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If you are a true League fan, you are probably watching pro matches. They are not only great fun, but it’s known that having stakes in the game yourself makes it even more interesting to watch. A lot of people wonder where to bet and truth is, there’s a lot of betting sites for League of Legends, so called LoL. But hang in there, we’ve got it all covered to you in this article.

In this article we cover best Betting Sites for League of Legends (LoL) in 2019. We have gone in-depth to review each page to make a fair comparison and hope to provide you with enough information to help you pick your betting site.

  • GG.bet
  • Buff.bet
  • ArcaneBet
  • Bet365
  • BetSpawn
  • EGB

Top 6 League of Legends Betting Sites 2019


Our top pick here at TopGamersGuide. GG.bet the absolute best of betting sites out there for League of Legends (LoL).

We at TGG love this site, not only because it has a very simple and easy to navigate website. But also because the founders of this website is former professional players and that shines trough into the whole website. GG.bet pays out 1% of their revenue to the winning team which is not common in gambling sites for League of Legends, or so called LoL. It has great variation as you can bet on winning team, but also place bets live during games. Example: Who will draw first blood?

We went on and wrote an in-depth review of GG.bet, feel free to watch it here.

Upsides of GG.BET – PROMO CODE:Β TGG100Β for 100% bonus up to 50€

  • Supporting the teams by paying out a percentage of the winnings
  • Simple and neat website
  • Created by former professional players.
  • Great, weekly bonuses with chances to win skins, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accepts cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin)


Buff.bet, previously Buff88 is a very popular solution among gamers, a site that is eSports-first, although it offers regular sports and casino too.

As for the League, the offer is really amazing. For each match, you will have 30+ odds! You can bet on map winners, first blood, the first team to reach 10 kills, match total time, and even if you are a real gambler, bet on the odd/even number of kills and similar. The offer is extensive, and Buff88 had the most odds on LoL than any other betting site we encountered, at least at the time of writing this article.

Buff88 also has great options for other eSports, even some less popular like RainbowSix, Test, Outrights. The site looks very good and is quite easy to navigate, and you will have no issues finding the match you want to bet on. You can even watch live-streams right on the site.

  • 100%, 88 Euro first deposit bonus
  • An abundance of eSports, and LoL odds
  • Regular sports and Casino are there too
  • Great looking site, mobile-optimized


Arcane is eSports betting dedicated platform, which means you would be right to expect more unique bets and even better odds than with betting sites that primarily focus on physical sports. ArcaneBet also offers regular sports betting and even casino, but it shines for eSports.

As for LoL, what’s great about Arcane is that it offers various odds, and not just for big matches, but for smaller ones too. You can bet on first blood, map advantages, correct scores, total maps, total kills, first 10 kills, etc on almost every match. Most other betting platforms offer these games only for the most popular, ESL matchups, but Arcane has them daily. This is true for other games as well, and for that reason, you can find Arcane on our Best CS: GO betting sites list too.

  • Great welcome offer: 100% match, up to 100€, with our code:
  • Besides real money and credit cards, you can deposit with cryptocurrencies, Skrill, and even skins.
  • Excellent game offer and good odds, even on smaller matches and tournaments
  • Has regular sports betting and casino, if you get bored betting on LoL

Bet 365

The practical approach is always the best – Bet365 is the betting industry’s giant. It is well known for an abundance of sports and betting games it has to offer. So if you are a fan of other sports, and not just eSports, Bet365 is your new home. Stream an ESL match on your laptop, and put an NBA game on your TV. Combine them both on the same betting slip, and connect your two passions!

Bet365 offers odds for various events – map scores, win only, bet on maps, handicaps. This is really good, and rare to find on sportsbook that is not focused primarily on eSports. Besides LoL, you can bet on all significant eSports at Bet365.

  • New customers get a 100% deposit match (capped at €25). This is quite low, compared to other names on the list.
  • Although not eSports dedicated, has a lot to offer.
  • Shines for “old-school” sports, especially football (soccer) with an abundance of games.
  • A reputable company, one of the biggest names in the online gambling industry.


BetSpawn has an excellent interface, and you can really see that the company cares about gamers. Upon entering a match you want to bet on, you will see stats, projected rosters, previous results. This useful information will help you decide what is the best bet, even if you are not familiar with the teams.

As for LoL betting, BetSpawn is very good. You can play match winners, handicaps, per map handicaps, bet on kills per each game, or in total. If you are a fan of LoL live betting, BetSpawn has you covered. The offer for other eSports is even better, which is excellent since you can mix it up, making the slip more interesting. If you want, you can bet on IRL sports too, or play in the casino.

