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best minecraft skin editor

If you want the best Minecraft skin editor for you, then you'll find it in this list. Here we've covered the top 5 Minecraft skin editors that you have at your disposal today. Each one offers a fabulous service and will allow you to create the perfect skin to use in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Skin Editor | Top 5

  1. Miners Need Cool Shoes
  2. SkinCraft
  3. Skin DJ
  4. Minecraft Skins
  5. Nova Skin

1. Miners Need Cool Shoes

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Miners Need Cool Shoes is probably the most complex site of our list. It allows you to customize every single pixel of your skin, getting right into the nitty-gritty detail. This is perfect for anyone with a design that they want to see realized in their favorite game. It's also just a fantastic way for someone with no idea to mess around and figure out what they want their character to look like along the way.

If in-depth design isn't for you, don't worry. The skin editor has a random functionality that creates an entirely random skin. You can do this as many times as you like until you find something you like or just something you can tolerate. Once you've settled on a design, you can tweak it here and there with the powerful pixel-by-pixel editing tools.

Finally, maybe you have a Minecraft skin that some other user has made and want a copy of it. As long as you have their username, you can pull it into the editor and make it your own.

2. SkinCraft


SkinCraft is another comprehensive tool for editing your Minecraft skin. It's packed with pre-made skins if you can't be bothered to come up with a good one yourself, but it also allows you to build one entirely from scratch. Once again, this is an excellent tool for pulling inspiration from and then moving into editing it until it fits your style.

The best thing about this editor is that it provides layers for your Minecraft skin. This is similar to how Photoshop works, giving you the power to put on several layers of clothing in a single area. You can blur them out, or add some other effects. Overall this will make your skin completely unique and something that you could end up pouring a few hours into if you're not careful.

You can even share your skins with SkinCraft, and of course, look at those shared by others. This could be a fantastic source of inspiration if you're struggling for ideas.

3. Skin DJ


Skin DJ is different because it's the best Minecraft skin editor on your phone. The editor works seamlessly with Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is perfect for anyone running the game on a smartphone or tablet. The real bonus is that the developers are always adding new features for you to use when you come to edit your skin over again.

With Skin DJ, you can do everything that you can do on a desktop Minecraft skin editor. However, you can also break down your skin to its basic parts, hands, feet, legs, etc. This really is the best tool for visualizing your Minecraft skin. You can render it as a 3D model and get a good look at it before anyone else in the game will.

There's also a 'Skin Stealer' feature, which can be used to replicate the skins of any other Minecraft player. Any skin you make can be easily exported to Minecraft Pocket Edition. There's no need to mess around with files between your computer and your mobile device.

4. Minecraft Skins


Minecraft Skins is one of the earliest skin editors in history. It was the best Minecraft skin editor when the game was first released for browsers, which was a very long time ago. Many people admire the creator for how clever they were in getting this domain up and running so fast. Thankfully it's also a really useful tool and not just a rubbish website with exceptional SEO.

As with some of the other editors on this list, here you can customize your skin on a pixel-by-pixel level. There are some incredibly simple yet very powerful tools at your disposal. It's almost like using Photoshop to create a Minecraft skin.

You can upload and download skins using this tool. Again, this could be helpful for inspiration; it's also nice to show off how good you are at making skins to others, though.

5. Nova Skin


The final entry in this list is Nova Skin. While this editor isn't quite as powerful as say, Minecraft Skins or Miners Need Cool Shoes, it does the job, and it's an excellent alternative.

Here you'll find a huge library of skins to choose from if you don't want to make one yourself. Of course, you can still go ahead and create your own skin, making it as silly as you possibly can.

There's some level of functionality with overlays and layers, though this doesn't seem to be as powerful as it is with other editors, particularly Skin DJ. This might be the bottom of the pile for our best Minecraft skin editor list, but it's certainly still a good option.


Any of these editors will give you the power to create a completely unique Minecraft skin. Some of them will also let you steal a skin from other players if that's what you want to do.

Out of all of them, I'd recommend Miners Need Cool Shoes. This editor is the best, in my opinion, because of the randomization option you can make use of. I love just tapping that button and seeing what the editor comes up with because it's pretty funny most of the time. However, it's also handy if you aren't very creative and need a starting point from which to jump off and create your own, beautiful or awful, Minecraft skin.

If there's a Minecraft skin editor that you use which we've missed, then let us know why it deserves a place on this list in the comments.

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