🔥Best Roblox Gun Games 2021 – [Top 6] Shooting & Action Games

As technology's level continues to advance, so is the level of innovation by various game developers. One of the platforms that have been improvising their games is Roblox, with the best Roblox gun games 2021 filled with action. With over 2.7 million peak concurrent users, Roblox has developed great games that keep every player glued to the site. There is no end to having the best games because the community usually develops them.

As a matter of fact, Roblox has paid these community developers over $150 million for the past decade since its establishment in 2006. When it comes to the awesome virtual experience in their games, their Reality Engine technology is behind it all. It ensures every player gets real-time simulation, especially when playing adrenaline-stimulating gun games.

The above are some of the games that have made this platform has millions of engagement hours. In this article, you will learn briefly about each of them to enable you to decide which of the gun game is the best for you. The beauty of the above games is that you can play with your pals or just on your own. So let’s get started, here are Roblox best gun games full of action:

1. Bad Business

Bad Business

This is perhaps one of the most recent Roblox gun games that many game players are enjoying when they're looking for action. In barely four months since its creation on May 29th, 2019, it has had 0ver 23.1 million visits and has been marked by 304,251 players as their favorite games. Although the game is at its infancy stage, it has become the favorite of many Roblox players. The players are also patient with it as it undergoes through bugging and customization in its development process.

Bad Business, FPS Genre, was created by the famous Team Rudimentality. It happens to be the first-person gun game to be created by TR (Team Rudimentality). The game basically features two rival businesses that are in open fierce shooting. The game has great weapons although they are not in great variety, perhaps because it is a new game.

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It features weapons like Assault Rifles, Light machine guns, Submachines guns, Sniper rifles, Shot Guns, and Rifles. These are the six weaponry category that you will play with. There are also revolvers and Ka-Bar as part of the secondary weapons. You unlock your weapons by leveling up until you hit the Prestige level.

To avoid boredom, Rudimentality has made this game to be in 4 modes namely TDM, Gun Game, KOTH, and Randomizer. When compared to the Phantom Forces, Bad Business is more of fast action game involving running, spraying fire & bullets to your rivals.

Weapon attachments are in development and perhaps soon the game should have them. There are hats, gloves, and outfits which are updated daily/weekly to make your experience better. In general, it is a great game that you definitely need to give a trial if you want to psyche up your adrenaline.

2. Phantom Forces

Best Roblox Gun Games 2019

This has been one of the best shooting games for most of the Roblox players. Since it was developed and brought into this

platform, it has become one of the most addictive and enjoyable games. The game has been a satisfaction to many players and makes them long to come back. You don’t have to spend much of your Robux unless you want to improve the appearance of your characters.

As you continue conquering, you will be rewarded with new weapons which are more accurate and effective in shooting at the enemy. You can easily unlock weapon optics and other great features as you continue playing. If you are one of the players who can spend hours playing, then Phantom Forces are the best game to play. Besides, you will be awarded for your long hours of playing.

When it comes to the mechanics of the game, Phantom Forces has nailed it. You will enjoy its fluid and more realistic guns. The game also comes with well-designed maps and has multiple modes that will keep your experience hyped for long.

You have to be careful and alert of your surroundings else the opponent will shoot you down. However, you stand the chance of eliminating your enemy with your dagger or crouch. You can use the many tactical options to slash your opponent.

Just like any other quality game, you will need to practice to play this game awesomely. As you become a skilled player, you will get some rewards. There is no way you can get bored considering that the developer of the game keeps on updating some additional maps and new weapons. Besides, there are more customized options updates that will make your experience better.

Bloxy Award-Winning Game

Phantom Forces is a template of how most Roblox games should be. That’s why in 2016 it won Bloxy Award for being the Best Team-Based Multiplayer Game. It was also nominated as the best game many players visit and play for most of their hours. Give it a try and be sure you will be addicted to it.

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3. Island Royale

Best Roblox Gun Games 2019

Just like Fortnite, Island Royale is becoming one of the most common and popular games in the shooting and gun game genres. It is giving most Roblox players fun due to its incredible experience. This game starts in the lobby where you invite your friends, get the skins you want your characters to have, and customize them the way you want them to be.

After that, you will need to choose the cluster of your operation of either solo, duo or squad before pressing ready. The party bus will then transport you to the Island Royale. You use your parachute to get out of the bus whenever you doom it necessary. The aim of getting out of the party bus is to enable you to get as many materials and weapons as possible which you will need in the next stage.

With this game, you can cut down the trees, destroy some walls or break the rocks to get the materials you need to build your fortress and defenses. The aim of Island Royale is to make sure that you are the last man standing. As you continue playing, the battlefield will become smaller and smaller. This is where to use your weapons to eliminate others to ensure you are the only one who survives on the island.

4. Counter Blox Roblox Offensive

Shooting gun games

This game can be mistaken with CS:GO because of their similarity in their experience. However, you don’t have to pay for Counter Blox Roblox Offensive game. Any player that has played CSGO before, sees this game as an extension of it. Roblox Offensive comes with very similar player models, games modes, and even weapons just like CSGO.

With Roblox Offensive the player cannot just purchase the weapons without playing. This is where you have to demonstrate your expertise and skills. You only buy the weapons from the money you have gained after rounds of winning. Although it is is free, it comes with outstanding features that players outside the Roblox platform pay to get.

Unlike the gun mechanics of CSGO which is a bit complicated and harder to get it in operation. Although the rifles of Roblox Offensive usually recoil, they are easier to operate which makes the game easier to play.

This game can be referred to as the counter-strike game. If you blink a little, you are dead. It is a classic game that requires much of the concentration from the player. Nevertheless, it is a game that will give you an awesome experience.

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5. Zombie Rush

shooting games

This is another one of the best Roblox gun games to play in 2021 if you like to crash down those awful looking creatures. It is

one game that will stimulate and hype up your adrenaline as you struggle to shoot down 20-30 zombies running after you or your teammate. For players that hate horror experience, Zombie Rush is a great game to overcome the fears.

Your duty in this game is to save yourself or your team members from being devoured by a group of zombies running after him. It comes in various modes and you can play as the third person shooting the zombies. It has well-designed

maps that will ensure you get the best experience when playing the game.

As the game progresses, you will need to upgrade your weapon else it will not be effective in crashing down the zombies. If you take delight in running for your life from a group of zombies, then Zombie Rush is the best Roblox gun game for you.

6. Armored Patrol

shooting games

In closing our list of the top 6 best Roblox gun games 2021 is Armored Patrol. In this game, you will be playing from tank, jeeps

and other military vehicles. Your job is to shoot down the enemy and secure the points as indicated in the map. As you move your vehicle, the enemy will be raining bullets to your vehicle. However, you will not quite pouring rockets and bullets on them.

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As you continue firing and shooting rockets, your vehicle continues to become vulnerable. When your vehicle is immobilized, you will need to be on your feet as combat which decreases your chances of survival. However, you have the grenades to through at your enemy. Besides, you got a rifle to ensure you accomplish your mission successfully. If you end up performing perfectly, you will unlock more complicated vehicles. In addition, you will be given jets and choppers to terminate your enemies fully.


If you are one of the Roblox players who have been searching and scouting for the best gun games in 2021, the above list will help you explore more. You can easily access these games on your Mac, Amazon Devices, iOS, Xbox One, and Android. The technology that Roblox uses, enables the player to have all the games despite their devices. You can decide to make your experience better by using the right mouse for these extreme games.

Of course, all gun games at Roblox are regulated by Family Online Safety Institute and COPPA that ensures that your children under 18 years are safe. Enjoy the above games alongside your child as part of supporting their hobbies.

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