  • Great first deposit bonus – 100% up to 133.7 EUR
  • Accepts all popular payment methods, including credit cards, Neteller, Zimpler, bitcoin, skrill, AstroPay
  • Lol. DOTA, CSGO, Hearthstone, Overwatch, FIFA, WoT, Smite, CoD, HOTS, among others + regular sports + casino


EGB is eSports-betting purebred, so no IRL sports, and no casino. eSports is all they offer, which automatically means their offer has to be good, as it is their bread and butter. And they didn’t disappoint.

EGB offers plenty of LoL betting options. First blood, total team kills under/over, firt 10 kills per map, match total time, winners of each map are all there, and available even for less popular matches.

You can bet on 10+ other games if you are tired of LoL. All of the odds EGB offers are very competitive, as you would expect from an eSports-only sportsbook.

  • Terrific first deposit bonus – 100% up to $600!
  • Tell-a-friend bonuses
  • Great offer of games, good odds
  • eSports dedicated, so if you are looking to mix it up with other sports, this is not the site for you


LoL Betting Bonuses

Welcome offer

Most online gambling sites offer welcome bonuses, to draw new players in. As this is essentially free money, you should be careful where you deposit. But, there is always a catch – you will have to bet hard in order to unlock the bonus.

Yes, you will see the bonus right away, it will show on your account balance. But, if you try to withdraw it, you will find out that it is impossible. Each site has unique rules, but usually, to withdraw the bonus amount, you need to win up to 10 times as much. This is not impossible, but it requires knowledge, dedication, impulse control, and of course – luck. But, it is necessary – if the bonuses were instantly available, people would simply create accounts on 10 different websites, unlocking the bonuses immediately, and never coming back.

We recommend GG.bet as this is the top of the betting sites for LoL according to us as TGG and it come to no suprise that they have one of the best bonuses. Using the code TGG100 will grant you 100% deposit bonus up to 50€.

Finally, if you are disciplined enough, and you can control yourself, you will eventually unlock the bonus. Just play it safe, on matches you are genuinely interested in, and know about – that is always the best tactic.

Other promotions

Besides the welcome bonus, some sites also offer periodic promotions. Some even have regular happy-hours or specials on certain days. Of course, you can expect to get exclusive offers for holidays, and other special events. Often these are not only deposit bonuses, but casino free spins, or play money, which is also great, as it adds more fun to the table. Again, each of these has some caveats, and you won’t be able to unlock them instantly. But, they are still great and worth mentioning – you would play on the site anyway, so why not get a free bonus?

What LoL Tournaments Can You Bet On?

This differs from site to site. On our list, we included sites that offer odds on smaller, not that well-known tournaments. At the time of writing this article, no major match was available. But, we still found odds on games from Polish LoL League, and some ECL qualifications, early rounds.

But, when a major tournament is happening, such as World Championship, you can expect to find odds on all the betting sites for LoL, not just eSports – dedicated.

How To Choose A Betting Website?

Besides the bonuses mentioned above, which are important, here are a few other criteria you should consider before deciding where you will play:

Company reputation and licenses

When betting, you risk money, trying to win more. For that reason, you want a reputable company. You want to play on a site where your money is never going to get stolen. And you also want any potential winnings paid fast.

But it is not just the wagered money – you will enter your personal information, and credit card numbers, which is something you don’t want ever to get compromised.

Double check the companies you want to play on, making sure they are reputable, with lots of positive reviews. Don’t just run for the big bonuses and good odds.

As for licensing – some sites will be unavailable to you, depending on where you live, based on which license they pose. This is often the case for UK and USA players. But this is something that is easy to check – just try to enter the site or register, and if you get a “Sorry, this site is unavailable from your location” you are out of luck.

Betting on the go

If you play on the go, you want your sportsbook to be responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Nowadays, most websites are, and some even offer dedicated Android and iOS apps.

All of the sites we reviewed in this article work and look great on smaller screens, and you won’t have any issues with them when playing from your phone or tablet.


That was our take on the world of best LoL betting sites. On our list, there is something for everyone, from true eSports fanatics to casual gamers that primarily enjoy non-virtual sports. All five sites have good LoL betting odds, and a number of games and you will definitely find what interests you there. Furthermore, each offers betting on other major games, and if you are a CSGO or Overwatch fanatic, you will feel right at home.

And if you are interested in violently wasting away your (or your parents’) money, read our Most Expensive CSGO skins article, it will give you a lot of ideas. πŸ™‚

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