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best starcraft 2 betting sites

Trying to find the best Starcraft 2 betting site on the market? If you are struggling and in need of help, we here at Topgamersguide prepared an excellent list of the best Starcraft 2 betting sites out there. If you read through our short reviews, we are positive that you will find something for yourself.

Contrary to other esports such as League of Legends or CSGO, StarCraft 2 betting markets are kinda weird. You will not enjoy a lot of special bets since this RTS is simply that type of a game. If we compare special bets in CSGO and Starcraft 2 we will find a lot of gaps as you can bet on various things in CSGO, while Starcraft 2 is straightforward hence why betting sites simply cannot provide you with a lot of special bets.

Best Starcraft 2 Betting Sites


When it comes to Starcraft 2 gambling, you will have a hard time finding a better site. will provide you with the full package and I am positive that you will enjoy your stay at this Starcraft 2 betting site.

Overlay put in place a modern-looking overlay. The best thing about this overlay is managing around the site. It is so easy and simple. Every esports title, including Starcraft 2 will have a logo attached to it. If you ever played this game, I am positive that you will find Starcraft 2 section of the site with ease. 

Coverage for various Starcraft 2 events is insane at this betting site. From my experience, every major event was covered in great depth, while also provided basic bets for not so popular tournaments.

Types of Bets

As for the special bets. In most scenarios, you will get 3-4 special bets at best. This includes handicap win, map 1 winner, map 2 winner, map 3 winner, and match winner. Keep in mind that will also provide you with outright markets before the event starts. However, you will only be provided with one outright betting option which is called “tournament winner”.

Customer Support

In order to grab a spot on this best Starcraft 2 betting sites list, you simply need to provide 24/7 customer support to your customers. This is where thrives. You can reach out to their professional customer support at any time and they will look to assist you as fast as possible.


To summarize this Starcraft 2 betting site. will provide you with everything you need including odds, customer support, special bets and this is why we rank at #1 spot on our Best Starcraft 2 betting sites list.

WELCOME BONUS: 100% up to €50

If you are looking for the best bonus on the market, has you covered. At the moment, you can claim 100% up to €50 on your first deposit. Keep in mind that we are not only talking about the amount of bonus funds you will get, but we also scrolled through their T&C’s to find out that their rollover requirements are quite simple.

Alongside this promotion, you can claim numerous other promotions on a daily basis. For instance, will provide a special deposit bonus for every major event in esports such as Dota 2 Major, big CSGO tournaments, etc.

2. Betway

Starcraft 2 betting sites

If you are into CSGO betting, then you have probably heard about Betway. Did you know that they are one of the best Starcraft 2 betting sites out there? Betway is constantly offering very high odds when it comes to Starcraft 2 betting. However, at times, they will lack special bets.


Betway put in place a special section of their site which is built for esports gambling. This is where all the popular titles are located, including Starcraft 2. If you are having a hard time managing around the site, all of the available esports games are listed in the top left corner of the site.

Coverage & Odds

From my experience, Betway covers both tier 1 and tier 2 Starcraft 2 events. However, they will barely ever provide you with any form of special bets regarding tier 2 tournaments while they put in place a decent number of special bets for the major events.

Alongside high odds and great coverage, Betway also put in place very professional customer support which is available at all times. I have used Betway’s live chat a lot and to be honest with you, I have never seen a more professional and user-friendly customer staff. All in all, the best customer support on the market.


In conclusion, the only reason why Betway is ranked at #2 spot on this best Starcraft 2 betting sites list is because of lackluster promotions after the initial welcome bonus. However, they will make it up to you with high odds and professional customer support. All in all, I would definitely recommend you to sign up for an account with Betway.

WELCOME BONUS: 300% up to €30

As mentioned above, Betway is not really stepping up when it comes to promotions and deposit bonuses. However, they did put in place a decent welcome bonus which is based on a first deposit.

If you deposit €10, you can claim an additional €30 in free bets. This basically means that Betway will provide you with 300% up to €30 and I believe that you will have a hard time finding a better site that will offer you €40 for a small deposit of €10.

3. Bet365

If you are into esports betting or sports betting in general, then you have definitely heard about Bet365. This Starcraft 2 betting site is counting over 35 million customers worldwide and it seems like they are not planning to stop anytime soon.

Mobile App

When it comes to overlay, Bet365 is looking quite good. We have already discussed that Bet365 put in place one of the best esports betting apps on the market. If you are interested in something like this, make sure you read our best esports betting apps article.

Overlay & Starcraft 2 Bets

Managing around the site is very easy and simple. You can find every esports available under the “esports” section of the site. Keep in mind that all of the esports are covered with one logo, a joystick.

Each and every game available has its own landing page and that is the case with Starcraft 2 betting as well. As for the coverage. Bet365 only covers the most popular Starcraft 2 events. However, they do cover them in great depth. This means that you will find a lot of special bets if you decide to place your Starcraft 2 bets at Bet365.

Customer Support

Given the fact that Bet365 is a worldwide brand, they simply have to put in place excellent customer support. There are two ways of reaching out. It seems like sending tickets via e-mail is a bit outdated hence why I would advise you to use live chat as this is the easiest and more personal method of resolving your queries.

In conclusion, Bet365 will provide you with high odds regarding Starcraft 2, excellent customer support, a lot of special bets and a very neat and clean site. However, they are lacking promotions and this is why Bet365 is ranked at #3 spot on this best Starcraft 2 betting sites list.

WELCOME BONUS: Up to €25 in bet credits

As mentioned above, Bet365 will not provide you with a lot of promotions. However, they did step up with their welcome bonus which is currently capped at €25. Bet365 will match your first deposit up to €25. This means that you can also deposit €5 and claim an additional €5 in bet credits.

As for the other promotions running at Bet365. I will be honest, there are barely any of them. However, there is a loyalty program put in place and at times you can grab €5 or €10 in bet credits. Alongside loyalty program, Bet365 will reward you with free spins in their Casino or Vegas section of the site.

Best Starcraft 2 Betting Sites - What Should They Provide You With?

As mentioned above, each and every site on this list will provide you with everything you need when it comes to Starcraft 2 betting. However, if these sites are restricted in your country, this is what you should look for.

Starcraft 2 Odds

You really do not want to sign up for accounts with Starcraft 2 betting sites that will struggle to provide competitive odds. Keep in mind that high odds are your bread and butter and this is where you will find value. 

By finding the highest odds on the market, you are getting a decent margin over the betting sites and over time you will definitely increase your profits from Starcraft 2 betting. I really cannot stress how important it is to find the best odds available.

Customer Support

Let’s face it, no one enjoys running into a problem. This is why it is very important that all of the sites have excellent customer support put in place which will resolve your queries in no time. All of the sites above put in place professional customer support which is available 24/7.

However, you should be prepared for queue times, especially at Bet365 since there are tons of people online at all times. As for and Betway, you will barely have queue times there and from my personal experience, all of the queries and problems were resolved within a couple of minutes.

Banking Methods

Payment options for betting sites

To be honest, you do not want to sign up for an account with a Starcraft 2 betting site that will allow you to deposit by using only one method. On top of that, you really do not want to wait for your withdrawals. In most scenarios, this process takes around 3-4 working days.

However, I have one piece of advice for you here. Even before making your first deposit, contact customer support and tell them that you want to verify your identity. The easiest method is to either upload your driver's license or ID. This process will take a while but it will benefit you in the future.

As for the banking methods. You should always look for three various methods. I would rank credit cards at #1 spot, while e-wallets can also be favored by some people. Lastly, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and using this banking option will make you as anonymous as possible. Keep in mind that is the only site on this list that will provide you with cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods.

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