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Valorant betting sites

Truth to be told, every major betting site offers a majority of Esports titles nowadays. However, most of them aren't mainly focused on Esports and some of them aren't even legit. We here at TopGamersGuide believe that transparency, good markets and high odds combined with a neat design are the key ingredients for one site to be the best. Stay tuned to this article and find out which are the best Valorant betting sites that have everything you need to place your Valorant bets without getting low odds or even getting scammed. All of the sites listed below are 100% legit and verified.

  • GG.BET
    GG.BET United States Players Not Allowed
    (5 out of 5)
    $20 FREE-BET Best odds
    Best Valorant betting site for 2020
    LOOT.BET United States Players Not Allowed
    (4.7 out of 5)
    Good odds Lots of promotions
    Most creative and fun promotions
  • Stake
    Stake United States Players Not Allowed
    (3.9 out of 5)
    Cryptocurrency Betting No Fiat
    Best Valorant betting site for cryptocurrency betting
  • Arcanebet
    Arcanebet United States Players Not Allowed
    (3.8 out of 5)
    Fully esports focused betting site
  • Betway Esports
    Betway Esports United States Players Not Allowed
    (3.6 out of 5)
    Fair odds Not very eye pleasing
    Older looking UI but covers most games

Even though Valorant is not through its Beta stage, We've already seen tournaments pop up for Riot's new game and betting sites picking up Valorant as one of their options within the esports niche.

Best Valorant Betting Sites 2021

GG.BET - Best Valorant Betting Site

best valorant betting site

This bookmaker is primarily focused on Esports. They tend to always offer higher odds than the competition. The markets on this site are great and you can bet on pretty much anything you want. Besides betting on Valorant, GG.bet also offers a diversity of Esports titles. They also pay 1% of their revenue made on a match to the winning team.

You will be able to bet on games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, LOL, PUBG, and many others. There are no limitations, you can combine all Esports games on a single ticket. Above all, it is possible to combine Esports with regular sports which may come in handy from time to time.

200% on First Deposit: TGG200
$20 Risk-free bet: TGG20

On top of that, GG.Bet also offers a generous welcome bonus of 200% up to €50 on your first deposit or a $20 risk-free bet. Terms and conditions apply to this bonus. If you don't have an open account here, don't look any further because the GG.Bet is the perfect Valorant betting site for you. You can simply log in using your Steam or any Social Media account.  


  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • Rich Markets
  • Constantly High Odds
  • Various Deposit & Withdraw Methods
  • 24/7 Support


  • Not available in USA

LOOT.BET - Most creative promotions

most creative promotions among the valorant betting sites

For those who are feeling nostalgic about skin betting, we have great news for you. LOOT.Bet is a Valorant betting site that accepts both real money and skin deposits. You can once again deposit and bet your in-game skins. Meaning, if you have CSGO skins laying around you can use them as a deposit method. They accept skins from various games as well as cryptocurrencies. This site also has to offer great betting markets and high odds.

LOOT.Bet is not so popular but this is the matter for their marketing team. In reality, it is a great betting site with great offers and bonuses. The odds provided by LOOT.Bet is ridiculously high and their markets are even better. When it comes to promotions, they offer great deals to their users. The current promotion on this site is called: „New iPhone Every Week“. They give new iPhones and money prizes to their users based on experience points gained while betting on the site.

The welcome bonus on this site is also great, you can get a 100% up to €100 with additional free spins to try their Casino.


  • Welcome Bonus & Promotions
  • High Odds
  • Skins Deposit
  • Live Chat Support


  • Lack of Outright Bets


Great coverage and design

Not so long ago ArcaneBet was one of the best sites in Esports betting industry. They stumbled across some problems and started to lose customers due to lower odds than the competition. However, they are back in the game with a redesigned website and competitive odds once again.

We can freely say that ArcaneBet will be one of the best Valorant betting sites in 2021 and it surely deserves to be on this list. This site offers the majority of Esports and Sports titles to bet on. The markets on this site cover every major event and the odds are more than generous.

As for the welcome bonus, of course, there is one. ArcaneBet offers a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €100. Use code TGG to claim this bonus.


  • User-Friendly
  • Multiple Deposit Options
  • Welcome Bonus
  • High Odds


  • 9-5 GMT+2 Customer Support
  • Lack of Promotions

Stake - Best crypto focused betting site

Stake is a site that we see adding Valorant betting into their offer of games on their platform. First thing we should mention about Stake is that they are fully focused on Cryptocurrency betting. Meaning that the only deposit and withdrawal methods available is using cryptocurrencies such as, BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, BCH, XRP and TRX.

Even though Stake is one of the newer gambling sites, especially for Valorant, they offer 24/7 customer support. You can email or direct message the support and I got an answer from the direct message in less than a minute which is better than most sites out there. They also offer normal sports betting and a big variety of esports games. If you get tired of betting then you can try out their casino or simply hang out in their friendly chat room.


  • Great offering of games
  • Offers a big variety of crypto deposits
  • Fair odds
  • Site available in a lot of languages
  • Fast & 24/7 Live support


  • No other deposit or withdrawal method than cryptocurrency
  • Newer site


Every sports bettor heard about Betway. Luckily, Betway also found its way into Esports and they are for sure gonna be one of the best Valorant betting sites out there. This betting site has 2 gambling licenses. One provided by the Great Britain Gambling Commission and another one from Malta Gaming Authority. Having 2 licenses allows them to operate worldwide which gives them a great advantage against their competition.

