✔️Best Valorant Crosshair Settings 2021 – [THE BEST]

Crosshair is something fundamental when it comes to games like Valorant. If you’re someone who has already played some other FPS games such as CS:GO, then you already know about the struggle for finding the best crosshair. Today, we will share with you the crosshair settings of some of the top Valorant players out there. This will help with finding the settings that are best for you.

Best Valorant Crosshair from the Professionals

– Best for all-around player

Shroud is regarded as one of the best gamers in the world. His aim has been praised by even some other top esports figures in the industry. In Valorant, he uses a cyan crosshair with its outlines off.

Copy Shroud’s crosshair:

Center Dot Opacity: 5
Thickness: 1.
Outer Lines: 0.589 / 3 / 3/ 4
Inner Lines: 0.7 / 6 / 1 / 4
Color: Green

Sources: Twitch clip
(Last Updated 2020 October )

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Skadoodle – Best for Awper

skadoodle valorant crosshair

Skadoodle uses a really simple crosshair. Close to Hiko’s crosshair, he uses a white crosshair with the center dot off. Although the settings are pretty simple, they should be fine for you too.

Here is the latest version of Skadoodle’s crosshair

Crosshair Color: Cyan
Outlines: off
Center Dot: off
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error: On
Inner Lines: 1 / 5 / 2 / 2
Outer Lines: 1 / 0 / 1 / 3
Movement Error: off
Firing Error: off

Dizzy – All-around

Dizzy has become a big name in Valorant due to his creative and skillful playstyle. He switches between a red and green crosshair with the center dot off with 0 gap and a bit thicker than the other players mentioned.

Get Dizzy’s crosshair:

Crosshair Color: Cyan
Outlines: On / 1 / 1
Center Dot: off
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error: off
Inner Lines: 1 / 3 / 2 / 5
Outer Lines: 0 / 0 / 0/ 0
Movement Error: off
Firing Error: off


He is commonly known from his previous main game, CSGO. The tiny green crosshair doesn’t move while running or shooting. Hiko is a coach in Valorant and a very skilled player himself.

Hiko’s crosshair in Valorant:

Crosshair Color: Green
Outlines: On / 1 / 1
Center Dot: Off
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error: Off
Inner Lines: 1 / 4 / 2 / 3
Outer Lines: 0 / 0 / 6 / 8
Movement Error: Off 
Firing Error: Off

Here’s a video explaining what we are about to go through below:

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How To Customize Crosshair in Valorant

Modifying the crosshair settings in Valorant is easy. The first thing you need to do is press the escape key. This will take you to the menu, and you’ll see a couple of customization options there. The “Crosshair” option will appear on the top at the fourth number.

What most players don’t know is that they can test different crosshair settings in the practice area. There exists a “Practice” option that allows players to enter a training area where they can play with varying settings of crosshair until they find the right one.

Color of the Crosshair

best crosshair color in valorant

The color of the crosshair is varying a lot from player to player. However, what the image above is displaying is the top 3 most used colors among the pro players.
As you can see 54% is playing with the green crosshair.
31% with a white one and 15% is playing with a cyan color.

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We can’t say which one is the better option only which one is more popular and that answer is GREEN. This makes sense since you’ll want your crosshair to stand out from the background of the game and there’s not a lot of green in Valorant.

General Overview

Once you enter the crosshair menu, you will find three different sections: General, Inner Lines, and Outer Lines.

  • The General section will help you with changing the color of your crosshair. In addition to this, you can also add, remove, or modify the outline and the center dot. There also exists an option through which you can toggle on and off the “fade with firing error” feature. This adjusts the crosshair’s opacity as per the firing volume.
  • As for the Inner Lines and Outer Lines sections, their names pretty much reveal what they are for. You can adjust the opacity, length, thickness, and offset of your Inner and Outer lines. In addition to this, you can also turn the Movement Error and Fixing Error on or off. 
general overview Valorant crosshair settings
general overview of Valorant crosshair settings

While modifying the crosshair, make sure to look at the representation of it that will be available at the top of the screen. This will allow you to see whether the crosshair looks good or not before you save the settings. As mentioned before, it will be wise to fire test the settings in the training area to check whether you’ve developed a suitable crosshair or not.

