Black Ops 4 – Blackout Guide [Best Weapons and Landing Spots]

The soon to be released Black Ops 4 features a new Battle Royale game-mode called Blackout. The Beta has been out for a while now and the game is about to release in a couple of days. So now you are naturally wondering: What are the best weapons to look for in Blackout? What are the best drop zones? What are the best perks? Simply what is the best setup for Blackout?

What is the best weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 depends on your personal style of play, but the Maddox RFB assault rifle delivers a high rate of fire along with a large magazine. Matched with the extended mags attachment you have plenty of ammo to take on several enemies before having to reload.

The trademark fast-paced gameplay of Call of Duty makes sniping difficult. However, if you manage to master that skill you will be as deadly as one can be in this game. The Paladin HB50 is a .50 Cal. bolt-action sniper that packs a lethal punch from a long distance. The best snipers will go for this weapon or for the Koshka depending on play style and preferences. The Koshka has very fast ADS and still hits heavy. With a larger magazine and faster rate of fire, the Koshka is a definite contender for snipers.

Best Weapons for Blackout

As with every game your individual preferences and style will often make you fancy different weapons than others, but if you are going to excel in Blackout these are the weapons most likely to offer you the victory in this Battle Royale. In this guide, we will focus on the weapons you are most likely to find and be able to use consistently.

The assault rifle Maddox RFB from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
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The Maddox RFB is a fast RoF assault rifle with little recoil, combined with a large magazine and a decent damage output, this rifle should be a reliable friend in Blackout combat. Relatively easy to find as well, this may come to serve as many people’s go-to weapon as it is perfect for short to medium range encounters, and still able to kill at long range. With Grip and Extended Mags, this is an absolute beast.

The Koshka sniper rifle has incredibly fast ADS and a pretty good RoF as well, combined with a large magazine and a potent damage output, the Koshka can be your best friend if you are playing a long distance style. The Koshka is also relatively easy to find if you are in the market to find a sniper rifle.

The Vapr-XKG is a reliable and mobile assault rifle with the potential to kill entire enemy squads. This will likely be a favored assault rifle for those opting not to go for the Maddox RFB. Slower RoF is compensated for with higher damage and 35 bullets magazine capacity is plenty to face multiple enemies without reloading. Paired with an x2 zoom scope this weapon makes you absolutely lethal.

The Paladin HB50 is a bit harder to get than the Koshka, but boy, can it pack a punch. If you are looking for the meanest sniper rifle in the game though, this one is your dream come true. It does not have the quick ADS, nor the hasty RoF or even the large magazine of the Koshka, but if you feel like a headshot hotshot this is gonna be your favorite.

The Auger DMR is the definitive tactical rifle for those who like to play that style. It delivers high enough damage to double as a sniper rifle if you pair it with the right scope. If you do not, you still have an incredibly potent weapon in your hands with high damage and superb accuracy. The biggest downside to this weapon is that it is incredibly rare and can therefore not be relied upon as your go-to weapon of choice. The Swordfish might instead be your best reliable choice if you are a tactical rifles kind of player.

Best Landing Spots in Blackout

The way to win any Battle Royale game always starts with knowing where to drop. Getting first to the ground and quickly finding a weapon spells success. Blackout is a little different to Fortnite and PUBG in the drop sequence, as you can use your body to glide great distances without deploying your glider. The best way to do this is to accelerate straight toward the ground until you reach about 60 m/s and then level out and glide toward your target destination, you will maintain your airspeed throughout this procedure.

Any successful Battle Royale player knows how important it is to plan ahead what landing zone to aim for, especially when playing squads. Below we supply a short list of the best places to land if you want to get the best start possible and set you up for a victory in Blackout.

Detailed map over Black Ops 4 Blackout map. CoD's Battle Royale. Details include helicopter spawn locations and mystery box spawns.
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Nuketown Island is not only an awesome place because of the amazing throwbacks you get to when you were playing any earlier Black Ops game until your eyes bled, but it also has a nice underground bunker where people do not regularly go. Of course being first is the key here, so knowing the exact location of the entrance allows you to run down and immediately fetch a gun, then you just have to be aware of enemy footsteps while you loot the rest of the bunker. There are two entrances, so watch out! The main entrance can be found just north of Nuketown.

Lighthouse is a zombie location, meaning there is a mystery box almost certain to contain a level 3 armor, which we all know is the difference between life and death in Blackout. The Lighthouse also has some nice loot spread around so you should be able to find a load out pretty quickly. However, if you are playing squads the loot might be a little scarce so prepare for one of you to possibly get disappointed.

Firing Range is the best place to drop if you are looking for early action. This is sure to get you into early gunfights if you feel like practicing combat or just want to juice up on that early adrenaline rush. This zone has lots of loot and is a really concentrated area, often highly populated at the beginning of games as well. Probably not the best place to land if you are looking for a victory, but mighty fun!

Construction Site also supplies plenty of loot, and you get a really nice height advantage to pick off enemies from. The biggest downside to this landing area is the way that loot is really spread out, meaning you might find yourself running around for a while to find a nice setup. MW2 players will recognize this site as a variation of the epic Hardhat map.

Please note that all information is concluded from the Black Ops 4 Beta gameplay, and may be subject to change upon the final release of the game on October 12th. However, this guide can hopefully provide you with accurate enough information to gain an early game advantage.


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