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Best TFT comps site


  • Tier lists are instantly available and updates are frequent.
  • They have good tier lists for specific items and champions.
  • In-depth articles about each new team composition, along with patch predictions.


  • No team composition tier list
  • Tier lists could use more info per item

If there’s one thing Proguides has that makes it so good, it’s the way the site presents its stuff. No overly-designed charts, no wordy text cluttering up your screen; you get what’s good at a glance. Their in-depth articles allow you to understand how specific champs, items, or team comps work, and it reflects on the in-site charts. The only thing that would make the site even better is if it had more info in the charts and a dedicated team composition tier list.


  • Has a tier list for origins and classes when most options only have champs and team compositions.
  • The neat sidebar allows you to switch from one tier list to another.
  • Decent amount of detail for each item in the tier list without having to click or hover.


  • The team comp list doesn’t provide as much info at first glance.

If we’re just talking about which site has most diverse has set of tier lists, Rankedboost would easily rank at number one. The site even has tier lists for origins and classes when most sites will just settle for champs, team comps, and items. We do hope they have more in-depth guides explaining their builds or at least estimates on win rates for certain setups.


  • Great explanations for each item in the tier lists, even touching upon how to ideally play each option.
  • Well, made cheat sheets and even a breakdown of patch changes.
  • They get rid of outdated content to reduce site clutter


  • Navigation is not as intuitive as in Rankedboost or Proguides
  • Uses fan nicknames for certain options instead of more intuitive class+hero descriptions that can confuse newbies.

Mobalytics offers great insight into what makes champs or team compositions strong. Few Teamfight Tactics team composition sites will go so far as to tell you how to make the most out of a given setup! There’s nothing much that needs improvement except for a more convenient sidebar (like with Rankedboost) for easier access to the rest of their guides and tier lists.


  • The site has the most streamlined tier list layout, with expandable options via a drop-down list to see more details.
  • At first glance, you get to see items, priority champs, and their current tier ranking.
  • It comes with a team and item builder to help you figure your ideal team.


  • Barely any explanations for their list picks

TFTactics does an excellent job of putting all the info you need in one glance. Check out a team composition and you’ll know which champ to prioritize, which ones get their specific items, plus you get a drop-down menu for positioning and possible champ alternatives. Sure, there’s no in-depth explanation for their picks but for someone who has a basic grasp of the game, TFTactics provides the best cheat sheets.

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