Best Valorant Streamers and Players – TOP 15

Best valorant streamers and players

We have gathered a list of the top 10 best Valorant streamers and players, with more expected to get added in the future. Valorant is a first-person shooter title currently being developed by Riot Games. It is scheduled to release in Summer 2020, while a closed-beta for it went live on April 7, 2020. Valorant was first announced back in October 2019 with the name 'Project A'. The game puts two teams of five players against each other in a match. Players have the luxury to choose from several agents, and every agent has its own unique abilities.

10. Jaryd 'Summit1g' Lazar

Jaryd 'Summit1g' Lazar
Jaryd 'Summit1g' Lazar

Summit1g is one of the most popular streamers out there. He was one of the most prominent figures in the CS:GO scene, until his retirement from competitive CS:GO in 2016. Summit1g used to play for some popular teams such as A51 and Team Mythic. In fact, he got his popularity due to CS:GO and WarZ live streaming across the Twitch platform. On Twitch, he has more than 4.2 million followers.

Summit1g was one of those players who were directly invited by Riot Games to test Valorant. The game managed to cross more than one million concurrent viewers on Twitch with a big gameplay reveal. 

Summit1g's first Valorant gameplay video was posted on YouTube on 5 April 2020. With some beautiful reflexes involved in the video, Summit1g can definitely be deadly in the game. After testing the game, he also mentioned during one of his streams that Valorant is going to be 10 times better than Overwatch. He said this in terms of spectating and hero plays. A reason why Summit1g can play Valorant well is that he used to be one of the top CS:GO players. Since the two games have some similarities, we believe that the former CS:GO pro won't have a difficult time reaching the top in the game.

9. Spencer 'Hiko' Martin

Spencer 'Hiko' Martin
Spencer 'Hiko' Martin

A lover of FPS titles, Spencer 'Hiko' Martin is a professional CS:GO player who started his professional career in 2008. He was a part of team Rouge until the mid of 2019. Hiko gained popularity after he finished third at the ESWC 2012 with Area51 Gaming. This tournament was his first major CS:GO tournament. He has also played for some other popular teams including Cloud9, Complexity Gaming, and Team Liquid. The CS:GO pro is widely known for his impressive abilities including lurking and clutching. 

Hiko has developed an interest in Valorant and has shown some promising skills in it. He has a lot of experience in CS:GO, something that will help him get far in Riot's newest title. Hiko posted a video on his YouTube channel, which showcased his gameplay from the Valorant Alpha. The video featured some of his best plays and moments. Judging from the video, his gameplay is absolutely insane. Above all, his reflexes and knowledge about FPS games would definitely be crucial in Valorant.

8. Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek

Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek
Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek

Shroud is one of the biggest streamers in the world. He is a retired CS:GO professional player, and is widely known for streaming several games on his channel, including PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov, and a few more. He was considered as the King of Twitch during his prime time on the platform, having more than 7 million followers. Later, he ended up following the footsteps of Ninja and switched to Microsoft's streaming platform, Mixer. 

Shroud was invited to test out the game on March 27, 2020, and the former CS:GO player absolutely loved the game. During one of his streams on Mixer, Shroud claimed that Valorant is one of the greatest he has ever played in a very long time. He also added that the gameplay looks promising even though it is still in the development stage. Shroud recently posted a gameplay video on his YouTube channel where his flexibility and in-game knowledge were insane.

7. Timothy John 'TimTheTatMan' Betar

Timothy John 'Tim' Betar
Timothy John 'TimTheTatMan' Betar

Tim is yet another popular streamer who is widely known for playing a number of games on his Twitch channel. The streamer is popularly known by the name TimTheTatman. Tim started his streaming career in 2012, and since then, he has played a variety of AAA and FPS games, including GTA V, Apex Legends, CS:GO, and World of Warcraft. Tim is well-known for his Fortnite videos, and he also got deeply involved in Overwatch. At the moment, he has more than 4 million followers on Twitch.

Tim has started focusing more on Valorant recently and expressed his love for the game during his streams. Many streamers, including Cloakzee, think that Valorant is built for Tim because he's just too good in it. During one of his streams, Cloakzee confirmed that Tim is going to focus dedicatedly on Valorant. He also played a 5 vs. 5 match in Valorant recently with some top streamers, including Cloakzee, Ninja, and a few more. In any case, he's gameplay pretty much confirms that he is one of the best Valorant streamers and players out there.

6. Lucas 'Mendo' Håkansson

Lucas 'Mendo' Håkansson
Lucas 'Mendo' Håkansson

Pure skill and talent, that's what defines Lucas 'Mendo' Håkansson. Lucas is a former Overwatch player who recently joined Team Liquid’s Apex Legends squad. He is a popular figure on Twitch with more than 400K followers on the platform. 

