Bet on CSGO Minor – Best Way to Profit From Esports Betting

bet on csgo minor

If you are into CSGO betting or esports betting in general, you definitely want to bet on CSGO Minor. There are tons of benefits from betting on this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event. I will present you with the best reasons why should you bet on CSGO Minor, so do not miss out and stay tuned.

Where to Bet on CSGO Minor?

Since this is not a very popular qualifier, not all of the betting sites will provide you with everything you need regarding these types of events. However, one site, in particular, will hook you up with everything you need in order to profit from betting on CSGO Minor. will provide you with the highest odds if you decide to bet on CSGO Minor. On top of that, you will also enjoy 24/7 customer support via live chat and tons of promotions. Alongside CSGO Minor, will provide you with odds for various esports titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc. 

To conclude, I would really recommend you to use as they will provide you with the full package. Definitely the best odds on the market, excellent coverage, tons of special bets, constant promotions and bonuses are just a few things that make stand out once compared to their rivals.

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What is CSGO Minor?

Before we start with the reasoning, it is important to breakdown what CSGO Minor is. For you who do not really follow CSGO as an esports, Minor is a qualifying event for the Major. This type of event occurs two times a year and it is followed by 1+ million viewers around the world.

Build up for this event is insane hence why teams from all over the globe want to participate. This is where betting comes into play. Certain teams simply cannot be matched. There are quite a few parameters why these will be the safest bets for you. 

Why Should You Bet on CSGO Minor?

As mentioned above, there are quite a few reasons for betting on CSGO Minor. First and foremost, the skill gap between most of the teams on this tournament is enormous and if you do your research, I am positive that you will heavily abuse this information.

It is also important to mention that there are several CSGO Minors before the Major. Below you can find a list of all Minor CSGO tournaments on which you can use this strategy:

  • Europe Minor
  • Americas Minor
  • CIS Minor
  • Asia Minor

From the betting side of things, the best advice I can give you is to avoid Asia Minor as most of the teams playing in this region are quite awful and you can never know what to expect from them and how will they perform overall.

However, the best Minors to bet on are definitely Europe Minor and CIS Minor. Skill gap here is insane and even though you won’t be rich after placing a couple of bets, trust me when I say it, these matches will pile up and you will definitely profit from betting on CSGO Minors.

All in all, you should be looking for clear favorites despite their odds. If you want to bet on CSGO Minor and look for surprises, you will not profit, at least not in the long run. However, if you are ready to put your money in strong positions, you will definitely make progress from 8 CSGO Minors that are played throughout the year.

Bankroll management is also important in this one. Unlike the traditional use of units or percentages, I would advise you to always bet half of your bankroll, but only on researched matches. You definitely do not want to go head first and place your money in weak positions.

Best Way to Do Your Research?

There are quite a few helpful tools available to you if you decide to bet on CSGO Minor. First and foremost, is definitely the best site out there which holds insane value for someone that knows how to use it.

You can find almost everything on their site which includes match history, map pools(good and bad maps for teams competing), head to head comparison(if there is any), etc. 

The second and another useful method of doing your research is by scrolling through players' social media networks. We all know that Instagram and Twitter are mostly used by CSGO professionals and this is where you can dig up useful information. It’s quite important to see if someone trained before the match or went clubbing. You definitely do not want to put your money on a star player who will have a hangover on the match day, especially the amount of money I recommended.

To summarize, always put your money in strong positions and do not forget to do your research. This is the best and the easiest way to profit from betting on CSGO Minor.

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