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Although you often think of PC games as eSports, this can also be very different. Many eSports games for mobile have been released and also have a really large audience and amount of players. Therefore we made you a list of the best mobile eSports games out there today. Yes, there are lots of great games out there but we narrowed it down to the Top 7 of the absolute best ones according to the research made doing this article.

Best Mobile eSports GAMES

1. Clash Royale (Android and iOS)

Best Mobile eSports GAMES

Clash Royale is a game developed by Supercell and has a lot of variety to it, making it to the top of our list of the best eSports games for Mobile devices. In the game, you have a deck of 8 different cards. Cards have various ‘units´ on them, you can spawn these units and by doing this you want to take down your opponents three towers and at the same time defend your own.

Each round takes max. 3 minutes, after these 3 minutes the player with who has the least towers remaining, loses. If all the towers are down earlier, they win faster.

There are 2 different currencies in the game. Gold and Gems. Gold is (primarily) used to open chests early and to buy cards in the shop. By opening chests and by winning matches, you will receive gold. Gems are mainly used to open chests early, the more time left on the countdown to unlock a chest, the more gems it will cost you to open. Gems are found in chests as well. Both chests and gold can be purchased with real money via in-app purchases.

Clash Royale is available for both Android and iOS

Some big Clash Royale eSports teams are Queso, Liquid, SK Gaming, Misfits, G2, FNATIC, Dignitas and Allegiance.

2. Mobile Legends (Android and iOS)

Best Mobile eSports GAMES - Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game designed for mobile phones. The game is multiplayer (5v5). The two opposing teams are fighting to reach and destroy the base of the enemy while defending their own base to control a path, the three ‘lanes” know as “top”, “middle” and “bottom” that connect to the bases. Weaker computer-controlled bots, known as “minions” spawn at team-based and follow the three lanes to the base of the opposing team, fighting enemies and towers. There are different Heroes, these are: Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Support, Fighter and Tank.

Mobile Legends also provide great beginner-friendly tutorials and a build-in live stream feature. With that said it's no wonder why this Mobile eSports game is one of the best games out there.

Mobile Legends is available for both Android and iOS

Mobile Legends eSports Official YouTube channel

3. Vainglory (Android, iOS and PC)

Vainglory on phone

Vainglory is the first game in our list that also supports PC. It’s available for free from Steam.

Vainglory is a cross-platform MOBA with the strategic depth and mechanical skill that you’d expect from a PC-only title. You can play this game anywhere, everywhere and with your friends. Which is something that truly helped us in the decision of giving Vainglory a trophy holder as one of the best mobile eSports games as seen today.

Game Meta

This game has stunning looking graphics and amazing controls. Because of the cross-platform feature you can join a party from a friend who’s on PC, while you’re playing on mobile. This is an essential part to why we consider Vainglory to be one of the best mobile eSports games out there today.

You can choose of about 50 unique heroes to match your playstyle.

Vainglory on Steam is currently in Early Access, with the following message from the developer Super Evil Megacorp.

“We decided to launch Vainglory's cross-platform experience in Early Access because we believe that our community's feedback is critical to the success of Vainglory. Join us as we optimize and polish Vainglory's cross-platform experience.”

4. Lords Mobile (Android and iOS)

Lords Mobile really invests money to become one of the world's biggest mobile eSports games, and it’s worth it! This game, developed and published by IGG is free-to-play and offers in-app purchases. In the iOS App Store, Android Google Play and Xiaomi App Store it is one of the top-grossing apps, within the iOS App Store an unknown amount of downloads, but #40 in strategy, in the Google Play Store 100.000.000+ downloads and in the Xiaomi App Store 338.400.000+ downloads.

Lords Mobile combines world-building mechanics, real-time strategy and open-space RPG with each other. The game has several game modes, the most notable of which are PVP-battles. Players develop their own base and build an army to destroy enemy bases. You can also capture a location on the map to earn bonuses.

Game modes in Lords Mobile are:

Colosseum (PvE)

Hero Stages (PvP)

The Labyrinth (PvE)

Kingdom Tycoon (PvE)

5. Arena of Valor (Android and iOS)

Arena of Valor is definitely not an Arena of Failure game, this (another) Chinese game is made and published by Tencent Games. Although there’s a possibility you never heard of Tencent, they’re the 3rd largest internet company in the world, after Google.

AoV is the first game in our list that is a 3D third person. This Multiplayer only game has multiple modes with the main three being Abyssal Clash, Valley SKirmish and Grand Battle. One match takes around 12 to 18 minutes and they aim to destroy turrents on the map in order the destroy the so-called core.

There are different heroes in the game, and these are really similar to the heroes in the earlier talked about Mobile Legends. These heroes are:

Marksman, Mage, Assassin, Tank, Warrior and Support. The game (earlier called Strike of Kings) has 10.000.000 downloads in the Google Play Store and an unknown amount of downloads in the App Store.

6. Fortnite (Android and iOS)

best mobile esports games - Fortnite

You probably know Fortnite by Epic Games. This third-person shooter combines the building with Battle Royale, and it's good. After understanding the 'easy to learn hard to master' controls of this game by Epic Games.

This game does not support every Android phone, here's a list of the phones they DO support.

To download this game, visit the Epic Games website on Android and visit the App Store in iOS.

7. PUBG Mobile (Android and iOS)

PUBG Mobile is one of the best esports mobile games

This another Chinese game, also from Tencent, is one of the world's largest Battle Royale game for Android with over 100 million downloads on Google Play.

It's a really hard PvE game to run, but in the next paragraph, we'll tell all about the best phones for eSports in 2020!


Just to begin with, these phones are based on facts and scores of the free application AnTuTu Benchmarks, but possibly include opinions by the content writer.


This flagship from Xiaomi is number 1 at AnTuTu Benchmarks (score of 371423), this means it has the best CPU, best memory and can play a game flawlessly. It has a 3300mAh battery, and yes, that is a bit small but because of Xiaomi's Game Turbo and battery optimization, you will be surprised about the battery in a positive way.

The Mi 9 has 128GB of storage.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 has MIUI 10 and Android 9 (Pi), but these will fast update to MIUI 11 and Android Q.

Because this phone has the Xiaomi Mi App Store, it will include many non-European eSports games that are not available in the iOS App Store or Google Play. The phone is really safe and has a Snapdragon 855.

2. IPAD PRO 2018

This iPad from Apple has the latest version of iOS installed on it and has 64GB of storage, and that's more than enough. It has an AnTuTu score of 550546, which is really high. You can enjoy the games you want to play.

The iPad Pro 2018 uses the rubbish operating system of Apple, which makes the iPad run slower with the games, has fewer apps, costs more money, fewer games and apps available and the optimization is ... not that good.


I really understand this name, as this phone really is a monster.  This phone from Vivo has an AnTuTu score of 356004 what is really high for an Android phone, that's why he effortlessly takes the third place on our list and on AnTuTu. This phone also has the Snapdragon 855.

Vivo has FuntouchOS 9.0 and Android 9. It looks stunning and has many features and apps built in to them.

The phone costs around €700 on AliExpress and €500 on TradingShenzhen. Look for a store nearby and get this phone there to avoid tax issues.

Why don't your game more easily with a controller? This is a possibility, of course, please read the article of my colleague Jan to know all about these controllers!

We hope you enjoyed this article!

If there is anything you feel we left out or perhaps a game that you truly think deserves a spot on top in our list of the best eSports mobile games out there, let us know in the comments.

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