Mendo has expressed love and support for Valorant. He's mainly focusing on getting better at the game with his daily streams. He understands a lot about the game and will absolutely dominate the professional scene once it starts. Mendo also posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he managed to discover the first exploit in Valorant. In any case, he's undoubtedly one of the best Valorant streamers and players everyone is looking forward to. 

5. Coby 'Dizzy' Meadows

Coby 'Dizzy' Meadows
Coby 'Dizzy' Meadows

Widely regarded as one of the top streamers on Twitch, Dizzy started his professional sports career in February 2019. He is a former competitive Apex Legends player where he played under the banner of NRG Esports. However, in December 2019, he announced his retirement from the competitive scene of Apex. 

Just like other top streamers, Dizzy has also started getting involved in Valorant. He was also seen excited for it before even getting invited to test the game out. Dizzy seems very interested in Valorant, and this could be seen in a gameplay video he posted on his YouTube channel. The former Apex Legends pro absolutely dominated every match and has a good grasp of the game's initial meta. It won't be long before Dizzy makes his way to the top because he has already done this in Apex. Now that the game has entered its closed-beta stage, we will now finally get to see Dizzy in action.

4. Braxton 'Brax' Pierce

Braxton 'Brax' Pierce
Braxton 'Brax' Pierce

Brax is a former CS:GO player who has played for some of the biggest teams, including CompLexity Gaming and iBuyPower. Most people in the esports community already know him for two reasons. The first one is that he was one of America's best young talents. The second one is his involvement in the North American match-fixing scandal. Because of this, he was permanently banned from all Valve events. 

Brax is currently a professional Valorant player for T1. We can see his interest in the game from the fact that on February 28, 2020, he retired from CS:GO so that he can build his career in Riot's upcoming game. T1 picked him up last month, and now Brax is going to play professional Valorant for them. This also makes him the first player to get signed for the game's professional scene. A video of his first Valorant gameplay pretty much confirmed that his game sense is way better than most of the other players out there. Once the professional scene starts, Brax is going to dominate it. 

3. Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham

Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham practicing hard to become one of the best Valorant streamers and players
Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham

Skadoodle is a former professional CS:GO player. He started his career back in 2012 with the team Hold Mouse One. He has played for some of the biggest teams out there including Denial eSports and iBuyPower. However, he spent most of his time with Cloud9. He then announced his retirement and went on to become a full-time streamer on Twitch. At the moment, he has more than 450K followers on the streaming platform. 

Skadoodle has started developing interest in Valorant and posted a couple of videos on his YouTube channel. In only a few days, he has managed to get a good hold of the game and is playing better than most of the players we have seen. A lot of his fans have claimed that although he plays it calmly, Skadoodle never fails to amaze them.

2. Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins could become one of the best Valorant streamers and players
Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins

Ninja is a full-time Fortnite streamer. He started his esports career in 2009 by playing professional Halo 3. Ninja has played for various teams, including Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Luminosity Gaming. Later, in 2011, Ninja started focusing more on streaming. He first began streaming H1Z1 and then switched to PUBG. Ninja then moved on to Fortnite shortly after its release. In only six months, his followers went from 500,000 to 2 million. Before moving on to Mixer in August 2019, he had around 14 million followers on Twitch.

Ninja was also one of the lucky players who got invited to test out Valorant. He claimed that he had a great time playing the game and that he cannot wait to get better at it. His gameplay video pretty much confirms that he has already learned a lot about Valorant. The Fortnite pro played some great matches and looks forward to becoming one of the best Valorant streamers and players on all platforms.

1. Brandon 'Ace' Winn

Brandon 'Ace' Winn one of the best Valorant streamers and players
Brandon 'Ace' Winn

Ace is an American player, widely known for playing competitive Apex Legends. He started his professional Apex career back in March 2019 by joining NRG Esports and has since then remained a part of this team. Regarded as one of the best Apex Legends players, Ace has all the skills, gameplay, and talent to become the number one Valorant player.

So far, Ace has been enjoying Valorant and will most likely continue to do so. Many players claim that they haven't seen a better Valorant player than Ace yet. During his stream, Ace secured a whooping score of 54 kills. This record shows that he can easily become one of the best Valorant streamers and players of all time. In any case, we all know that Ace always learns every tiny thing about the game he plays. This is something that allows him to stay ahead of other players. Judging from his Valorant gameplay, he has already figured out the best meta in the game. 

Competition has just started

These were some of the best Valorant streamers and players we have seen so far. The game has now entered its closed-beta stage, and we will get to see some more players jumping into it.

In addition to this, we will also get to know the exact release of the game now that we're approaching summer. However, the release will depend totally upon the closed-beta. If major issues arise in the game, then the developers will most likely delay it to work on them. 

Also, if you're a Valorant nerd like us or simply want to stay one step ahead, check out these tips and tricks.

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