until this date. Notwithstanding, and in case you’re not familiarized with the subject yourself, Blackout is a new game mode just jointly introduced on October the 12th with the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which, as you may’ve supposed, enters the battle royale genre. Blackout continues the rhetoric of battle royale with the basic elements: 100 players falling from the sky on a large map, and can be “played only our own [solo], with a friend [duo], or your whole squad [quads]”. There’s a time limit, and the last man standing is the one to survive and pray for the “Victory Royale!” -- Wait, hold on. I messed up. As we are not attempting to equate their features just yet, there are things like realism, more amicable and focused style of guns (on account of the way the game is represented). Shooting itself ought to feel different, because of the first-person-shooter design. Oh, but wait! There’s no building in Blackout. Cargo trucks, speedboats, futuristic weapons, and a bunch of stylized, conventional and caught up elements define what we can now enjoy playing this fabulous option to the now classic battle royale games. Check out how the thing goes as for its partner: Fortnite. And, in case you’re looking forward to it, you can buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 through the webpage at 60$ or on your preferred store, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

We’ve all felt the Fortnite fever, which fluctuates a lot from the Bieber one, I may differ. As commented on the beginning, this game is Epic Game’s most successful title. Having pumped company’s worth up to 8 billion dollars is sure a memorable thing, and represents how it plowed its name all over our platforms. As a matter of fact, Fortnite, which was released on July the 25th, 2017, is obtainable on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, C and it goes on to Android, Mac OS and iOS: a fully and whole set of stages to be relished existing as a completely free-to-play title. Both Epic Games and People Can Fly shaped a huge giant that now have to hold, not because of its hazard but because of its wide success. 125 million players and the aforementioned budget make it the Avatar of the game industry. On top of that, Fortnite stands for its construction elements: A thing to mainly diverge from Call of Duty’s one. On this game, we will have to put effort on our own competence of building ramps, floors, walls and everything on a game-basis in order to defend ourselves from the other troupes. Wood, brick and steel will be our companions as we develop further into the game. Facing different mechanics, opponents and more. On its side, Fortnite has a season-based competition, in which they offer new cosmetic items, challenges. And in all aspects, rework on the map so it maintains very garden-fresh as time goes by.

The looks

However, there is one essential aspect of the game that makes it totally different from Call of Duty’s. You may’ve been waiting for it to pop out already. Yes, Fortnite does not look CLOSE to Call of Duty. Hey, hey! Calm down. It’s nothing to worry about: It actually gives life to Epic’s: Fortnite looks like a cartoon. Not even it resembles a good old-cartoon but actually functions around this picturesque aesthetic that makes it more vibrant, more exciting and otherwise playable. Overpowered by its enormous profitability, different types of rifles, SMGs, pistols and whatever clumsy and fun weapons they can come up with. Alongside the vehicles, different game modes like Teams of 20, Explosive Only, Snipers Only and more. Added to the many creative ideas that their developers are catch in, Fortnite still seems a bit of a not-so-charming idea to a realistic, futuristic, and down-to-earth game like Call of Duty, doesn’t it? So, what makes Fortnite a better success than Call of Duty? Oh, before you continue reading: You can play Fortnite for free following this link (watch out, it’s going to pop up an installer download!).

The variances among them


First thing on the table: cost. Cost, cost, cost. Charge, as they call it in the old England. Put all of the aspects you want into a sole game with one of the largest gaming corporations backing you up; practicality, pragmatism, entertaining features, a better graphic appearance: But make it 60$ and it’ll ruin your box office. Guys, Activision has locked up the game franchise for many years now. Enacting wonderful armed experiences and beautiful (well, not all of them) and amusing stories. But I don’t believe there’s a way out of this: Their differences are notable. Because of the last thing, we don’t believe that it could have a major impact in the industry and onto the battle royale genre itself. Sure, it’ll be great to have another title join the genre and strike some good news and sells upon the players. But, primarily, you cannot compete with something that has been around and free for many years. Nevertheless, there are quite various features that could be taken off Call of Duty. The realistic and representative appearance of the game, inherited in the whole franchise. This may convert it in a great choice for those who are looking for something more bellicose. Activision title’s resemblance to PUBG. Has made it stand out as a “great combination for anyone’s looking for something between Fortnite and PUBG. And they’re right hitting that point where we wanted to get to. Fortnite, on his hand, has a wider scale of players and enthusiasts from all ages (mostly kids, you have acknowledged that before). It continues to grow its community alongside its sells through micro transactions (raw at free-to-plays). Next to a number of caricature features that make it a charming title and a lot more. Fortnite is yet no rival to any other game around.

So, which one to choose?

I hate to say it, but it really depends on the taste. Depends on what you actually like and the aspects of each one of the games. Generally speaking, someone who’s looking for a whole spectrum of varieties will choose Blackout. When others, who are more focused on the phenomenon and longevity ought to pick Fortnite: so, as for today, there’s another Victory Royale! It’s up to you which one to play, always remembering to value the great aspects of each one of both. As for our concern, there are many other titles out there that you could try, such as H1Z1 itself, which has been available for PS4 and PC for a while now; PUBG is another great option to the battle royale and more. Don’t get too comfy! The battle royale war just begun, as the Battlefield franchise’s is about to happen with its latest title: Battlefield V. Be sure to stay tuned to TopGamersGuide for all the upcoming news and updates on games journalism. And you? Have you played both games yet? Do you think Blackout will have the same impact as Fortnite? Let us know in the comments!      

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