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Best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most entertaining competitive games in today’s Esports industries. Because of this, it’s not surprising to find a lot of people wanting to make matches even more fun to enjoy by betting on them. To make sure you get the best experience, you should go to the best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites – The Rundown

If you want to start betting right away, we have a quick list of the best sites you should check out.

  1. – User-friendly Esports betting site made by gamers for gamers. Use our promo code: TGG100 for a 100% bonus or up to 50€ for your initial deposit!
  2. – Another gamer-centric betting site that lets you bet on R6 Siege matches using CSGO or Dota2 Skins via Skinpay. Use LOOT as a promo code for an initial bonus of 100% or up to 50€
  3. – Provides excellent coverage of R6 Siege matches. The website uses Bitcoin as a payment method like the previous two options. Use the promo code TGG to get up to 100€ bonus on your deposit!
  4. – Re-launched Esports betting site that also happens to cover R6 Siege matches. Generous promotions for a new site including the promo code GET100 for a 100% welcome bonus of up to 100€.
  5. [US/UK] – One of the rare Esports betting sites that cater to customers in the US. Use promo code NEW2500 for a 50% welcome bonus, or BTC2017 for a 100% initial deposit bonus if using Bitcoin as a payment method.

Here are the top five betting sites that you should include in your list of options, but how did these end up on the list? Learn more about what makes a good R6S betting site as we take a closer look at each item on the list.

Best Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites
R6 Siege has some of the most entertaining Esports scenes, especially for those who put money on the line.

Best Rainbow Six Siege Betting Sites in 2021

1. GG.Bet

Best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites

If you want the complete R6 Siege betting experience right out of the gate, we strongly recommend checking out this Created in 2016 as a response to the growing number of people who wish to bet on Esports matches, is now one of the most popular betting websites for both major and minor video game competitions. It’s also important to note that is one of the few websites that support the industry by paying esports teams a percentage of the winnings.

Highlights of GG.Bet

  • User-friendly interface with live stream and comprehensive info on available betting markets
  • Made specifically with Esports in mind; provides betting coverage for all major and premier R6 Siege competitions.
  • Registration is easy, especially if you have an existing Facebook Account
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Accepts popular payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Qiwi and Alipay, among others
  • Also accepts Bitcoin as payment
  • Weekly promos and potential giveaways

Enter the promo code: TGG100 to get a 100% bonus or up to 50€ on your initial deposit.


LootBet is yet another betting website established back in 2016 to meet the surge in demand for Esports betting opportunities. Based in Cyprus and owned by Livestream Ltd, the website doesn’t have as much publicity as GG.Bet, but it also offers a very similar experience. If you’re looking for an alternative (or if is unavailable in your area), consider giving this a shot.

Highlights of Loot.Bet

  • Clean interface, even more streamlined than that of
  • E-sports exclusive website, which means sole focus on video game betting markets
  • Covers most major and premier R6 Siege competitions
  • Accepts a wide variety of payment options
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Also accepts Skinpay, allowing you to bet with your CSGO or DotA2 items
  • Offers a 100% match bonus or up to 100€ and holds CSGO and DotA2 item giveaway every week.

Enter the Promo Code:  LOOT to get an initial bonus of 100% or up to 50€ the first time you make a deposit.

3. ArcaneBet

ArcaneBet is an esports betting site owned by TH Gambling N.V. which is based in Curacao. Although ArcaneBet started as an Esports-exclusive betting site, it now offers betting markets for traditional such as Soccer and Basketball. Despite this, the ArcaneBet team says that their main focus is still on Esports betting, and it is one of the more popular brands out there thanks to having an impressive coverage of many popular games.

Highlights of

  • Interface offers just enough balance of flair and ease of use
  • The website’s mobile version looks better compared to that of
  • Excellent coverage of R6 Siege matches
  • Outside of Siege, has one of the most impressive Esports coverage among other betting sites.
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Esports-betting website that also offers traditional sports betting
  • Accepts Bitcoin and Skinpay like Loot.Bet

Enter the Promo Code:  TGG to get an initial bonus of 100% or up to 50€ the first time you make a deposit.


Formerly known as Buff88, this recently rebranded website has everything good about a top R6 betting site. The clean interface, the good game coverage, even the variety of payment methods makes it good enough to warrant a place on our list. What makes it deserve special mention is that, despite being fairly new to the scene, it still manages to offer competitive odds compared to the bigger betting sites. If you can look past the customer support (which is great, just not at the level of those in other sites in this list), you have yourself a good pick.

Highlights of Buff.Bet

  • Site design is similar to other top betting sites on our list
  • Good R6 Siege coverage, even compared to more popular sites
  • Accepts many popular payment methods including Bitcoin
  • Odds are comparable (sometimes better) than those offered in bigger brands.