However, Betway does not take that advantage for granted and they went even one step further. Alongside with great coverage, high odds, and 24/7 support, Betway also offers special bets that can't be found on other betting sites. This is a trusted site which is perfect for high-rollers. You don't have to worry about getting paid, just read the reviews online. No one had a single problem with this betting site. Moreover, Betway is a complete site so you don't have to look anywhere else. You can have all your bets placed on a single betting site. They cover all Sports and Esports events and you can even bet on politics and some world events like Eurosong.

Betway has multiple welcome bonuses and it mostly depends on the country of your origin. Try to go on the site and see the promotions you have available. 


  • Complete & Trusted Site
  • 2 Gambling Licences
  • Great Markets & High Odds


  • Complicated – Not Recommended to Newbie Bettors


Best valorant betting site among traditional options

Although this betting site is mainly focused on regular Sports, they also do have an Esports section. We recommend this site for those who mainly bet on sports but they also occasionally place a few bets on Esports. The site has great odds on both sections and the site is trusted as one betting site can be. The customer support is also great with 24/7 live chat option. There is also an integrated live stream if you wish to place live bets on Esports.

When it comes to promotions, honestly, they do lack of regular promotions but have a great welcome offer of 100% up to €50 on the first deposit. This bonus is available in more than 10 currencies with terms and conditions applied.


  • Welcome Bonus
  • Trusted Site
  • Fair Coverage & Odds


  • Not Focused on Esports
  • Lack of Promotions



If you are new to gambling you should definitely consider Rivalry. This betting site is both reliable and easy to use. There is also a betting academy for all newbies with detailed explanations of every possible bet that can be placed on any Esport game. The odds provided by this site are relatively high but they do lack of betting markets on low tier tournaments.

However, if you bet only on high tier teams, you won't have any problems as it is perfectly covered. If you have any problems with this site, there is a 24/7 live chat customer support. They are very friendly and I never had a single problem with this site.

There is also a generous welcome bonus of 100% up to $100. All you have to do to receive this bonus is wager your deposit 2 times. After that, winnings from all the bets that are placed with the bonus money will be automatically added to your real money balance which can be withdrawn at any time.


  • Perfect Site for Newbie Bettors
  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • Relatively High Odds
  • 24/7 Support
  • LiveStream for Esport Games


  • Restricted in Many Countries
  • Lack of Regular Promotions


If you do not bet on regular Sports, EGB is the right site for you. They are only focused on Esports and they cover every single tournament. This Valorant betting site has a unique design and a lot of potential. Outright tournament betting on this site is also unique. The odds are constantly changing based on the number of bets placed on each team.

In other words, the community dictates the pace of odds and the favorite teams are chosen by the community and not by software like it is the case on other betting sites. They also have a shop where you can exchange points collected while betting for skins, gaming equipment, and even money that can be used for further betting. The site has integrated streams for all major events you can bet on. The customer support is also great and friendly, 24/7 Live Chat.

When it comes to promotions, EGB is way ahead of the competition in this field. They offer a welcome bonus of 100% up to a whopping $600. Yes, you heard that right. You can double your first deposit up to $600. Of course, terms and conditions apply to this bonus. Before getting sold on onto this bonus offer, keep in mind that the site has a high turnover requirement.


  • High Welcome Bonus
  • Focused on Esports
  • Customer Support 24/7


  • Restricted in the USA
  • Cashout Fee After First Withdraw (per month)

How to Choose a Betting Site

Finding a site to place your bets on is easy, finding the one that suits your needs the best is not. Therefore we've created this article for you to read through thoroughly and get an idea of what each site is offering without spending hours of research and testing.

And if you're not looking to read a full article, no worries. Use our simple list at the top.

Key Ingredients to the Best Valorant Betting Sites

There's a lot of ingredients to consider when choosing your bookmaker in esports. Specially because esports is such a new industry and there are more and more betting sites showing up that we don't really have a track record of to define their legitness. Luckily, there are a few simple step to check this yourself or simply blindly trust us when we say that we've done our research well and fair on the sites presented to you today.


The most crucial aspect of a betting sites is it's security, you don't wan't to be a victim to a great hack of you personal data and information. Check this by doing a background check. Use search engines likes Google to make sure they haven't had any incidents that prove to show bad security. And if they do, what did they do to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Low profit margins

The reason why this is so important is because high profit margin of the bookmaker will sway the odds in their favor. Compare the odds of different sites and you'll quickly see if the site you're using stands out in a negative way in terms of odds.

Lots of betting options

You'll want to choose a betting site that you'll stay on for long and not get tired of, so make sure to choose a site that has a lot of games and different betting options. Examples of betting options could be Live betting and Stream betting. Also make sure that your site has Live betting on smaller tournaments too, if that's something you'll be putting your money on.

Customer Support

Nowadays, the best sites that offer Valorant betting will have 24/7 support, which has become something you expect as a bettor. You don't want to be waiting hours or days to get support if something happens to you or even if you just want an answer to a simple question.

Conclusion - Valorant Betting Sites

So after reviewing and testing out a whole bunch of sites we've come up with a list. Make sure to check the list on top to see if your country is allowed in the site you'd wish to sign up with. If you're using a VPN you should turn that off and refresh the page. I hope that you've found a site that suits you and that you'll have fun betting on Valorant matches.

Always gamble responsibly and seek confidential help through websites like these: BeGambleAware | GamblingTheraphy

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