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Best Seller of Month Ideas for NFT Wallet

As the popularity of TFT continues rising, so does the demand for reliable resources to enhance the quality of gameplay.  For this reason, we’ve shortlisted the best websites for TFT that will help you elevate your gameplay to the next level.




Key Features

Tier lists

In recent years, tier lists have become the optimal resource when it comes to ranking meta strategies in Teamfight Tactics.  One of the main reasons TFTactics stands out as one of the best websites for TFT is because of its effective usage of tier lists as an educational tool.

This website utilizes tier lists to display the optimal team comps along with other key data such as the best items and champions of a specific patch. As a result, it’s easy for newcomers and returning players to pick up on the best strategies in the game.

Meta Reports

This website creates meta reports that are based on extensive analysis of thousands of games daily. In these meta reports, you can find the best-performing TFT comps in the game based on their ranked success.

Several important statistical parameters are taken into account when creating these reports that ensure their validity. For example, the comp’s average place, win rate, and top-4 finish percentage. Additionally, meta reports reveal how contested each team comp is based on the current play rate across all ranks.

This stat is essential when planning ahead of a ranked game as overly contested team comps tend to perform worse.

Extensive Database

If you’re new to Set 11 or TFT in general, you’re going to love TFTactics’ extensive general database. This database reveals all of the intricacies of the current Set such as Augments, Classes, and Region Portals.

All of the information displayed revolves around stats since understanding them is the main key to success in the game. You can find crucial offensive and defensive stats of a champion, giving you a good perspective of its strength level. For example, their DPS and range for offensive or MR, HP, and Armor for defensive stats.

Additionally, the database also reveals rolling probability odds at every level which is an essential strategic aspect of TFT.




Key Features

Comp Options For Each Level

The nature of certain comps in TFT, especially the scaling ones, forces them to swap out units of the team comp at different stages of the game. For this reason, it can be difficult to understand the leveling and setup patterns at different levels.

Luckily, MetaTFT makes this incredibly easy because of its team comp options tab, which is why it stands out among the best websites for TFT out there. This section of the comp’s analysis provides in-depth data that helps you strategically set up at every level.

Levelling and Rolling Pattern

Apart from displaying the best comp settings at each level, MetaTFT provides insight into the best leveling and rolling patterns. Essentially, MetaTFT streamlines your gameplay by providing optimal guidance at every stage of the game, acting as a personalized coach.

This is extremely important as every comp has different power spikes and periods of expected win streaks and loss streaks. As a result of the knowledge the website provides, it’s easy to understand the comp’s weaknesses and strengths at every phase of the game and curate an optimal approach with your rolls and XP purchases.

Diverse Game Mode Coverage

TFT is a game that consistently introduces new game modes in order to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. As expected, the meta in these game modes often differs from default because they adhere to different rules.

If you’ve wanted to stay competitive when playing these game modes, you’re in luck, as MetaTFT does broad coverage of the meta in every game mode. This includes the rotating game modes such as the newly released Pengu’s Party as well as the permanent game modes like hyper roll and double up.




Key Features

Detailed Statistical Analysis

Known as the king of in-depth statistical analysis, Mobalytics has remained one of the best TFT websites for years. If you’re someone who likes to experiment with synergies, you’re going to make great use of the team variations display.

Essentially, every team comp displayed on Mobalytics has several variations, each one differing in terms of set up and units. By gaining access to knowledge about the best variations of your favorite comp, you can diversify your in-game approach which can yield better results.

Optimal Augments and Portals

Set 11 introduced the Portal mechanic and new Augments, all of which massively impact the game state in TFT.

For this reason, it’s important to understand the best Augment and Portal selection for your specific strategy. Luckily, Mobalytics excels in this regard, providing quick access to the stats for optimal Augment and Portal selection.

Each strategy on the website is paired up with a selection of Augments and Portals that increase its power level. Only the top-performing ones get selected though, as Mobalytics filters out the ones with the highest win percentage/pick rate.

Custom team builder

In addition to suggesting the best team comps in TFT right now, Mobalytics allows you to create custom team comps. If you’re someone who likes to get creative, this opens the door to an abundance of opportunities in terms of the creation of new and innovative strategies. 

A team builder like this is essential since there is no option to create a custom game in TFT that would allow you to test your ideas. Furthermore, custom team comps that you create can be shared with the rest of the Mobalytics community.

The community tab is one of Mobalytics’ unique strengths and is an essential reason why it’s among the best TFT websites, allowing the users to share content in the form of guides and team comps.




Key Features

Youtube Trends Tab

TFT Youtubers are often the trendsetters when it comes to the newest meta trends in the game. This is because of their extensive knowledge and experience within the game’s ecosystem, as most of them are ranked very high on the ranked ladder.

For this reason, it’s a good habit to check out their YouTube resources when it comes to keeping up with the best TFT comps right now. TFT OP:GG makes this job very easy as it has a section devoted to tracking TFT YouTube meta trends.

Apart from linking the video that you can watch to gain knowledge about the comp, the key traits and units are also singled out if you’ve wanted quick access to the strategy. 

Buff/Nerf Updates

Staying up to date with the TFT meta can be difficult, especially with Riot’s frequent updates through patches. Luckily, TFT OP:GG keeps you up to date with all of the balance changes in the Buff/Nerf tab.

This section of the website does a great job dissecting the newest balance changes for champions, visually highlighting the stats that are altered with the update. Additionally, you can filter through the changes if you want to specifically view buffs, nerfs, or general adjustments.

Top Strategies in Various Regions

The reason why TFT OP:GG is one of the best websites for TFT is its broad coverage of the meta trends across various regions. This allows you to gain insight into the dynamic development of the best TFT comps right now in regions that you don’t usually have access to such as Vietnam, Korea, or China.

Additionally, this can be used to counter the meta trends in your own region as well. By understanding the most picked comps of your specific region or elo, you’ll be able to counteract with a specific strategy, carousel picks, or build paths.   

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