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Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft saw a massive surge in popularity again in 2020. It's one of the most played games around, and when content creators make a video, they're almost guaranteed to get a high number of views. Part of what makes Minecraft so appealing is the fact that these days you can mod it to do whatever you want. While the base game is great fun by itself, it's in the mod scene that you find some of the most unique gameplay moments. Our list of the top 10 best Minecraft Modpacks 2020 is as follows:

1. Sky Factory 4

If you enjoy playing the Skyblock Minecraft minigame, you'll absolutely love this. Sky Factory 4 is an evolution of Skyblock that millions of players have downloaded and played over the years.

You start as you would in a game of Skyblock, on a block in the sky with very little around you. There's a tree for wood and saplings, a Block of Dirt beneath your feet, and very little else. From this point, you need to build your own world in the sky without falling off.

Sky Factory 4 includes a number of features that you won't find in Skyblock, which is why so many people play it. There are a progression system and many other mods packed into this one modpack. In essence, it's like playing Skyblock with all of the extra mods that you love for Minecraft, allowing you to do things like time travel or create the most intricate farms imaginable.

2. Stoneblock 2

Stoneblock 2 is a simple modpack to describe, but hard to imagine. It's exactly the same as Skyblock. You start with nothing and need to build your base over time to have everything you'll ever need to survive. The only issue is that you're stuck underground, with a single Block to move around in.

Mining at the start is a pain in the ass, but once you're building tools automatically, you'll be laughing. This modpack definitely provides a better sense of progression, seeing you go from being unable to mine certain Blocks, all the way up to a mining tycoon.

The best part of this modpack is the trading system. You can trade anything for EMC, which you can then trade for other items that you'll actually need. Thanks to this aspect of Stoneblock 2, you'll never be too far away from the next natural step of progression, even if it means mining Dirt for a day just to get enough Diamond to take on a boss.

3. Infinity Evolved

This is what is usually described as a 'kitchen sink' modpack. It packs in all of the most popular mods for Minecraft in two core difficulties; Normal and Expert.

The main reason you'd use this pack is to extend the base game of Minecraft by giving it more longevity. Recipes are harder to craft, and building certain objects will take much longer as you toil away with the necessary requirements for them.

This pack differs from Skyblock and other minigame-themed ones because it opens up vanilla Minecraft in a number of ways. If you just want to have a better time with Minecraft as it is, then this is probably the modpack you're after.

4. Regrowth

This is a modpack for the Fallout series fans out there. In my opinion, it's the best Minecraft modpack 2020 when it comes to mods that replicate the feeling of the Capital Wasteland perfectly.

Instead of starting the game as a standard character who can play through Minecraft as intended, you begin your journey in a wasteland. There's nothing around you, only the aftermath of a war, or whatever story you come up with yourself.

From the start, life is hard. You'll need to work to find everything that you need, and even then, you're not going to have an easy life. The key to this modpack is survival at all costs.

Eventually, you'll have enough items to start rebuilding the world and regrowing the lush variety of biomes seen in vanilla Minecraft. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, then you can't pass up a chance to play this modpack.

5. Project Ozone 2

If you're into your Skyblock style Minecraft modpacks, then this could be one for you. Be warned, it takes things to the next level, lifts off the roof, and then blasts them into space.

This is a modpack that sees you fighting to establish a world out in space, as the name would seem to suggest. You'll need to establish your own air supply, plant, and nurture trees, and generally fight for survival out in space.

I think the real draw here is the science and magic aspects of Skyblock that are brought to life. It's like no other game that you'll play, and that makes it very special.

6. Agrarian Skies 2

Interestingly, this is actually a fantastic modpack for learning the basics of Skyblock before you play the minigame. If you're new to Minecraft but know you want to play the minigame, then it's very much a great place to start. That's the main reason its part of our best Minecraft modpacks 2020 list.

The mod features quests for you to follow, which will serve you well when it comes to Skyblock. In a way, it's more of a tutorial, but it soon opens up to be far more complicated than you'd imagine.