Things to Keep in Mind  

There are some things you need to consider before modifying the crosshair. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t solely focus on the looks of your crosshair.

Some new players also make the mistake of just using the settings of their favorite pro player. However, this should not be the case at all. For instance, the settings used by Shroud don’t need to work perfectly for you.

Best Crosshair for Movement in Valorant

What some players don’t realize is that a good crosshair can end up making your movement better. For better movement, we will suggest you go with the option Movement Error: On.

The best thing about this crosshair is that it always tells you when you can shoot again. If you’re someone who is looking for a way to improve movement, then you should definitely try it out. It also moves along with your bullets, something which is not seen in some other crosshairs. 

Dot Crosshair – Best Crosshair for Accuracy in Valorant

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To use a Dot Crosshair, these are the settings you’ll want to be using:

Outlines: Off
Center Dot: On
Center Dot Opacity: 1
Center Dot Thickness: (2) or your own preference
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error: Off
Inner Lines Opacity: Max

If you’re looking for something that can help you increase your accuracy, then simply use the dot as your crosshair. This is because it always lets you know where your bullet is going to land. It is considered as something perfect for those always looking to get headshots.

Many players claim that they get the best tapping experience through this crosshair. You can use this crosshair for a few weeks and once you get better at aiming, simply switch to a more standard crosshair. 

Valorant crosshair settings for accuracy
The Dot Crosshair is the Best Valorant crosshair setting for accuracy

Configuring Center Dot

There are a lot of different configurations for center dot based on your personal preference. For assault rifles, we would recommend keeping the dot as small as possible. The reason is if your dot is too big while aiming down the enemy, you might face difficulty since you are not able to see behind the crosshair. 

If you are the type of player who loves to roam around with a sniper, then turning on center dot might be better since it will give you a better shot at the enemies with the precise aim. Keep in mind that you can always set center dot opacity as well as thickness accordingly to your preference.

crosshair center dot settings
Crosshair center dot settings

Configuring Crosshair Lines

Crosshair lines are important if you are tapping on the opponent. Aiming at the right part of the body is what makes or breaks the round for your team. A piece of general advice would be to disable the outlines and set the in-line crosshair opacity to the maximum value, i.e., 1. It can be crucial in a head-to-head clash, as well as if you are planning to sneak on your opponent. The rest of the inner line settings depends on your personal preference.

Inner Lines Opacity: Max
Outer Lines: Off

Which crosshair suits you the best?

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference but we can recommend different ones to various play-styles:

Rifler that sprays a lot: Keep Firing Error: On
Rifler that enjoys tapping: Use a Dot Crosshair
Player that needs better movement: Keep the Movement Error: On
Operator player: Both standard and dot crosshair is suitable, keep the Movement and Firing Error: Off

These were some things that can help you improve your crosshair in Valorant. Keep in mind that you will not always find the right crosshair in the first try. Give all of them a try in the training range and see which one suits your playstyle well.

Also, try the pro players crosshair out but don’t blindly trust that they will work for you. You have to customize it yourself and select the suitable settings. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong settings as you can always change them after some time or even during the match. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crosshair for Valorant?

The best crosshair in Valorant is the one that you’ve fully customized to your own taste, although you can also try out some of the professional players’ crosshairs.

How do I change my Valorant crosshair?

You tap the top left when you’re in Valorant (”ESC” if you’re in game) → Settings → Crosshair → Change to your preferences

Is a dot crosshair good in Valorant?

Yes, it’s can be particularly good to practice tapping and precision aiming.

How do you get the smallest crosshair in Valorant?

The smalles crosshair would be the Dot Crosshair → Center dot opacity: 1 → Center dot thickness: 1
If you want it to be a cross head over to → Inner lines → Set everything to 1

What crosshair do pros use Valorant?

They all use very different crosshairs but we’ve seen that a common color is white without a dot.

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