Betting on Twitch Streamers – An Alternative eSports Betting Option

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Betting on eSports has quickly become one of the most popular ways to enjoy watching the pros play video games. Aside from getting a glimpse of good gameplay, you also have the potential to win cash if you bet on the winning team, but what if there’s no major event for the next few days? The next best thing to do is to bet on Twitch Streamers, betting is also a more engaging way to watch streams.

Where to Bet on Twitch Streams?

Betting on Twitch Streams is easy if you know where to go. We highly recommend checking out GG.BET, which offers the most comprehensive coverage of popular games. The website’s user-friendly interface, excellent customer service, and a wide variety of available payment options make it the go-to betting site, whether you’re after actual matches or casual Twitch streaming sessions.

Bet on Twitch Stream is one of the most popular eSports betting sites that also happen to cover betting markets on Twitch streams

How to Start Twitch Betting?

Betting may seem like a complicated process but makes it easy enough even for newbies. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get started.

  1. Create a account here (You can use our promo code:[TGG100] to get a 100% bonus of up to 50€ on your first deposit).
  2. Find the deposit button and pick your preferred payment method.
  3. Pick a game and streamer you want to bet on from the main screen.
  4. From there place your bets on your preferred market. Odds are already shown per market so you'll have an idea of how much you can win from your bets.

Which Streamers Can You Bet On?

Professional Players - Such as Olofmeister, s1mple, Tfue, Rekkles & More

Most of the professional players nowadays stream through the giant Twitch. These are popular to bet on since they are most likely to do the insane clutches and win games, which will be in your favor.

n0thing - CSGO

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert is one of the biggest names in CSGO. While his peak professional career is already over, he's still active in the competitive community. Now a full-time streamer, you can bet on his stream sessions, which have more random matches to shake things up. Here's the link to his Twitch channel.

thijs - Hearthstone

Thijs Molendijk is one of the most successful professional Hearthstone players today. When not playing pro tournaments under the banner of G2 Esports, he streams his solo queue sessions on his channel.

There are many more streamers to choose from but we won't name them all.

Why Bet on Twitch Streams?

These are just some of the biggest Twitch streamers that can get covered by from time to time; other streamers across various other titles will also show up.

Games Are More Relaxed

One of the best things about Twitch streams is that you can treat sessions as a “down time”. When betting on major events, there’s usually some degree of tension and, in some cases, toxicity. This is especially true if you lose a big bet because of a very unlikely upset. On the other hand, Twitch Streams are usually treated as laid-back experiences. In fact, streamers often enjoy interacting with their viewers, which is rare in pro matches.

The Betting Market Is Different

Placing a bet on Twitch streams is a very different experience. Certain betting markets are available that you will rarely see in pro matches. For example, a battle royale stream sessions will have markets like ranking first within a number of sessions. In games like counter-strike or DotA 2, there's no telling who's teaming up or going against the active streamer so there's a greater sense of unpredictability when making predictions.

Bet on Twitch Streams
Will your streamer be paired with stronger teammates or carry on their own? There's no "given" when it comes to matchmaking on casual streams.

It Prepares You for Pro Play

If you’re fairly new to betting on eSports matches, you’ll definitely appreciate being able to bet on Twitch streams. Aside from sessions having a low-stress environment, Twitch streams can be treated as a kind of “practice run” for placing bets in pro plays. This is because many Twitch streamers also happen to be professional players; so you also get a deeper look into who to bet on once the big leagues start.

That sums up our take on placing bets on Twitch Streams. We hope this gave you an alternative way to enjoy betting on eSports matches! If you want to know more about betting on games via, click here for more info.

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