Use promo code GET100 to get an initial bonus of 100% or up to 50€ the first time you make a deposit.

5. [Works in UK and US]

BetOnline’s main focus is on traditional sports betting, but why is it on our list of recommendations? For starters, BetOnline is one of the very few betting websites that cater to US-based customers. As the oldest website in this list (BetOnline started back in 2004), you’d probably give it a pass when looking to bet on R6 matches. While it’s true that BetOnline looks different compared to the more gamer-centric design of other websites in this list, it still has the hallmarks of what it takes to be one of the Best R6 Siege betting options – good coverage, good interface, and convenient payment options.

Highlights of

  • Has the rare distinction of catering to US-based customers
  • More conventional site design, but retains a minimalistic and practical look
  • Decent coverage of Rainbow Six Siege, especially for a “mostly traditional” betting website
  • Provides plenty of deposit and withdrawal options to cover most bettors’ needs.
  • Favors Bitcoin deposits.

Use promo code NEW2500 for a 50% welcome bonus, or BTC2017 for a 100% initial deposit bonus if using Bitcoin as a payment method.

What Makes a Good R6 Siege Betting Site?

It’s relatively easy to find an Esports betting site. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a good betting experience, especially when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege matches. The best R6 Siege betting sites have several good qualities that separate them from the rest.

Ease of Use

There are so many things to keep track of in Rainbow Six Siege, even if you’re just watching a professional match. That being said, one of the last things you want is an awkward user interface getting in the way of your viewing (and betting) experience. The websites on our list know what their customers want: an unobtrusive, user-friendly interface that makes betting easier so you can focus more on the game.


What’s a good R6 betting site without proper coverage? Compared to other popular Esports titles such as LoL, DotA2, and CSGO, R6 Siege doesn’t always get featured in the headlines. As a result, some Esports betting sites barely cover any R6 matches, if at all. The websites in our list don’t necessarily feature the game as a major title, but they do provide good coverage of the game, allowing you to bet on all major events (and some more!).

Payment Methods

If you can’t make a deposit, you can’t place a bet. Dozens of esports betting sites could have made it in the list if not for their lack of payment methods. The best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites don’t just offer payment methods but also supports the most reliable ones on the market. Aside from making it more convenient for you to get funds, the best options also help make betting a safer experience.


Betting on R6 matches is fun but you might want to get more out of your betting money. The ones we have on the list help you get a great start through promotions, usually in the form of promo codes. Promo codes allow you to bet more cash with your initial deposits or when picking certain payment methods. It’s important to keep in mind that different websites may have similar promos but different maximum bonus amounts.

Restrictions in Betting Sites

You will notice that all betting sites have some form of location-based restriction for its customers. These restrictions are set because of strict gambling laws in some parts of the world (Most notably, UK and US). Fortunately, betting sites are quick to point out which countries have restrictions. Some sites will stop you from creating an account, while others will prevent you from verifying a payment method or address. In some cases, a website will completely be unavailable to a country.

All websites in this list still have restrictions. However, compared to most other websites, they have fewer restrictions so they're available to more people. Unless you live in the UK or US, at least one or more sites in the list will be able to provide you with a great alternative.

Important - Never try to bypass these restrictions using a VPN or any other means. This could lead to serious legal consequences depending on your location!

Quick Tips on R6 Siege Betting

Finding the best Rainbow Six Siege betting websites is just the start of your journey. You need to know how to take the right approach to betting on the game (or any Esport title in general). Check out these quick tips on making your betting experience even more enjoyable than it already is.

  1. Always pay attention to the odds. While the potential of earning higher winnings through upsets is satisfying, there's also a greater risk of losing the bet.
  2. The more you know about R6 Siege, the easier it is to make smarter betting decisions based on matchups, player loadouts, and even the map being played.
  3. Keep track of which teams are more successful. For example, G2 is one of the best teams regularly in R6 matches, so it would be wise to avoid betting against them unless there's an equally stacked player lineup on the other team.
  4. Planning to make riskier wagers? Save up by placing safer bets, and then using the accumulated winnings from those bets into the riskier one. That way, you don't run the risk of burning out. Always avoid "going all-in" since it rarely pays off.
  5. If you want to show support to a particular player or team, check out which betting sites share some of the winnings to participating teams.
  6. Keep a separate track of your total winnings and deposits, this way, you'll always know how much you can risk.

That wraps up our discussion on the best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites. We hope this has helped you find an option that works for you! Do you want to get more out of your R6S betting experience? Check out our in-depth guide to betting on the game the right way!

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