The best part of the mod pack is the Mystical Agriculture it brings. This makes crafting much more overpowered and allows you to progress much faster in certain ways. However, there is still a lot of challenge to compete with, so don't ever think you can rest.

7. Farming Valley

If you love Stardew Valley, then this is the Minecraft modpack for you. It has a place on this best Minecraft modpacks 2020 list just because of how much it changes the game alone. While the standard grind of playing Minecraft is great, it's kept players busy for years. After all, it's not quite the same as that satisfying gameplay loop in Stardew Valley.

Farming Valley effectively transforms Minecraft into a game like Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper, or similar. You end up living in a small town full of NPCs and need to start a brand new life.

You'll be building a farm that you'll also have to maintain, as well as every other shop and facility in the town. There are relationships to foster and tasks to complete, and an entirely new life to live.

This is a lovely modpack that will provide you with hundreds of hours of unique gameplay that you'll be glad you stopped by for. It's also brilliant if you're at all into farming or life sims of any kind.

8. Forever Stranded

This is another 'Kitchen Sink' modpack, but it's definitely one of the best out there. Instead of transforming the vanilla gameplay, though, it's a similar modpack to 'Regrowth,' putting you in a wasteland of sorts from the very start.

You start out in the wreck of a crashed plane and need to quickly figure out how to survive before you succumb to the elements and dangers of the world. The mobs that arrive at night are far more terrifying and dangerous than in the base game. This is going to be much more of a challenge than you expect.

While this mod pack is a bit older than the other ones on this list; it's a classic that players still use today. If you and some friends want to experience a story of surviving a plane crash in Minecraft, there's nothing out there that's going to let you do it like this.

9. SevTech: Ages

Get ready for one of the most intense modpacks you've ever heard of. There was no way it wouldn't make it onto this best Minecraft modpacks 2020 list. If you love progression but think it needs to be harder in Minecraft, then look no further. You should also stop scrolling and read right now if you're even remotely interested in Age of Empires.

In SevTech: Ages, content is locked behind various Ages that players need to unlock. If you think that you can bypass this and just dig down until you find Diamond, you're wrong. Blocks are actively unlocked with each age as you progress, so there's no room for cheating yourself all the way to the future.

As you progress through each age, the game will also become dynamically harder. New enemies will start to appear, and you'll need to craft new items and recipes to fight them. Luckily those items and recipes will appear dynamically as well.

This is one of the most comprehensive modpacks that I think you'll ever come across. It's also the one that I like the most on this list. That sense of progression, which is locked by how I play, is what I think I love the most. It's also probably got something to do with my love of Age of Empires.

10. Life in the Village

Farming Valley is a modpack that tries to replicate farming simulators in Minecraft. This mod is different. It enables some elements from that genre, but it's more a modpack that enhances vanilla Minecraft over anything else. That's why it had to be part of this best Minecraft modpacks 2020 list.

In Life in the Village, you can build whatever you want, assign NPCs to your buildings, and live out a fantasy life, without the pressure of quests. Relationships also aren't something that you'll need to work at, which might be a blessing.

This last mod is definitely just a spin on the classic Minecraft formula. It's more for players who want something different from Minecraft, but not so wildly different that it becomes a completely different game.


Those are the top 10 best Minecraft modpacks 2020. There's something for everyone here, and the beauty of each modpack is that you can change up the base game as much or as little as you want.

The important thing to remember is that there's no pressure to mod Minecraft. Content creators do it all the time, but that's because they're trying to spice up their next video or stream in order to go viral.

All you need to worry about as a player is what is going to make the game fun for you. If you just want a couple of mods, but the same basic Minecraft gameplay, go for something that retains the core vanilla Minecraft experience.

If however, you want a game that's completely different from Minecraft, but set in the same world, then there are some cracking modpacks to start within this list. Just pick the one that sounds best to you, and get started.

If there's a modpack that you think should have been included in this list, let us know what it is in the comments.

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