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Best potions in Minecraft

The best potions in Minecraft can change depending on your needs. With this list, we've gathered the top 10 potions in the game based on how useful they are in most circumstances. If you want to learn about the first potions you should be crafting, this is the article for you. Now to the answer of the best potions in Minecraft:

1. Regeneration +

  • Recipe: Awkward Potion, Ghast Tear, Redstone

Regeneration + provides about half the healing power of Regeneration II, but it lasts for six times longer than that potion. That makes this the perfect potion to take into long boss battles. We'd recommend that you use it against the Ender Dragon if you're struggling to defeat it.

This is also a fantastic potion for any extended amount of time in caves. You'll come across many mobs down in the depths, and sometimes environmental dangers as well. This potion will keep you topped up on health and allow you to focus on resource gathering.

The other thing that you'll find this potion useful for is fighting large numbers of mobs. If you've got an Illager Raid on your hands, this will prevent you from accidentally falling to their weapons.

My recommendation would be to bring this potion with you on any underwater expeditions. Those underwater structures are filled with treasures, but also dangerous mobs like the Drowned. These guys will be no trouble at all if your health is regularly being topped up with this.

2. Water Breathing +


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Pufferfish, Redstone

This potion was added with the massive Water Update to Minecraft in 2018. It's designed to help you explore all of the wonders under the sea in your world. There are shipwrecks, entire underwater cities, and even deep underwater caves.

The trouble with exploring anything underwater is holding your breath for long enough. This potion makes it possible to breathe underwater for an extended amount of time. There's no need to worry about anything but your health when the Drowned come defending their lands.

Of course, the thing that most people don't consider about the underwater caves is just how rich they are with resources. They start many layers below the overworld, meaning you have minimal actual digging that needs doing before you hit the good stuff. You can find some great blocks, even Diamonds if you use this potion on your mining runs.

3. Regeneration II


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Ghast Tear, Glowstone

This potion regenerations one full heart of health for you every 2.4 seconds, for a total of 22 seconds. Once you've consumed it, you'll be almost invincible for that short space of time. That's when you need to get in and deal some real damage.

This potion isn't quite as useful as Regeneration + because it's healing lasts for less time. It's better for short encounters with enemies. You're probably best off using it in a pinch, rather than planning on using it in a full-on battle with an Ender Dragon.

However, of all the potions in this list of the best potions in Minecraft, this is a great starter healing potion. It's not too difficult to craft, and it's very useful in the early game.

4. Fire Resistance +


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Magma Cream, Redstone

Once you're digging down exceptionally deep or making regular runs to the Nether, the fire will become your worst enemy. This potion is just about the only way to really combat losing everything in a pit of lava.

The potion lasts for 8 minutes, meaning you can do a significant amount of exploring before you need to worry about how fragile you are again.

The Nether is particularly bad for dropping you into a giant lake of flaming death. I always find myself building silly bridges across them. With this potion, life is much more comfortable getting around down there. Believe me.

5. Healing II


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Glistening Moonstone, Glowstone

This is one of the most common potions in Minecraft. It's the potion you generally start to use once you realize that your full stomach isn't going to heal you as fast as you want it to.

A healing potion will help you get back up to full health when you're about to explore a new corner of a dark cave. It'll also give you peace of mind when you're walking through forests and suddenly come face to face with a Creeper.

Healing II gives you 4 full hearts of health. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it's better than nothing when you're on the run. I'd say that you'll want a couple of chests full of this stuff before the endgame. It's super handy to come back to after a full day of exploring and nearly getting ripped apart by zombies.

6. Invisibility +


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Golden Carrot, Fermented Spider Eye, Redstone

Sometimes healing your way through battles just isn't going to cut it. If you're sick to the back teeth of fighting mobs, this is the potion that you need.

It's not cheap to make, and you'll need to gather a lot of those ingredients if you want a decent supply. It is exceptionally useful, though. It makes you entirely invisible, but it doesn't affect your armor. Yes, that means that you'll be rattling through the caves just as obviously if you drink the potion and don't take off your golden breastplate.

Don't make the mistake that I did and think that mobs just won't attack you. They'll still be alerted to your presence and fight if you stroll up to them and punch them in the face.

7. Leaping II


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Rabbit's Foot, Glowstone

This potion will enhance your jump by a fairly decent amount, though there is one more powerful one on this list of the best potions in Minecraft. It does last much longer, however, which you may find more useful, depending on what you're doing.

I like to use this one while I'm exploring the jungle biome. Sometimes it's just easier to climb the trees and jump from treetop to treetop. This is far easier if you have a longer and higher jump. It also helps you avoid unnecessary encounters with dangerous mobs.

The only potential problem you'll run into with this potion is the Rabbit's Foot. Unless you have a nearby supply of the little bunnies, you will have to rely on trading with Villagers for one. Just bear that in mind if you're about to spam your last Leaping II potion.

8. Strength II


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Blaze Powder, Glowstone

You'll be upgrading weapons with Enchantments all the time in Minecraft. It boosts your attack strength massively, and can even apply elemental effects that certain enemies are weak to. If you want something a little more manageable, though, this is the potion you're after.

It boosts your damage by 3 hearts per hit. So your colossal sword can now hit even harder. I've found it to be most useful in combination with elemental Enchantments on my weapons. It wipes bosses out as The Hulk has hit them.

9. Leaping +


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Rabbit's Foot, Redstone

The height boost you gain with this potion is massive. However, it will only last until 90 seconds have passed. I don't really use this potion myself. It needs many rare ingredients to craft it, and then it's only useful for a short time.

The potion is most likely going to be used when you need to scale a fortress or cliff in the Nether. When a lot of mobs are bearing down on you, this potion will get you out of danger quickly.

10. Swiftness II


Recipe: Awkward Potion, Sugar, Glowstone

Swiftness II only applies to your movement speed. You'd think that this makes it incredibly useful, and it is, but only in some cases. For example, it's great for when you want to run everywhere, sprinting across the overworld.

The only problem is that you can achieve the same level of speed boost with a fast horse. Horses aren't that difficult to come across, so this potion isn't that useful when you get right down to it.

With that said, if you despise horses, then craft a bunch of these and show them who the fastest land mammal really is.

Those are the top 10 best potions in Minecraft. If you've got a potion that you think should be included on our list, let us know what it is in the comments.

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