Best Hostile Mobs in Minecraft 🥇| Top Ten Enemies to Fight in the Game

Minecraft is a game that’s full of enemies to make and to kill. Here we’re going to go through the top ten best hostile mobs in Minecraft. We’ve taken a lot of aspects into consideration, including difficulty, the items dropped, and the prestige of killing each one.

Top 10 Best Hostile Mobs in Minecraft

  1. Wither
  2. Ender Dragon
  3. Drowned
  4. Ghast
  5. Ravager
  6. Blaze
  7. Creeper
  8. Magma Cube
  9. Witch
  10. Slime

1. Wither


Withers are pretty much a floating nightmare that follows you around. If that doesn’t make them one of the best hostile mobs in Minecraft, I don’t know what does. These mobs come in a couple of different variants, including the terrifying Dark Wither.

When faced with a Wither, you’ll be fighting against an enemy that throws skulls at you. Those skulls will drain your health over time. In order to combat this, you’ll need to drink Milk or face a slow and painful death.

It’s not all bad, though. Withers drop a Nether Star upon death, most of the time. These can be used to craft Beacons, which allow you to enhance an area of the map with a permanent buff to your skills. The enhancement increases resource gathering and combat efficiency, which are extremely useful against this next mob.

If you want to slay the Wither with some friends, you should check out our other article about Minecraft hosting.

2. Ender Dragon


You probably know about this mob; it’s touted as the hardest in the game, and basically the end boss of Minecraft.

The first time you kill it, you’ll be given 12,000 experience points, which can shoot you up a huge amount of levels. While there’s no greater challenge that you need those experience points for, it’s nice to get them and have a huge character anyway.

One of the most powerful resources you can get from the Ender Dragon is bottles of Dragon Breath. Use an empty bottle on Dragon Breath to get these. You can then use them to craft Lingering Potions, which will let you destroy all other mobs in the game pretty quickly.

If you want more Dragon Breath, you can summon more Ender Dragons after killing this first one. You’ll only get 500 experience points for it, but it’s worth it for those Lingering Potions.

3. Drowned


You’ll come across Drowned in most water sources in the game. They’re little more than underwater Zombies, but that doesn’t make them easy to kill. They are also one of the very best hostile mobs in Minecraft, purely for the way they look.

However, Drowned do drop some excellent rewards for killing them, including Gold Ingots, Rotten Flesh, and a nice chunk of experience. Occasionally you might also get a Trident, but that’s a rare drop, not to mention the elusive Enchanted Trident drop you might get.

These guys are the only place you’ll get a Trident, which is what makes them so awesome. They also hang out in massive underwater structures, which are great for exploring.

4. Ghast


The most remarkable aspect of Ghasts is the items they drop upon death, Ghast Tears. Using these, you can craft one of the best potions in the game, Regeneration II. This potion makes boss fights a breeze, so it’s well worth seeking these guys out and harvesting those tears.

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You won’t be able to find a Ghast outside of the Nether. But inside the Nether, they’re actually quite common. Go in with an empty inventory, and you’ll come out with stacks and stacks of Ghast Tears.

Ghasts will attack with fireballs, but you can deflect them with a well-timed melee attack. Something I’ve never really been able to pull off.

5. Ravager


These mobs are relatively rare because they only spawn during Illager raids. When you do face them, be ready. They have a nasty bite that will take a decent chunk of health, and they have a lot of health themselves.

When you kill a Ravager, you’ll net yourself a Saddle, and 20 experience points. The only mobs to drop more are bosses, so count yourself lucky.

6. Blaze


You’ll only come across a Blaze in a Nether Fortress. These are giant buildings in the Nether (you really can’t miss them). Be warned; these are high-level mobs that will annihilate you if you go in without a good set of armor and weapons.

Killing a Blaze will award you 10 experience points, and there’s a chance that you’ll get a Blaze Rod as well. The best way to fight a Blaze is with Snowballs or Splash Water Bottles, which are fantastic because they’re very cheap to put together.

7. Creeper


If you’ve ever played a few minutes of Minecraft, you know what a Creeper is. These guys are the result of a mistake one of the coders made when looking to alter the in-game Pig model. Instead of deleting the monstrosity, they colored it green, made it explode when in close proximity to you, and left it to roam free in everyone’s world.

As I mentioned, a Creeper will try to get near you and blow up. This will probably kill you in the process. If you can kill them before they blow, you could get some Gunpowder, which is a nice resource to have. Just watch out for their short fuses.

8. Magma Cube


The Magma Cube is pretty much the Nether’s answer to Slimes. They will split when you attack them, and you’ll need to continue attacking the smaller cubes until they’re all gone.

Killing a Magma Cube will get you some Magma Cube Cream, great for crafting Fire Resistance Potions. They’re really common in the Nether, so head there if you’re looking to stock up on potion ingredients, or just kill some hot Slimes.

9. Witch


Witches are a brilliant way to farm resources if you’re struggling to find any chests full of loot. They can appear anywhere in the game, but will most commonly attack you in swamps.

They attack you by throwing potions at you, which can change depending on how you’re attacking them. You’ll need high damage weapons, ranged or melee, if you want to kill them and claim whatever loot they’re holding.

10. Slime


Slimes are another enemy that you can’t avoid in Minecraft. They might not be that common on the overworld, except in swamps, but they spawn every 10 blocks beyond layer 40. They will also appear in caves.

This mob is one of the only sources of Slimeballs, though they will also drop Orbs. You’ll want to know where your nearest farming point for them is on the map so that you can get Slimeballs quickly in a pinch.

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These enemies can spawn in a number of sizes. Hitting it will cause it to split into multiple other Slimes, and so on until they’re tiny. Be wary of fighting them in close spaces, because you might just succumb to their numbers.

Bonus: Phantom


The Phantom is the first mob to be added to Minecraft, thanks to a community vote from players. We’ve included them in this list because they’re pretty awesome in what they are, even if they’re incredibly annoying and don’t drop much beneficial.

The Phantom will spawn if you don’t get enough regular sleep. They’re the game’s way of telling you to go to bed and will hassle you relentlessly. They deal one full heart of damage with every hit, so be wary.

You’ll see the Phantom spawn in groups of six or nine, and they’ll hound you until you go to bed. Take them as a sign that your character needs to rest.

What is the Best Hostile Mob in Minecraft?

Out of all the enemies on this list, the best hostile mob in Minecraft has to be the Ender Dragon. It’s a colossal mob with a really unique attack pattern. You’ll be attempting to fight it over and over again as you struggle with how brutal the fight can be. Once you’ve killed it, though, you feel like you’ve conquered the world. The experience points it drops are also very nice.

We hope that this little guide has been informative. If there’s a hostile mob that you think we missed, let us know what it is in the comments.

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