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best roblox tycoons

Are you a Roblox player looking for a game that gives you a rewarding feeling? If you answered yes, you should definitely try out the best Roblox Tycoons. The feeling you get after managing resources and earning rewards can be a very satisfying experience that just keeps going the more time you put into it!

There are plenty of Roblox Tycoons available, but which ones are actually worth trying out? Today, we're taking a look at the most popular Roblox Tycoons in 2021!

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Best Roblox Tycoons - The Rundown

Can't wait to try out the best Tycoons? Here's a quick list to help you get started:

What makes these five tycoons stand out among the hundreds of other Roblox games available? Read on to find out!

What makes these five tycoons stand out among the hundreds of other Roblox games available? Read on to find out!

1. Super Hero Tycoon

Super Hero Tycoon is special because it's not like your typical business tycoon. Instead of just having production upgrades, you can also earn cash by winning battles against other players! The game already has 1.1 billion visits since 2016, making it one of the most popular games, not just as a tycoon but even among other Roblox games.

System: Start with a base with basic production and upgrade it for faster income. More cash allows you to purchase weapons, powers, and superhero costumes. You can get extra cash by fighting other players. This gives the game a good balance between a relaxing tycoon and an exciting PvP game.

Rewards: There are three main "rewards" in Super Hero Tycoon. First, you get to upgrade your personal base. Second, you also get new weapons or powers that can help you win battles. Last but not least, you can also unlock a costume based on a popular DC or Marvel superhero such as Ironman, Spider-man, or Batman, among others.

Content: We have to admit, Super Hero Tycoon doesn't have much to offer in terms of content. With only a few weapons and a handful of superhero costumes, it pales in comparison to other Tycoons. However, we think it's not that much of an issue, especially since the weapons and costumes add a lot of fun to an otherwise generic base-building tycoon.

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2. Restaurant Tycoon 2

Going back to a more classic tycoon, we have the sequel to the wildly successful Restaurant Tycoon, aptly named Restaurant Tycoon 2. Created in July 2019, this game has already garnered 141 million visits thanks to the sheer amount of content it offers.

System: Pretty standard tycoon. You start with a small restaurant that you can decorate and upgrade. You can start to build from scratch or pick a pre-made build to help new players get started. Later on, you get access to more food choices that improve customer's happiness and allowing you to earn more cash.

Rewards: Restaurant Tycoon 2 lets you grind for two types of currency. Cash is the main currency, used mainly for purchasing upgrades. Diamonds, which are either earned through leveling, redeemed through codes, or bought via the Roblox Shop allow you to unlock music packs and vehicles. Diamonds can also be used to boost the happiness of your workers, improving their efficiency.

Content: This is easily one of the best restaurant-themed Roblox Tycoons in terms of content. Aside from the furniture and restaurant upgrades, you also get to hire workers that have their own leveling system. The amount of dishes that you can unlock is actually impressive, with full 3-course meals inspired by real-life food from around the world!

3. Clone Tycoon 2

Clone Tycoon 2 is another popular tycoon with even more combat-based gameplay than Super Hero Tycoon 2. Created in 2016, the game has already garnered over 377 million views and it's still receiving constant updates from its creator.

Clone Tycoon 2 - Roblox

System: You start with a base that you can upgrade to manufacture clones that will fight for you. You can also unlock vehicles and weapons to help you in combat. The game allows players to have up to 3 save files so you can try out different playstyles.

Rewards: You have to manage two kinds of currencies. Cash is earned by killing clones and they can be used for most upgrades and other customization options. Gems are earned per minute, provided you have the right materials, and they can be used to purchase premium items, pets, and an expendable nuke. Aside from currency, the game also has rewards that can be unlocked by doing certain quests.

Content: Clone Tycoon 2 provides plenty of content for both PvE and PvP. If the clone-to-clone combat is starting to get old, you can always take on the quests for some good old PvE. Add the existence of flying vehicles and tons of customization options and you'll easily have enough content to play this game for a very long time.

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4. Work at a Pizza Place

Pretty much exactly what it says on the game title, Work at a Pizza place puts you as an employee of a pizza parlor. Created in 2008, the game has over 2.2 billion visits and remains one of the most popular Roblox games in existence.

best roblox tycoons

Rewards: Everybody starts with a tiny house. With enough "Moneyz" earned through paychecks or selling old items, they can upgrade to bigger houses!

System: You take the role of a manager, cashier, cook, pizza boxer, delivery, or supplier. Each job has its own mechanics on how to help maximize the business' profits. At the end of a shift, you receive a paycheck, which you can spend on whatever you want.

Content: Aside from the houses, there are tons of content including Zoobers (pets), stickers, and furniture. A couple of upgrades are exclusive to Game Pass owners: the garage and pontoon boat.

5. Theme Park Tycoon 2 [Questionably a Tycoon]

Theme Park Tycoon 2 puts you in the shoos of an amusement park owner trying to make the most profitable theme park ever! The game already has 338.7 million visits and it even has its own dedicated wiki.

Theme Park Tycoon 2 - Roblox

Rewards: While the main objective of this game is earning profits, the real thrill of this game lies in creating a well-designed park that not only looks good, but also brings in a lot of visitors.

System: You are given a plot of land and some starting cash. They can use the cash to purchase different types of attractions to increase the number of visitors in a park. The rides are your main attraction, but you also have to consider adding stalls for a more complete theme park. More visitors let you earn more cash!

Content: With 44 rides, eight stalls, and dozens of placeable doodads that can be used to decorate your theme park, Theme Park Tycoon 2 guarantees tons of content and nearly limitless options for creativity.

What Makes the Best Roblox Tycoons Good?

Ever wondered what makes a Tycoon game good? Do you want to make your own Tycoon game someday? If you answered yes, then you need to pay attention to these things:

The rewards: People play tycoon games because they want to play something that will give them rewards. Whether it's in the form of currency, resources, or unlockable resource generators, a good tycoon game makes the grind worth their time.

The system: Some tycoons tend to try too hard with overly-complicated means of getting resources. A good tycoon is easy to understand so players can immediately jump into generating resources and scaling things up.

The content: Good tycoons will have several levels or tiers of production or resource management. After all, things will get pretty old after just a couple of upgrades. It's either that or having enough options to take a different approach to scale production.

The fun factor: At the end of the day, the best Roblox Tycoons are fun! It may be the visuals, the music, or even just the way the system works. It's not surprising that these tycoons already have millions of visits!

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What was the first Roblox tycoon?

A Roblox tycoon is basically a game mode that you make a lot of money in. People can enter your tycoon and buy things or you can enter a factory similar Tycoon game. You can also enter tycoons that will put you as an employee which will grant you a ''salary''.

Can you save a game in Roblox?

Both yes and no, as there is no ''save'' button in Roblox. There are save features can be implemented when creating a game. So some games have it and some don't in Roblox.

How do you make a tycoon?

Go to → Roblox Studio → Get a Model → In Roblox Studio, use the model from the toolbox → Start building

Best Roblox Tycoons - Conclusion

That sums up our rundown on the best Roblox tycoons! We hope you have as much fun playing these games as we did! Got other Roblox tycoons that you want other people to check out! Leave us a comment below!

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